June 2, 2023

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sarahrobbins.comAll right hey they're rock stars Sarah Rock and Robbins here I want to Welcome you all to the rock star Recruiting school live I am the author Of the best-selling book rock your Network marketing business and the Creator…


All right hey they’re rock stars Sarah Rock and Robbins here I want to Welcome you all to the rock star Recruiting school live I am the author Of the best-selling book rock your Network marketing business and the Creator of my success series for network Marketing the rock star recruiting School which by the way gives you Awesome scripts ideas the power prospect Present and so much more and my new one For leaders the master class edition all Of which you can find on Sarah Robbins Dot-com for those of you that are Watching on our Facebook streaming I Would love to hear who you are where You’re tuning in from and we’ll go ahead Here and we’ll get started and share With you just a few topics and things That have been on my heart talking about How we built a billion-dollar sales team And our powerful profession of network Marketing best gig on the planet by the Age of twenty nine years old I was a Six-figure per month income earner in Our profession now let me just say I Didn’t imagine doing that in a year much Less than a month I then went on to Build five more fabulous years and our Team went on to do over a billion Dollars in incredible sales by the way In a year and it has just been amazing To see the lives that have been changed All across the globe through network

Marketing but you know here’s the truth Here’s that here’s here’s that the story My story really is a story of struggle It’s a story of hope it’s a story of Hustle and I tell you what it’s a story Of heart of hunger and I want to share a Little bit about the behind-the-scenes With you guys today because I got to Thinking is we our company celebrated Officially 10 years but I’ve been in her Company for 11 and our pre-launch phase I was thinking about really how we got Here And what we did and I was thinking about The trials I was Thinking of the triumph I was thinking Of the funny stories and really what got Us to where we are today you know Success was not always easy for me and I Tell people that I quit more than Anybody else in the company the President the former president of our Company always reminds me of that by the Way she’s like you quit more than Anybody else I remember one day calling Her on a ski lift and telling her I Don’t think this is for me I think I’m Gonna quit can you imagine I was only in My twenties old guys they don’t judge Okay I would never call the president of A company today and say something crazy Like that um it took me three months to Recruit our first distributor I think I Was the least highest earner in the

Company for quite a while when I’m from Being the least highest to being the top Earner and man I just really lacked self Assurance it was a challenge I was young I was shy I was broke my network was Young and broke like me so it’s easy you Know needless to say success did not Come easy so again people are always Asking me how how did you do it then it Was hope it was hustle and I tell you What it was hunger and of course heart Just you know loving what I do loving People every single step of the way but The first thing that I want to focus on Today you know because people say oh my Gosh you know our team did a billion Dollars in sales last year projections To double that for this year just gonna Year you guys just in North America Which is pretty crazy to me we haven’t Even launched yet all across the globe And people look at this shy formerly shy Young broke inner garden teacher with no Experience doing anything like this I Was in my 20s and with everything that He told you today you’d probably think She wouldn’t stand a chance how in the Heck did they do it so I’m gonna share With you it first started with hope when I started my business I interviewed Against 1,100 people 1,100 people to get My teaching job now I live in Metro Detroit So Motown Motor City ok cool place to

Live but let me just tell you when the Crash of the automotive industry hit Right when the downturn of the economy Happened so many families were moving Guys the little house that we lived on Which you probably saw that we gifted it To somebody recently to a family need Are very First home we drove by it the other day Was super cool to see but when the Downturn of the economy happened I Remember driving up and down that Street And pretty much every single house you Know around us was that for foreclosure I mean it was crazy people were moving There for schools in Michigan were just Straight-up shutting down and there were So many teachers that were facing Layoffs so here I am Brand-new teacher on the totem pole Right I’m on the lowest end of the totem Pole I’ve got no seniority um teaching is one Of those jobs that’s not based on Performance it’s based on seniority and Teacher tenure and all those things Which can be good and it can also be bad In some cases too and I remember going Into the school cafeteria thinking oh my Gosh I mean literally it was every day to sit There and there’d be another article up On the whiteboard about layoffs and all The teachers were talking about it and

Of course you know I’m sitting there Going well I’m gonna be the first to go And I just remember there everyday just Sitting with that pit in my stomach and I was thinking oh my god you know what Am I gonna do now first and foremost the First thing that I did was I blocked Negativity I mean I left that teacher’s Lounge I ate lunch in my car many times what You hear later I actually ended up doing My network marketing business in Part-time hour hours over my lunch time I would just bring my work in my car and I do my work there and that’s really how Started building my business very Part-time hours in my car on my lunch Hour because I wanted to drown out the Negativity and do something positive but Here’s the thing that created in me hope I wanted hope for something more and so I started just um really uh you know Looking for other opportunities and I Thought you know what if nothing else if Nothing else I’m not you know I’m gonna Put my family on the street here this House is not going up for foreclosure Right you think about today ten years Later we wouldn’t have been able to gift That house if I would have just said oh Man things aren’t going good I just I Quit I quit on life and I just quit on You know having hope and so instead that Propels me to hope for more to look for

More to dream for more and instead of Being a victim of my circumstance You know what that’s it I’m getting out There I’m gonna find another opportunity Should I My job I want to have some extra money In the bank and I tell you what I Started to really hustle I was taking on All sorts of side jobs that was Babysitting I was nannying I was Freelancing for different skincare Companies at the time I knew nothing About skincare I didn’t have any Background in skincare but I tell you What I was like well he’s pretty good Hourly I’m gonna just you know save some Money I’m gonna take out a bunch of Extra work and I worked around the clock Here’s the coolest thing it’s like God Knew right he knew and ultimately he’s The author of our story I love when People say you know we make plans God Laughs so here I am going okay I’m just Gonna make some extra money in case I Lost my job and so one of the companies That I was freelancing for I um you know Just started to do some work for them And had worked for them over the months I got a call one day that would changed My life they let me know good news and Bad news bad news is you’re gonna lose Your job which wasn’t my teaching job it Was my freelancing job but the good news Is we have another opportunity for you

We’re leaving retail we’re going into Direct sales we know you know this Online world it’s a social economy whoo You know what they recommend is more Influential now than ever before They had built a billion-dollar business And traditional sales using infomercials That they looked at today’s time and Said network marketing is a way to go We’re gonna do it again we’re gonna Build another billion-dollar brand and They did but we’re gonna do it via Network marketing the social economy and So they gave us the opportunity and I Just remember thinking I’m not a Salesperson I don’t really know anything About skincare but here’s the thing that I do know I need money I need $3,000 a Month should I lose my teaching job and Man I was reading stories of people who Are able to earn career based incomes You know that was my own unique story Those results aren’t typical right but There’s so many people who are able to Earn an extra side income a primary Income a career based income and able to Build a certain level of success right Working hard through our profession and So I really became a student of the Profession and I started studying and Here’s the key thing I want you to hear I started studying in my off hours I was Studying how successful people did it Through reading books by the way if you

Don’t have mine make sure you pick it up This is my entire system here you want More advanced training this is Everything that I do to you know train My teams and the people that I were to Um but I became a student of the Profession I started reading the stories Being inspired by them first and Foremost but then every single day you Know my drive time was a rolling University I would listen to CDs at the Time now it’s podcasts right or mp3s Um when I was in my car if I didn’t have Calls to make I was reading the books And I thought you know what if these People if they can be successful then You know what so can I shout out to art Joe Nick who’s on my first event that Was really life-changing for me in the Profession outside of my company event Which by the way I never miss a Convention I’ve not missed a convention For my company in 11 years That’s where decisions are made that’s Where leaders step up to the plate but Then I went to a generic event called The mastermind event and I went in I was Just you know probably sitting in one of The back rows listening learning and I Heard all of these presenters just Sharing a story and by the way people Are saying where you get your books and CDs it’s Sarah Robbins com Sarah with an H Robbins to B’s com there’s all sorts

Of cool free resources there too um so You know I started hearing the stories I Started hearing the best practices and I Thought if they can do it in the Respective companies so can i but I’ve Got to figure out how here’s the problem You guys I mean you talk about all odds Being stacked against me at the time our Company was so new we didn’t have Training yet we did not have a Compensation plan yet We didn’t have any trainers I mean Absolutely nothing but what I had what I Had I had hope I had hunger I had Passion right I was hungry for more in My life so what I did was I took that Hunger I took that passion I took our Products and I started sharing him with Everybody with skin right everybody Really and I saw it it’s really a Numbers game I’ve just got to get this In front of enough people I’ve got to Get this in front of enough people and Eventually I can build the success or Two but I became a student of the Profession I read the books I listened To the materials over Over again literally until it became Second nature to me thank you for those That are posting the website by the way Thank you to all of you that are sharing This on your team pages to if you want This to go live into your team page just Click the share button right now I see a

Lot of you are doing that This will definitely this talk is gonna Inspire it doesn’t matter what team what Company this will inspire the rock stars On your team I promise cuz they’re gonna Look and see it my story and where I Wasn’t my company when I started like if She can do it well we can all do it too And I’m telling you it was those Inspiring stories at that mastermind Event that I first went to that is what Propelled me to be a top leader in my Company was to see there’s top leaders And other companies if they could do it I could do it too okay so I always had Hope I would fixate on making that $3,000 a month and I knew I was not Gonna quit until I achieve that first Goal now obviously is my income grew so Does some of the goals and we’ll talk About that in a little bit so if you Find yourself in a place where you are Just emotionally all over the place in Your business and you can’t quite stick With it The first thing that I have to ask Yourself yourself is what are you hoping For what are you hoping for if you’re Easily discouraged by an O or when Somebody quits you want to quit you need To go back to the reason why you’re Doing this in the very first place I Tell you what I was so focused on making That $3,000 I wasn’t gonna quit until I

Got there now sometimes it’s done Sometimes it hurt I tell you what There’s times that I cry remember Falling short on a goal and literally Crying on my leather sofa in my old home And laying in my pool of tears on Leather because it doesn’t absorb in Okay I have those moments but I tell you What it wasn’t a loud disappointment Wasn’t going to defeat me when you think About this disappointments are temporary Disappointments are temper at temporary But quitting is forever right so instead Of being turned off right by all of my Disappointments I was gonna continue to Be driven by my dream I reason why I was Doing it in the very first place that Really helps you to process the knows The disappointment the rejection all Those things really that any Entrepreneur in any business is going to Face but remember the rewards are so Worth it you guys always hear me say I Can do anything for a short period of Time for the long-term freedom that I Desire and that my family deserves now The second thing is was I always hustled I always hustled now I tell you this has Just been true of me since I was a Little girl like a – was too close to a B so I always worked really hard I kid You not when I say I was young and People were like I want me to become a Babysitter I was like hmm if I got like

Ten kids and a camp I could get paid Times 10 for an hour worth of work and I Would do summer babysitting clinics and I tell you what I was hustling I was Passing out flyers to every single Family in the neighborhood and I was Creating these summer sitting clinics When I had a job I was always working Multiple side jobs because I always had A desire to do so much more I’ve always Been a really hard worker so wanted to Just share with you some of the funny Stories um in ways that I found Prospects you know to build a Billion-dollar sales team um so I Remember in the beginning I mean I you Know the first thing that I did you Exhaust your list you talked to Everybody you talk to everybody was Skinned right and I talked to people and I followed up with them and I asked for Referrals and I remember like just Taking a deep breath hitting the send Button sometimes or picking up the phone Feeling like I was gonna die the good News is I have yet to die doing this Business but I did exactly what I was Asked I was always always coachable I Would listen to the trainings I’d invest In my success I would do the things that I was being asked to do and I knew that There was no shortcuts there was no Shortcut to success but I tell you what It wasn’t gonna quit till I made that

$3,000 okay um my friend and I way way Back in the day we used to place ads This was before like you know we had any Policies and procedures or anything but We would place ads for what we were Doing like back in the day and and again I just want to say like you know some of These things worked some didn’t and so I’m Recommend again that you get my book to Find out what really worked um but we Place ads back in the day shout-out to Tracy We a place these ads and I remember just Getting this little room that we rented At a hotel and we did interviews with People I remember we were sitting across From this guy he was fidgeting the whole Time he started to get this weird look In his eye and we like thought oh my god You know at some point he’s gonna pull Out a gun and we were really actually One point scared I’m jabbing her under The table she’s jabbing me and all of a Sudden that guy goes just stop and we’re Like what and he said I have got to go To the bathroom and I’ve had to go this Entire time he goes literally there you Girls just keep talking I gotta go and Literally he ran he went to the bathroom He came back and we were just laughing So hard like nervously because we Thought we were gonna get shot because The guy was fidgeting and going crazy

And had this really intense look in his Eyes you know that feeling when you Gotta go right then the next guy who Comes in will just call him Johnny but His last name was temple okay and so the Guy’s talking to us and you know we’re Having a great conversation super nice Guy but I keep seeing something white Out of corner of my eyes she keeps Saying something white out of the corner Her zits flashing around and I mean We’re so distracted we’re trying to Figure out you know what the heck is Going on and we just see it’s a big old Wad of tissue like a you know like you Popped is it you put tissue on top I’m a Big old woman tissue we forgot about Poor guy nice guy um so we renamed him Johnny tissue temple because he had a Big old tissue on this temple I mean you Guys the funniest things like you name It I did it so the thing is like when People like think they know my story and They think they know how I became Successful and they think I just got Lucky Guys I was sitting in Arizona and a Hundred plus degree boardrooms that we Rented out doing ads talking to people And I tell you what we did the hard work We did the hard work we did events guys I’ve probably eaten more cheese and Crackers to make an entire community Constipated okay I remember sitting on

Somebody’s um chair and there was so Much I mean I I love animals I have a Dog myself but I think the person had Probably too many cats maybe was a cat Hoarder and the sofa was literally it Looked like a first sofa i thought it Was a first sofa I had no idea was just Covered in white and I sat down and I Got up and all of a sudden like I look The back of my pants it looked like I Had white fur pants I mean I just sat in Piles and piles of cat hair okay I did Offense I hosted events even when I had The smallest Network ever the smells That were Network ever by the way today I live in one of the smallest cities in My state if not the smallest okay but When I would do these events I didn’t Write the same people and I would just Change up the theme January I did new Year new you February love this skin You’re in and we did a loaf I’m doing Facials March because it was a month of Luck I did friends family customer Appreciation I pounded the pavements I Hit the ground and running okay By the way that fine doing facials it Was hilarious you guys I thought well We’re gonna do facials on people because I’m in a skincare company and I decided I would take this crock-pot and I Thought oh we’ll just do this nice Steamy like towels and we got him wet we Rolled them up well the biggest thing I

Learned that night was you don’t put it On the high setting because all of a Sudden are our washcloths were burning So we’ve had events that were a total Flop we had events that people never Showed up in fact I hosted events for Other people too I started asking for Referrals my business is expanding in Your area will you host an event for me And we had a gal who hosts an event at a Salon um out know hi oh I’ll just leave It nameless for now but nobody showed up Nobody showed up I drove from Michigan To Ohio hours and hours and hours and We’re like where is everybody so it’s my Mom and I she was my she’s my sponsoring Business and we’re like okay well this Is a huge flop and we go outside it’s Hot it’s humid and there’s dogs that Literally are just running around Everywhere and their owners were like What’s going on it was the dog days of Summer parade it was a doggie parade and People were more interested in the Doggie parade than they were this event Nobody showed up I’m till until here this here’s the Thing that’s why you don’t discount no You don’t give a crappy presentation if One person shows up at the very end one Gal walks in put the product on her hand And she said let’s go to dinner I want To sign up that person ended up being my First six-figure earner now a

Seven-figure earner in the company but She did that in a year and that was the Person who catapulted my success and I Watched you know in the beginning if you Read my book I talked about how it was All about product sales in the beginning Which was great because I could Supplement my income eventually match my Teaching income just on product sales But then I saw the power of prospecting And building a cheap team my check went From 3,800 to over $11,000 a month with This one person because of her network In a few months when she joined my team Ok shout it to Natalia she literally Built a groundswell in her area doing Coffee events talking to her friends Thing hey we’re doing this again next Week bring her friends we’re doing this Again next week bring your friends she Built a huge business on the basics Simply having weekly meetings that People could plug into events that’s why You don’t discount the event where one Person shows up because you don’t know What they’re going to do you don’t know Who they’re gonna lead you to so you Give the best earned presentation you Ever have because you just never know um I remember doing trade shows you guys do These trade shows I’d go online and I’m Like okay there’s you know the holidays They would do the little events at Schools and at churches and I thought

Well you know what for the price of $50 If I can sell one of my product regimens I can make my money back so goal is Let’s get at least a customer but I Would go and I would hustle I would go Early and bring samples and I would talk To other vendors because I thought their Entrepreneurial they know other people In direct sales cuz they’re here with Other people in direct sales I would go Early I would stay late I would make Friendships I would always have some Sort of um item to pull people I had Learned that in the retail setting when I used to freelance I would have a Raffle so let’s say for example I’m Raffling off and I cream that would be The thing that I would pull people to Bring them in and I would say hey you Know I’m offering I’m wrassling off for free I’m I cream No purchase necessary come on check it Out you know go ahead and fill out your Information now bingo now I had contact Information right so I’m building my List so to speak now I can talk to them But here’s the thing I didn’t stop there I would say oh well let me just make a Quick recommendation for you if you Change one thing about your skin what Would it be I didn’t say do you want to See our products they didn’t ask Permission I’d make a suggestion Hey you got to come check out the

Products if you change one thing about Your skin what would it be then I would Start engaging in the conversation I’d Always look for opportunities to weave In the opportunity to but I followed up The fortune is in the phone I would Always use those forms okay so remember Doing events know not all of the events Were good either um my mom was talking To me earlier today by the way around The phone I was like what is some of Your funniest stories of network Marketing she goes oh my god Sarah I Remember this time that I did this event And I had no idea I was actually at a Psychic fair because somebody on her Team booked the event she didn’t know What it was she just thought it was a Generic tradeshow she’s like all the Sudden Sarah it was the weirdest thing Somebody is marching across the gym and They’re beating a drum and she was like I was so freaked out I literally just Ran right out of there and she left I Mean some of these stories are just Funny right I mean they’re just funny But we never gave up the good thing you Should got to be able to laugh about it Right but I looked at the stories for Example one of the top leaders on our Team um and well I guess two of the top Leaders on our team I should say and cow By the name of Sandy who went to a trade Show passed out a sample to a gal that

She thought would be great and she Admired who I think was either attending Or hosting there right I don’t know all The details of that part but long story Short this cow had major influence in Her community she followed up on the Sample and ended up saying hey you know What I want to join your team so sandy And Barbie shout out to the both of you But what an incredible incredible story Of success of how just one person from One event can totally change your Business and both of them they ended up Building a multi-million dollar business Guys I would go on forums back in the Day work at home on boards you know Whatever the case may be and I start Forming relationships I would do that Through Networking groups – guys I’m shy I call My husband my wingman I will like have him help start Conversations because I’m like I don’t Ever know what to say to people I’ve Since learned give him a compliment ask Him a question just ask people a lot of Questions a number one thing they like To talk about is themselves – talk to them about themselves okay and If you don’t get to talk in your Business at all don’t worry just at the End plug your smart phone and be like Hey are you on Facebook I’d love to stay In touch you can talk to him later um

But I remember going to these networking Events I remember distinctly being in a Parking lot in Ann Arbor Michigan going To my first networking event and it was 90 degrees and I’m literally just Sweating through my clothes I had a White shirt on a khaki pants I thought I Was looking cute but I tell you what I Mean I was like sweating out of every Crevice and I literally thought I was Going to die but again I knew where to Get in front of people and I have yet to Die still doing this business okay um I Remember lifestyle prospecting you guys You’ve heard the story of when I Approached my first person my very first Person at the cosmetics counter and I go To pick up the skin care and my hands Are shaking my knees are knocking him For the first time in my life I saw Stars I did the network marketing verbal Vomit all over her she looked at me like A deer in headlights I was so Embarrassed I was like that’s it I’m Going back to my car I’m calling my mom And I called my mom who’s my sponsor and I cried and I was like do I go back There she was like don’t go back to him Get out of there and I did the pedal to The metal I cried the whole way home the Ugly cry and I wondered how am I gonna Be ever be successful doing this I’m Afraid to talk to people um that’s where I realize I didn’t go through a lot of

Personal growth a lot of professional Growth I had a work on me um I remember Going to a prospecting meeting you guys My mom and I were laughing about this Earlier and we met these gals that I had Met and they were interested in the Business and they asked us to meet him At a restaurant we’re like okay well Little did we know like we show up They’d been drinking um there was a Fight night going on which was crazy so It’s like four girls and a bunch of men And little Like a ring in the middle of this like Italian banquet center and we like talk We can’t hear it all the girls are like Little tipsy they have no clue even what We’re saying so at the end like trying To be like gracious I’m like you know What we’ll pay for the bill I looked at The bill and it was like hundreds of Dollars I mean I met those girls have Been there drinking all day long and They were just trying to get a free Dinner okay and I looked at that and I Looked at my mom at the time and I was Just starting my business I didn’t have The money to pay for that I’m like oh my Gosh what do we do you paid the bill but We were like never again guys here’s the Thing some of the strategies work some Of those strategies didn’t right But the thing that I hope that you’ll See through all of it was literally we

Hustled I knew that this business Required me to get out in front of People and I was gonna be creative I was Gonna be clever I wasn’t gonna allow Fear to set in analysis paralysis I Literally I kind of paved my own way I forged my own path you don’t know if You’re gonna meet your top earner at a Starbucks you don’t know if you’re gonna Meet him um at an event you don’t know Where you’re gonna meet them so here’s The thing never discount an opportunity You literally pull out your blueprint For success and say where can I go to Meet people that I can go and pass out Some samples I can go collect digits I Can forge and build relationships that’s The thing it’s all about getting out and Going where the people are when people Are like where do I find people I’m like Are you serious where do you find people We’re surrounded by people but you’ve Got to get out of your house and you Have to go to where the people are You’re willing to has to be greater than Your wanting to you’re willing to has to Be greater than your wanting to again Some of these strategies work some Didn’t so I’m not saying any of them are You know the the main way to build your Business but I do suggest you get my Book rock your network marketing Business Shameless plug because there’s no shame

There guys literally people then Starting to ask when they saw my success By the way was then asked to speak at The mastermind event and have been a Main stage speaker there people started To ask could you have a look I want to See exactly how you did it and some People it’s not you know where do I find People they wanted to know what to say So people would ask me all the time and I was like I will not write a book to Write a book I’m just not I will not Write a book to write a book and I kept Saying over and over again I’m not gonna Write a book I’m not gonna read nope There’s no way I’m not writing a book so I said I’m Rotem not writing a book when I was doing this summer series for my Team it was twelve weeks long and here’s Exactly what I started to train my team Ah I trained them on the chapters of my Book I talked about how to promote Products I talked about how to prospect I talked about how to present how to Close how you know when you get somebody Started how to start them successfully How to duplicate how to be a leader so Much more and I looked and I was like Okay I’ve got like 12 sections I think I Have a book again no intention to write A book I thought people did my websites And I’m like I need to write a book what I do and they’re like oh well first you Do this and the other is like no no no I

Already read it I simply need somebody To proofread it and to make me a cover Guys back in it I didn’t even know what I was doing it’s so funny when people Think I got invited by the way i’ma tell About this on next week I had invited to Speak on some like internet marketing Thing about how I built a business Online I’m like I’m not your gal it Would have been a great opportunity but I’m not your gal cuz I didn’t do it was Strategy I like nobody coached me I’m Not taking one online course not one on How to do internet marketing or network Marketing nothing All of this was literally like going out And doing the do I just did it I just Did it I didn’t sit there behind a Computer and wait and wait and wait I Was just like I’m gonna go get out in Front of people start talking people so I didn’t even know what I was doing but I just decided you know what I’m gonna Do this like little webinar it was my Social media one by the way if you’ve You can google it it’s still great it’s Great I’m gonna give you some an updated One by the way so many of you people Have asked Now that social media has changed so if You haven’t by the way subscribe to my Newsletter I’m not talking about my team Newsletter subscribe to my junior Training newsletter at Sarah Robbins com

If you I’m entering your name and email You’ll get a free video do you miss Defying the big build which is my most Popular keynote talk companies have paid Me money To speak and deliver this keynote but You can get it for free okay it’s my Most popular talk um but anyways so um I Okay so let me go back to subscribe to My newsletter so you can be notified When I do the social media training but If you google social media summit Sarah Robbins social media summit part 1 You’ll see not only great social media Training that’s also free but at the end I just said hey I haven’t had a book I Had no strategy guys literally nobody Told me to do that I didn’t ask anybody How should I do this I just simply was Like oh by the way I wrote this book Like super excited that you know you can Get it on Amazon and became in number One number one bestseller the day at Launch and it’s been a best-seller Ever since over the past five years by The way we have exciting things coming Surrounding the book if you’re Subscribed to my newsletter at Sarah Robbins com you’re gonna find out what It is literally within the next few days To the next week it’s so exciting you Guys it’s gonna blow your mind it’s Exciting so anyways so then ended up Writing a best-selling book from there

Are you guys a whole world of Opportunities was open for us we um Built for successful brands and Businesses we have a publishing company We have a real estate company we have a Speaking and training company we’ve got Our network marketing company in several Ministries too and I’m actually next Week I’m gonna share with you how we Built our generic brands so if you know Any entrepreneurs they don’t have to be In network marketing who want to know Literally how they can Rock their brand And build successful businesses whether Traditionally or online tell them to be Sure that they like this Facebook page Sarah Robbins network marketing Professional because next week on Monday I’m gonna go live and share how I Wrapped it and how we built for Successful global businesses and brands Again doing over a billion dollars in Sales collectively last year through all Four of those companies and I tell you What it’s gonna be a good one it’s gonna Be exciting so here’s the thing but if You’re in one of those people and you’re Thinking you know what I’m interested in Building Successful network marketing come and Tell you the smartest business of all of Our business is this one here’s why Because I don’t trade hours for dollars This business is about leverage it’s

Leveraging a team of people almost like Pseudo franchising right it’s all about Leveraging um I don’t have a brick and Mortar building I don’t have employees For this business we do for our other Businesses we don’t have a brick and Mortar shop low overhead no risk you’re Profitable right away and where else Could a firmly shy teacher in her 20s Compress a 30 to 50 year career into Three to five and her royalty income Guys residual income I want you to think About that it’s very hard to find Royalty or residual income I mean I Can’t do that in a lot of you know our Other businesses here but I want you to Think about what would you know book Sales people are reordering the teams Are growing whatever but I still promote It so royalty income residual income Let’s talk about this where do you learn It well maybe you’re an athlete you get An endorsement Maybe you’re write a hit song and it Plays on the radio over and over again But in network marketing you have the Opportunity to earn residual income on The sales the repeat salesmen are only You but your team as they reorder Throughout the years it is one of the Smartest business models on the planet Today and if I had to recreate my wealth Hands-down if I had to do it again I Would do it in network marketing it is

So simple it is scalable it is smart so Here’s the thing now I’m a safe you’re In a company you stick with it okay Because you don’t need a new opportunity You just need a new commitment to your Opportunity well you need to do go back Where’s your hope what are you hoping For what are simiiar goals are you Willing to hustle I tell you the way That I found all of my top leaders in This book not only how I found it but What I said to them their scripts and Language in the book and then you’ve got Hunger you know what keeps you going What keeps you up at night for me now Today I’ve got that hunger I’ve got that Drive it’s because we build orphanages Overseas for kids in need and we don’t Just give we go and I sit and go man if I can write a six-figure check to build A home I want to do that again and Again and again and again we give more Than my husband and I both used to make When he owned a successful real estate Company when I was teaching and working All of these other jobs – I mean it’s Incredible so as your is your income Grows so will the impact that you’re Able to make on other people’s lives That’s why I don’t quit that’s why we Opened several companies because we look And we say there’s so much more value There’s so much more that we can do There’s so much more that we can give um

I then hold myself up in my office one Day and I was like that’s it I’m putting My whole system down I’m gonna walk People through if you want to hear my Voice and you want to hear me walking Through a specific system from start all The way through duplicating a large Organization I created these cities There’s gonna be more exciting Announcements coming for these products As well so stay tuned But for now you can get great deals when You purchase them as a package on my Site at Sarah Robbins com then I decided You know what I’m gonna teach people how To be a leader you’re at that level Where you want to lead let’s talk about Leading guys if you saw the other day on My Facebook page I was highlighting my Book I was rereading it again I am out To 10x my business my network marketing Business this year so get ready Don’t just watch me join me commit that This is your year guys that you rock Your network marketing business you Become a student of your profession you Find the most successful people in your Field you follow them You watch them you shadow them and Here’s the thing then you put in the Hard work that it takes there’s no Secret in this business I did it without Training I did it without scripts I Literally said how to get in front of a

Lot of people at once and I did the work Every single day mistakes and all funny Stories and all they weren’t funny at The time but they’re funny today it Wasn’t easy but it was so worth it cuz I Tell you what guys there is nothing like Seeing your reason why in action when Phil and I my husband and I we opened up Our first orphanage um we watched all The kids run to their bed for the very First time like they were running into Disney World they had never seen a bed Before guys and literally it was that Moment in time that we said it was all Worth it they later called us Hey now we need a home for a hundred Kids are you able to do it and build the First hundred child home through this Organization we’re like we’re in we’re On it let’s do it and we were able to go Visit our 117 sons there later there was A need for another home which just Opened this month in June for little Girls um who needed a home and it just Doesn’t just provide them a home they Get housing education nutrition support And again we don’t just give we’re able To go and be a blessing to other people And it’s all thanks to the power of this Incredible profession so here’s the Thing guys if you quit who are you Quitting on you’re saying no to you to Your dream to your team but all of the People who you will bless with your time

And your resources guys I’m telling you What don’t quit because there is nothing Like seeing your reason why in action Guys make sure you subscribe there’s so Many things I’m getting ready to 10x This platform 10x my network marketing Business I’m gonna have a lot of news Coming at you a lot of resources that Are gonna totally help you to rock your Network marketing business your generic Businesses too so make sure you Subscribe again not my team was Newsletter subscribe to Sarah Robbins Comm you’re gonna see a free offer for My keynote talk demystifying the build Big build entering your name and email If you’re on my list Shout out below and say I love her stuff You will know I don’t spam anybody I Don’t do affiliate marketing so you’re Not gonna get other people’s stuff to Your inbox I don’t sell anything I don’t Promote anything from the beginning this What I’m talking about next week how I Built a generic brand without money on The mind no money on the mind I did it For free and I continued to do stuff Like this for free every single week Because I believe a gift isn’t a gift Until you give it away something God Gave me so I’m free to share it with all Of you but I tell you what you’ll notice In your inbox it’s nothing but value Things help you grow as a leader to grow

Your network marketing business and There’s gonna be exciting things coming Your way so stay tuned and make sure you Tune in next week when we’re gonna talk About how I rocked it part 2 how I built Very successful brand generic brand and Businesses and I’m gonna tell you some fun stories then Too so I hope you guys liked today did You like it give me a shout out to share Your takeaways below make sure you click The share button and share this on your Team pages because I’m telling you what Your team’s need to be encouraged Remember the number one thing that got Me started Besides Hunger Hope hustle heart one of The top things was hearing other stories Of leaders who rocked it the obstacles They overcame and it was that Encouragement to know that I could do it Too I hope this blessed you guys you Certainly blessed me on a regular Occasion I hope you guys have a great Day guys God bless goodbye for now and rock on Rock stars we will see you next week

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