June 2, 2023

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sarahrobbins.comHey they're rock stars Sara Rock and Robbins here author of the best-selling Book rock your network marketing Business which you can get on Amazon or My site at Sarah Robbins that kind of You bought copies for your team…


Hey they’re rock stars Sara Rock and Robbins here author of the best-selling Book rock your network marketing Business which you can get on Amazon or My site at Sarah Robbins that kind of You bought copies for your team and Creator of the CD series my seven-figure Success system for network marketing Leaders the rockstar recruiting school I Am so excited to talk to you today about What to do when something’s new what Happens when your company launches a new Product or a new program but before we Get to that let’s get to you who’s out There today where are you tuning in from Go ahead and give me a shout out below I Would love to see who’s on and don’t Forget I might give you a shout if you Give me a share click the share button Onto your team pages so you can teach Them how to rock your network marketing Business to remember the more who know The more you grow so your team can watch You live or the replay as you share this On your team pages – hello everybody I Am so excited to see everyone tuning in I see lots of people from the US we’ve Got some people tuning in from abroad I’m so excited to see you all I just got Back from my company convention and so It was a very exciting weekend I have to Say they’re crazy but they’re crazy good I’m absolutely exhausted but I couldn’t Be more excited for our futures you know

Every time that a convention comes or Your company has a new product launch or A new program launch it definitely means New beginnings new beginnings for you For your team for the people who join You thereafter on the products are in The business really what I love about it It is so incredibly exciting so it gives You permission to begin again to restart Or of course to fast start or to just Spark your current success in business So I’ve been thinking about now that all Of these new things launched what’s my Plan of attack you know a simple Strategy because I work my business and Part-time hours alongside of a toddler’s Nap he’s napping right now and of course Have built huge success so how am i Building a full-time business and Part-time hours and of course sharing All of these things with other people I Want to share with you three things that I’m doing now to promote our new Products and our new programs and to Really teach you today what to do when Something’s new in your company whether Something new you know recently launched Or of course in the near future as well So the first thing is create campaigns Create campaigns and what do I mean by That well there’s two things campaigns That you’re creating via your social Media posts and also via newsletter as Well so let’s first talk about social

Media social media is all about Storytelling it is not about selling if You’ve not seen my social media summit It’s free Google Sarah Robbins social Media summit and I teach you how to do That in a very very simple way okay so You know when I’m telling a story about A new product I’m gonna be showcasing Before and after pictures testimonials Clinical studies places we’ve been in The press of course any product Promotions or specials etc so make sure That you’ve got a lot going on on your Social media whether it’s on your Facebook your Instagram etc make sure You’re telling a story and of course you Can do that you know through showcasing Your business really instead of talking About money it’s really talking about Meaning it’s not about pursuing Prosperity it’s about pursuing purpose Are you telling the stories of people’s Whose lives have changed what the Additional time and resources really Means to their family that is what Attracts people so I’m thinking about Very carefully what I’m gonna be posting On social media in the coming days you Know I posted live from convention on my Personal page as things were being Announced I’m going to be very Thoughtfully planning out my posts as I Move forward now the other thing that I’m going to be doing I’m gonna be

Creating this week is I’m gonna be Working on a newsletter that I’m going To send to friends and family my Customers current In previous because you never know when People’s timing will change in fact I Always tell them after a big launch if Ever there’s a time to take another look The time is now not sure if your timing Has changed but here’s what’s new and Exciting in the company and of course I’ll share that with them But I’ll do you know a new product Highlight a little spotlight on the new Products I’m some before and after Pictures some testimonials clinical Studies The Specials etc and then of Course I’ll do a business highlight you Know what’s new and exciting in the Business any company stats any new Programs why now is the perfect time to Join us and I’ll share that and of Course I’ll always give a call to action Maybe some sort of special so they can Join now and by now and I can create That urgency by the way if you’re not Quite sure how to close people in Business my most talked about talk it’s Five minutes on my blog at Sarah Robbins Calm is conquering the clothes so go to My blog today in the search bar type Conquering the clothes its powerful You’re gonna want to share that with Your team okay so the first thing is

Creating campaigns thinking about what I’m posting on social media and of Course putting out a newsletter as well People are asking questions what program Do you use there’s constant contact There’s mad Mimi there’s a Weber you Know those are just some just to name a Few so you look MailChimp you look to See what works out best for you okay the Second thing the second thing that I’m Going to be doing is scheduling events I’m going to be scheduling personal Events for you know my customers my Friends my family my prospects current And previous and I’m also going to be Scheduling events for my team I have a Local event in Michigan that’s happening At the end of this month so it’s going To be a big team post convention event Where people can invite prospects to Learn more about the new products and Programs and of course it gives us a Chance to connect with our team as well Now we’re going to be doing live events And we’re going to be doing virtual Events too I do things like virtual Beauty bashes because that sits well With my company and I tell them there’s Going to be designer giveaways no Purchase necessary a chance to learn About X Y & Z and we’re going to be Talking about our new product launches As well too with a nice folk Right now is the perfect time to join

Our business if you did not see my Training on how I’m doing virtual events You’ve got to go to my blog at Sarah Robbins comm I teach you exactly how I Do them from beginning all the way how Do I close people with urgency and do Those giveaways to get people on as well That was the number one change I made in My business last year and man it’s Powerful Kristine asked this question do You host events in your home or at a Location all depends on what’s best for You I’ve done them right in my kitchen a Little coffee and conversations on a Saturday morning and that’s been super Powerful you like to do evening you can Do cocktails and conversations that you Could even do in a local restaurant too A lot of times they’ll let you buy Appetizers and people can purchase their Drinks as they go so it all depends on Your style and of course what’s most Convenient for you the third thing that I’m going to be doing is follow up Follow up the fortune is in the follow Up you cannot assume that they saw Something on Facebook or they read your Newsletter letter the average open Really think is somewhere around like 20% and it’s probably less than that in Terms of who sees you in the newsfeed Because Facebook has all of these Special algorithms which is why you

Always want to create engagement asking Them questions at the end of your posts Asking them to shout out asking them to Share etc soliciting interaction if you Want to see how I do that go to my Personal page Sarah Fairless Robbins and You can see how at the end of my posts I Get people interacting and commenting And posting pictures or gifts etc but Anyways so the fortune is then the Follow-up what I’m gonna do after I sent Out the newsletter and after I make the Post a minute give him a call or give Him a taxonomist say as a courtesy to You I want to be sure that you shot saw My post we’ve got a great special going On or we had a new product launch take Place and I wanted to share it with you So as a courtesy to you I wanted to be Sure you saw my newsletter you saw my Posts I wanted to share with you what’s New and exciting in our company I knew You’d be interested I knew you’d be Excited I’m also going to be talking to Customers and telling them why now is The perfect time to join us you know not Sure if I mentioned this before as a Distributor of the product To get them at the best discount I’m Sure you’re getting great compliments on Your skin or whatever but I would love To share more with you about that Program so you can earn your products For free or some extra money as you

Simply share them with other people do You have a few minutes that I could tell You more so I’ll be reaching out to my Customers I’m gonna reach out to my Prospects remember previous and current If ever there’s a time to take a look or If ever there’s a time to take another Look the time is now your timing Couldn’t be better Here is why okay guys I hope this helps You the three things to do when Something is new number one create your Campaign social media and newsletter Number two schedule your events live and Virtual personal and team and number Three follow up the fortune is in the Follow up guys did you like today’s Training I want you to shout out below What your favorite part was what was Your takeaway and then I want you to hit The share button and share it on your Team pages because the more who know the More you grow this is Sarah Robbins Author of the best seller rock your Network marketing business I hope you Guys have a great day god bless and good Bye for now rock on rock stars

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