June 2, 2023

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sarahrobbins.comHey they're rock stars Sara rock and Robin's here author of the best-selling Book rock your network marketing Business shout out below if you've read The book I'd love to see your comments Below and of course creator of the…


Hey they’re rock stars Sara rock and Robin’s here author of the best-selling Book rock your network marketing Business shout out below if you’ve read The book I’d love to see your comments Below and of course creator of the Best-selling CD series rock rocks are Recruiting school which you can find on My site at Sarah Robbins comm and my new One for leaders the master class edition Alright guys who is out there shout out Rock stars who’s tuning in tell me where You’re tuning in from I would love to Give a big shout out and hello to all of You hello to my friend art um hi Mary Beth hey Lisa Guys I just want to remind you that you Can click the share button to share this Into your team Facebook groups so they Can watch live as well remember the more Who go up and show up than the more of Course your team grows as well thank you Kirstie she said she loves the book she Gets it for all the rock stars on her Team they make great gifts for newbies And of course great promotion gifts as Well alright so today we’re gonna be Talking a little bit about three-way Calling okay so first I want to do a Poll and I want you to be honest drop a Yes in the comments below or a why if You are using three-way calls for your Team drop a why or yes below drop an N Or an O below if you’re not and if

You’re super brave maybe tell me why Okay I have a second poll for you to is You guys are just kind of commenting Below my question for you is do you love Them do you hate them be super honest And again if you’re brave enough you can Tell me why to if you love them drop a One in the comments below if you hate on Drop it to I want you to be super honest And if you’re not quite sure because of Course you’re not doing them yet go Ahead and drop a three below and Hopefully today’s talk will have you Changing your tune if you’re a 2 or You’re 3 because I use them and I love Them and I coach 3-way calling to my Team all right guys we have a team of Hundreds of thousands of rock stars in Our organization and we are growing at a Really rapid pace I am one of the top Recruiters and have been for the past Ten years so I know that this is a tool That really really works so first and Foremost let’s talk a little bit about 3-way calling what it is and why I Believe it works then I’m going to teach You how to do three way calls powerfully Professionally and super super short as Well and then I’m going to give you a Little bit more in terms of tips as well Scheduling etc okay and hopefully help Some of you guys that are saying I’m not Using them I don’t like them here’s why Again I hope to help you change your

Tune a little bit guys trust me who’s Ready for this if you’re ready then drop A heart in the comments below and let’s Go ahead and let’s get started so 3-way Calling basically what it is for those Of you that are brand new to it or to The concept essentially what it is it’s An opportunity for your guest who wants To learn more about your business and Your products to connect with a Successful leader or of course somebody In your upline your sponsor to learn More and to make a decision now here’s The thing I was a number two I really I Wasn’t using three-way calls in the Beginning and to be honest I thought They were super cheesy I kind of thought Like who the heck needs to have a phone Call with somebody else to make a Decision um so I can totally relate if You’re one of those people who says you Know I’m kind of hesitant and here’s why I was there myself but here’s what I Found out since I learned more and I Really became a student of our Profession it wasn’t about having to Convince somebody it wasn’t because I Wasn’t good enough at explaining it but There was something about third party Validation and social proof that was a Total GameChanger For the people that I was talking with You know I want you to think about it Just human nature it’s psychology that

When we see that somebody else left Something to all of a sudden it becomes A little bit more interesting to us it Really engages us in our intention so I Give this analogy when I train my team I’m like it’s like the purple purse Theory like there could be this purple Purse on sale okay so ladies like you’re Tracking with me right there could be This purple purse that’s on sale its Onto clearance Table and you could look at it one time And you’re like okay well that’s kind of Cute okay and then you walk away and Then you see another lady walk up to it And you’re like shoot there’s only one Left I should get it but what would Happen if a swarm of ladies came to that Purple purse Whether or not you really wanted it it’s Kind of creating that validation for you And that urgency like oh my gosh I’ve Got to get that purse and before you Know it all of a sudden you’re walking Around with that purple purse okay There’s something about that validation That third-party validation that social Proof that happens and I also believe Too that for new consultants it’s a Really great tool as you’re kind of Learning what to say how to say it how To handle objections answer questions And really conquer the clothes in those Conversations so I believe that they’re

Super powerful and basically how it Works is this you set up a time with Both your upline so it could be your Sponsor successful leader in your upline And the prospect the person who is Wanting to hear more about your products Or opportunity to learn more basically What you do is you’re gonna connect them On a phone call and you will make an Introduction from the new person to them To the leader and the leader to the Prospect okay and then basically you’re Gonna listen learn and you’re going to Hear more now you know I’m not gonna Explain to you really the kind of Technical pieces of how to connect on a Three-way call but basically just Google Three ways call on a on a iPhone and You’ll learn how to merge the call so Basically just Google how to do it it’s Like an old-fashioned party line right My parents met on a party line by the Way and they’ve been married for decades Now which is really incredible um but You can figure out how the actual Logistics work but I always recommend That you if you’re um bringing somebody To three-way call yourself you are the One to initiate the phone call so this Way when your leader drops off the line You can then turn around and say to the Guest you know what did you think what Are your thoughts and you guys are still Connected now we appreciate the honesty

In the combat some of the people say you Know you didn’t like you know doing a Three way call etc but again hopefully Today’s talk will change your mind a Little bit it’s all in how you do it so Basically how do I use three-way calls I Use through it calls more as a closing Call so basically what I do is you know I tell my team make sure your prospect Is pre-qualified they should already be Engaged and interested they are willing Participants they want to learn more About our company about our product so We’re not surprised calling anybody Okay because I don’t you know I always Say people don’t have um they’re not It’s a word that well basically what is The right word that I’m looking for you Know people don’t have a that what People have a problem with if I guess I Should put it this way is if you have Some sort of hidden agenda you know so Just be clear what you’re looking for Upfront wait on my team make sure that They’ve been to an event or to a coffee Or you’ve chatted with them on the phone You shared your story you’ve shared a Company story a bit and they say yes I’m Interested in learning more and then Basically they can say great you know Next steps is I’d love to introduce you On a phone call to my business Sarah She’s been doing this my business Partner Sarah she’s been doing this for

A while I’m she’ll be able to share more answer Your questions and hopefully you know And hearing her perspective and her Story and her experience you can make a Decision that you best feel comfortable With and then basically somebody’s gonna Make an introduction for me to them and Them to me okay now on that call I’m Assuming as the leader that they already Know a little bit about the business This is not their first time hearing About it okay So basically my team has uh you know at Least sent them a website a call that They can listen to they’ve been to an Event etc okay so they know a little bit About the company they’re interested They’re excited to hear more and I as The leader would say this as you know The introduction is made it and let me Take a step back I hope you don’t mind I’m jumping around a little bit When did introduction is made I always Tell my team member make sure you make The guests feel really good like you do Not need to paint me out to be Like you know the top income earner of The entire world right because here’s The thing that happens number one it’s Like they think I’m not relatable Anymore right it doesn’t matter how big My story is it’s just not relatable but Number two it diminishes the value of

The person that we’re trying to get to Know us love us and trust us and join us In business so I always say make the Grand introduction about the guest tell Me how awesome they are why you believe That they’d be an incredible fit at our Business and then just introduce me as Your business partner Sarah your friend Sarah who’s been doing this for a while And I’ve got a great story that I would Love to share okay that’s it for the Introductions make it all about the Guess build them up okay alright so now That introductions are out of the way Now what I’m going to say is the leader Is you know cam I heard incredible Things about you go ahead and tell me What intrigues you most about our Opportunity or about our products now This is a million dollar tip for you Guys are you ready to knit okay I used to say hey Kim tell me all about Yourself now here was the problem my Three-way calls were lasting for like an Hour at a time and I don’t know about You guys but I build this business Around a toddler’s nap schedule I mean a Multi-million dollar business around a Toddler’s nap schedule okay and so I Don’t have time for one hour phone calls When I would say you know tell me all About yourself it got super awkward for The prospect and they’re like well what Do you want to know and then they were

Telling me their life story the cat the Dog that the car the cow and then Eventually it was like a bad country Song okay and it was just super awkward But I really shaped down in the time of My calls I now do him in about 15 Minutes when I shifted the conversation To the prospect and I would say so Kim I Heard great things about you from Natalia can Imay heard great things About you from Natalia she told me all About you she shared with me your Background so tell me what intrigues you Most about our company in search of Company name there okay This way it allowed the prospect to talk First but tell me what intrigued the Most about our opportunity I’m listening And taking notes and if they’re talking All about product you better believe That I’m gonna focus my conversation a Lot on product if they were talking About the comp plan that’s what I’m Gonna make sure that I highlight if they Say well I’m super busy and I’m looking To do this in part-time hours I’m gonna Make sure that I share that in my story So instead of saying tell me all about You I’ll say you know Natalia told me all about you Kim tell Me what intrigues you most about her Company and then I’m gonna listen and Then I’m gonna reconnect back to Kim and Say something like you know Kim that’s

What intrigued me too the ability to do This in part-timer Hours around a full time busy life you Know I started this with a full-time job I’ve got a little toddler now I would Love to share with you my experience and My story and basically what I do here is I share my story now we give tips on how To literally write your business story In my book write your network marketing Business and also on my blog at Sarah Robbins com but basically I’m gonna Share a little bit more about my story And as I share my story my experience With the company I’m gonna weave in a Little bit more talking points about the Company but also things that Kim said She was interested in as well I keep That part my story super brief and then I’ll say to Kim now Kim enough about me Today is all about you I want you to Tell me what questions you have and what You’d like to learn more about you know I’d like for you to really steer the Remainder of her conversation so again Kim what intrigues you she told me and I’ll say oh my gosh that’s what Intrigued me too I look for commonality I’ll connect let me share with you my Story or my experience tell my story the Company story and then I’ll say enough About me today it’s all about you Kim And helping you to make a decision tell Me what questions you have what would

You like to learn more about I’m gonna Let you steer the conversation from here And then I listen doesn’t that make the Call easy instead of having to have some Super long script and this is where I List Kym’s questions and i handle any Objections and I do give tips on Handling objections in my book but also On my blog as well Sarah Robbins comm Okay Now throughout the remainder of that Time I’m gonna answer questions I’m Gonna I’m gonna handle objections and Then I’m gonna help my consultant my Team member to conquer the clothes you Know if you didn’t hear this training by The way I think I’ve got like on all of The sites that it’s been posted on near A half million views on one five-minute Video it’s one of the most powerful ones I did in it’s five minutes it’s called Conquering the clothes if you go to Sarah Robbins comm just type in Conquering the clothes under the search Bar and you’ll find it but it teaches You how I closed people in literally a Five minute training and again we’ve got A really rapid growing team but at the End I would say you have not if you ask Not so say you know Kim natales been Telling me amazing things and we do Believe that you’d be a tremendous asset To our team here’s why I agree here’s

What here’s here’s what I see in you and Then I’m gonna tell her we’d love to Have you as a part of our fun and fast Ring team and now is the perfect time to Join this is where I’ll create some Urgency you know our company just had Our convention we just launched some Incredible products we’ve got a great New bonus program for new consultants You know you want to join sooner rather Than later let’s all look at our Calendars schedule an enrollment Appointment when works for you guys Either sometime later tonight or Tomorrow if she still needs more Information we’re going to email some Information and schedule the next Follow-up call within 24 to 48 hours if She’s not interested in the business and She says you know what I want to try the Products first great well we’re both on The phone we’re gonna give you quick Consultation and get your order going And then we’ll stay in touch we’ll Follow up and see when you’re ready to Join the business okay so it’s kind of a Condensed version of that five minute Video that I did so you know why do I Love these three-way calls It’s the third party validation it’s a Social proof to know ten years later you Guys I am still doing three-way calls in My business and here’s the thing it’s Not because I can’t present it because I

Can I mean I could do this way You know my eyes closed this is totally Second to second nature to me by now but Again I recognize sometimes you know for Example somebody might connect all to Somebody’s story you know so I want to Introduce it to them or if they’re on The fence again that third-party Validation that social proof gets them Off the fence or sometimes if it’s Somebody super close to me and it’s Awkward for me to ask like hey I want to Have you join me you know when works to Enroll you somebody can else else can Ask on behalf of me so if you’re new This is a perfect way for you to learn What to say to handle those questions to Answer objections so ask in your upline You know who’s willing to do three-way Closing calls for me you know provided That you give them their first exposure For them to learn more invite them to Coffee call an event etc and then to That three-way call but here’s the thing People oftentimes ask me well how long Do you do three-way calls for your team As long as they want I have people who’ve been in the Business with me for 10 years and again It’s not because they can’t adequately Present the products or promote the Opportunity but they’ll still leverage Calls with me number one because you Know my team is more the more successful

My team is the more successful I am so I Always want to be available for their Income-producing activity or their Business building activity but again it Could just be somebody who connects with My story or it helps to get them off the Fence so I always keep my calendar open For those opportunities now a little Side note I use a tool I’m in no way Affiliated with them it’s called time Trade so you know back in the day Actually used to resent a three-way Called and the reason why I’m gonna be Honest with you is actually scheduling It was because oh my gosh you know Somebody who come to me hey can you do This time at this person then by time They went back with that person there That person scheduled change or my Schedule changed and I’m like this is Just wasting so much time so now I use This online scheduler I will put the Times that I’m available I can take Times off like for example if I just Want to go have lunch with my son or With my husband I can take times off too But they go on they see my availability For the day they click the button and They can fill out a form with their Contact information there’s even a note Section that they can tell me more about Their prospect before I get on the phone So we don’t even waste time with that I’m not like hey tell me all about this

Person bla bla they’ve already done that On the forum they tell me all of their Backgrounds any objections that those People have going in that I need to know Called time trades they’re asked what is It called skull time trade and it’s just Super super powerful and emails me a Confirmation goes to my phone gives them A confirmation that can cancel it via The link they can reschedule it via the Link so that has saved me so much time Too so that was a time-saver for me Three-way calls are a team builder for Me major and another time saver for you To keep these super super brief is not To make this their first exposure but to Make it more of a closing call and again You saying instead of tell me all about You It’s tell me what interests you why are We on the call today and then you tell Them your story and then say you steer The conversation from here what Questions you have what would you like To learn more about you hands handle Their questions you answer the Objections and you conquer the clothes For people on your team I’m always Available for my personal team the People that I personally sponsored in The business whether they’ve been in a Day or 10 years it’s just an incredible Way for me to connect with my team I Want to share with you a quick story on

How powerful these calls are today Before we disconnect our broadcast and By the way thank you for all of you Clicking the share button I see who you Are and I so appreciate it um a quick Story so I’ve got a business partner Named Stacy Thayer and Stacy is not only One of the top leaders on my personal Team she’s one of the top leaders on a Team full of hundreds of thousands of People Stacy started her business with a 60 Hour a week job a four-hour train Commute two young children I think they Were both toddlers at the time and a Husband who was deployed so essentially Like being a single payer Okay she was the definition of busy like When a prospect says like I don’t even Know how I’m gonna do this She was the definition of busy now to Make things even more challenging for Her when she started the business she’s Like just so you know Sarah I am NOT Going to post on Facebook well now she Does but you know she didn’t back then So she said to me how am I going to do This offline and part-time and I told Her we need to start doing three-way Calls you start reaching out to people When they say that they’re interested They want to learn more then you plug Them into a call with me I’ll explain it I’ll ask them to join you if they’re

Interested in business we’re gonna Enroll them if they’re interested in Product we’re gonna get them started on The product so Stacy said that’s great I’ve got one hour a day from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. at night essentially she Built a huge business over bedtime and I Will never forget shout out to Stacy cuz She did the hard work I just matched Deffer and every single day from 9:00 to 10:00 o’clock at night we did several Three-way calls and then as her team was New in building and duplicating we Actually reached down we did three way Calls with the organization since Everybody was new and they built and They expanded and they exploded and Today is one of the very top leaders in Our entire company okay runs a multi Multi-million dollar organization now When people ask Stacy what was the key To your fast success cuz by the way she Built fast success her first year her First year did what most people don’t Even do in their career of network Marketing she says the number one tool Especially if you’re gonna do it in Part-time hours is three-way calls so Shout out to Stacy and team inspire who Built a massive organization in Part-time hours because they duplicated The practice of three-way calls all the Way down so it is a powerful tool and Guys I want to share with you if you’ve

Got the book and you want to revisit it On page well page 68 And I’m trying to see what chapter it is Well on page 68 there is literally Scripts for 3-way calling it is there a Mock three-way coffee you want to know Like what I say and how it sounds it’s All there and if you go to page 71 it Tells you talking points for how to Share your story and I’m it even tells You how to close them on page 73 the Next chapter I love in the book chapter 7 I even highlight my own book guys I Take a notes in my own book its Conquering the clothes it is literally How to close people how to handle Questions and answer objection so there Are answers to common objections here in The book but also on my blog at Sarah Robbins calm did you guys get value from Today now tell me did I change your mind Are you going to try three-way calls if You are comment Iemon below I want to see it Sarah marvel shout out to my dear friend Sarah marble she’s in another company But a top leader She said the book is the best training Ever and that they used it every day for Their team so I just want to shout out To Sarah and her team because they have Just been incredible incredible Supporters and our building just Incredible organizations too so shout

Out below if I’ve changed your mind I’m In alright if the verdict is still out Then just give me a little question mark And tell me what you’d like to learn More about maybe can help you and with Some of your comments some of your Questions some of your concerns today But I am gonna be sharing more on this Topic over on my blog today at Sarah Robbins com if you think this is a value To you or your leaders go ahead and Click the share button and share it on Your team Facebook groups as well Because I’m the more who know the bigger You grow I hope today’s training helped You guys and we will see you over on the Blog later today at Sarah Robbins com Rock on rock stars have a great day god Bless and good bye for now

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