June 2, 2023

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sarahrobbins.com/storeWell hey they're rock stars Sara Rock and Robin's here coming to you Live with another prospecting tip of the Day before we get started let's go ahead And get acquainted go ahead and comment Below tell me who you…


Well hey they’re rock stars Sara Rock and Robin’s here coming to you Live with another prospecting tip of the Day before we get started let’s go ahead And get acquainted go ahead and comment Below tell me who you are and where You’re tuning in from and of course it Fit as your first time watching go ahead And click a number one in the comments Below because I would love to warmly Welcome you and see who’s here today as You guys would go ahead and sharing and Giving me a little bit about who you are I’ll share a little bit about me Who am I I am Sarah Robbins former kindergarten Teacher turned network marketing top Leader I am also the author of the Best-selling book rock your network Marketing business and the creator of my CD series the rocks are recruiting School and my new one for leaders the Master class addition all of which you Can find online at Sarah Robbins com I’m so glad to have you guys here for Another prospecting tip of the day don’t Forget to share this with your team just By clicking the share button or tagging Them below um you can share for a chance For a shower but remember the benefit For you is the more who know the greater Your team will grow we keep these Trainings totally generic so it means All companies can listen in and we do Believe and we do hope it is our heart

That it will help you to rock your Network marketing business all right Guys on Friday I have to admit I kind of Did a little bit of a rock and Robbins Rant and some things not to do so today I want to come back to you with my heart My passion and give to you just a little Bit of love and just share with you Something that has been on my heart over The weekend but really in this season of Life and really it is reminding yourself How far you’ve come and celebrating the Journey by the way it is my 14 year Anniversary today so happy Anniversary To my handsome husband Phil we did a Little prayer call together this morning We prayed for marriages we prayed for People that are seeking a spouse even For struggling marriages so if you want To watch it you can go on his Facebook It’s Pho Robbins and his last name is spelt The same obviously Robbins with two bees And you can check that out but I do Believe it’ll be a blessing for you guys So reminding yourself how far you’ve Come so many of you have followed my Journey and and if you haven’t you I’ll Just kind of bring you up to speed over The course of time I’ve probably lost About 75 pounds I’m about 5 foot 2 um I Was over 200 pounds at one time um for Me my body was just extremely unhealthy And it was a journey this was over 10

Years ago if you google Sarah Robbins Weight loss a lot of times people ask And they reach out and they say how did You lose weight it wasn’t a program it Wasn’t a pill if you read my story You’ll learn all about it in fact I was Brave enough it was really hard for me This is a big decision the day that I Decided to post a before picture ok and It actually took me a really long time To find one because that was a really Sad kind of depressive state in my life And I didn’t have many pictures of Myself but I found one I bravely posted It so you’ll see my before and after Picture you’ll learn how and you’ll Learn more about the journey but I Actually love that picture for a reason Because it really takes me to that place That reminder of really how far that I’ve come but here’s the thing guys my Weight loss you know it’s a story Because it’s a story always in the Making I’m never gonna be done you know Eating well and drinking water and Moving daily and making daily decisions But it’s also journey because you do Have ups and downs in any story right There’s always problems and solutions And there’s tough seasons and there is Easy seasons for you know the majority Of the time for those 10 years I’ve kept Off the majority of the weight but there Definitely has been some ebb and flow so

For example after I had my son and sorry If I’m you know freaking out any of the Guys there but I was I guess one of Eight percent of women who actually Breastfeeding made gained weight and my Doctor was like oh congratulations you Know and I was like well I always wanted To be at the top percent of something But not that and so I actually gained a Tremendous Wait breastfeeding him right but it was A choice that I made for him and I was Like well I’m gonna really sacrifice my Body during the season but let me just Say we’re still the same person mentally It is tough and then afterward I had Some issues with my adrenal so major Renal Glen’s we’re just exhausted which You know can be rightfully so right you Have a new baby you’re not sleeping much There’s a lot of new stress that you Know comes with those changes and I you Know went on adrenal supplements not Medication but just some natural Supplements through my doctor god things Back in Jack was able to really and I Don’t like talking about weight as much As I was really able to get into a very Healthy place and then when I slowly Weaned myself off of those supplements Which by the way I’m feeling great and Doing great today um some of that weight Started to come back up and I you know Really caught myself and I was like you

Know what I’m not punishing myself in The process because really it is a Process my health is a process my Journey is a process and I just made a Decision and there’s really nothing more To it but the fact that I literally said I am going to love myself exactly where I’m at I am going to love every single Curve and I’m gonna embrace them I’m Gonna dress for my body type you know Here’s the thing I’m not gonna hide Under a sheet I’m gonna dress for my Body type I’m going to embrace my curves And I am going to love myself here’s the Thing guys with the way that I eat you Guys if you follow me on Instagram Sarah Robbins one I post my clean eating with The way that I eat I exercise with the Trainer three days a week and on the Other days I do something fun to move And you know whether it’s riding a bike Taking my son for a walk Swimming whatever and I drink two of These a day so half my weight and body Half my body weight and water right you Know you would think that I’d be like Some fitness model at that point no I Mean my body’s just different but here’s The thing I am going to remind myself daily how Far I’ve come but I’m also going to Embrace the journey and here’s the thing You guys it’s a choice I am NOT gonna Live in a place of condemnation I’m not

Gonna live in a place where the looming Thoughts over my mind I literally have settled into a place Where I’m like I love myself I love Myself I am beautiful inside and out I have a lot to offer the world we have To get to that place where we love Ourselves right um but you know here’s The caveat it doesn’t mean that I can’t Make good decisions daily I have to Still make good decisions daily so every Single day I’m deciding what am I Putting in my mouth What you know how much water am i Drinking my water every day am I getting In that movement or that exercise so Every single day it boils down to daily Decisions doing the right things but Here’s the key I refuse to punish myself with Condemning thoughts in the process I refuse to punish myself with Condemning thoughts in the process now I’m going to talk to you about how this Relates to your business okay where are You at in your business where are you at In your journey you know when I started My business I was the least highest Earner and the company if ever there was A title I went on to be the top earner I Was the worst recruiter it took me three Months to recruit my first consultant I Went on to be a top recruiter I Recruited over 300 people and we built a

Team of over 300,000 did over a billion Dollars in sales last year you know but A lot of times people look and they’re Like well how did all of that happen you Know really it was a process It was daily decisions the things that I Had to do in order to become successful You know long term can you guys hear me By the way because it looks like my Internet is freezing on the Sun so Hopefully you guys can hear me um so my Question is today is where are you at on Your journey where are you at in your Business are you celebrating the winds And are you finding joy in the journey Are you deciding you know what I’m gonna Be happy I’m gonna love myself I’m gonna Love where I’m at in the process you Know I think oftentimes we make the big Mistake of celebrating only the outward Things like the results I lost five Pounds or I recruited five consultants Or I got three new customers or I made X Amount of you know dollars in my Paycheck we make those decisions you Know to only celebrate the outward Things the numbers are the results but Are we celebrating how far we’ve come You know I’ve grown in my mindset it’s Incredible I’m stronger now in my Business than I ever was before cuz I’m Starting to believe in myself I’m Starting to dream again or I’m stronger My skill set you know what in the

Beginning of this year I wouldn’t have Made that call but I conquered my fear I Persevered and I picked up the phone or You know we look at somebody who has a Team of 300 thousand people were like I’m at her I’m not where she’s at But have you said you know what I got my First customer and it felt so good and It’s the first step of many it’s the First victory of many in the process I Love what one of my team members does Stephanie Saracen she posts at the end Of every month you know for her team to Celebrate every single win and it’s not Just promotions and titles and it’s not Just bigger paychecks It’s celebrating every single win who Grew in mindset who grew in skillset who Got their first customer whatever it is We want you to celebrate every single Win but here’s the thing we have to go Back to right if we do want to grow Mindset is the biggest piece of it but Then we also have to do things that we Know that it’s going to take in the Skill set piece right the daily things That it’s going to take making the reach Out so every day how many will that be For you doing the follow ups everyday And making the invitations how many will That be doing the things daily to grow Your business but celebrating the Journey reminding yourself how far You’ve come and not punishing yourself

With condemning thoughts in the process You know it starts in your mind I tell This story in my book um where my mom’s Friend Misha Rochelle called me one day And I was in the parking lot for church And she said Sarah do you want to know What your problem is and I was like yes Because I was going to the meetings that Was doing all the things that were Taught on the trainings yet I wasn’t Having the experience I wasn’t having Those numbers show up in my business and She said the problem is is you haven’t Made up your mind you haven’t made up Your mind you’re doing one thing and You’re saying another you’re you know Going to the meetings the calls etc but Then you’re speaking to feed out if You’re out of your mouth and you’re Saying nobody’s joining me everybody’s Quitting and she said that’s actually What happened and guys I believe in the Power of our words our words create our World when God said let there be light What was there there was light So I do believe no matter your spiritual Beliefs that our words have creative Power there’s a verse that says and not It’s not what goes into a man’s mouth That defiles them it’s what comes out of Their mouth that defiles them I want you To think about that so even think about That as it relates to weight loss yes It’s important what we eat but it’s just

As important as what we’re speaking so Are you saying everyday oh my gosh Nobody’s joining my team oh my gosh Everybody’s quitting do you have that Your syndrome or have you made up your Mind have you started to speak over your Team life are you speaking over your Family life are you speaking over your Business life I’ve got a business Partner her name is Nikki and for a few Years her first few years in the Business she struggled with the business But the thing that I will say that I Never saw her struggle with was her Words I mean she was so faithful in that The words that she was speaking over her Team and over her dream and you know Would always say you know we are Conquerors guys we can do this I have More than enough we are more than enough And she would always speak life here’s The thing you can’t speak defeat and Expect life to grow in your business or In your dream right and so she would Speak life over them and it was amazing To see all of those seeds that she Planted I’ll never forget one day I was Watching kind of the month-end volume And I saw her check her numbers just Grow exponentially and I was like oh my Gosh this is amazing And literally they exponentially grew After that today she’s one of the top Leaders one of the top leaders not only

On my team but in the entire company so The thing that I loved about Nikki was Really her response to the journey right It was I’m not gonna punish myself in The process I’m not gonna quit right Because the surest way to fail is to Absolutely quit you can either give up And assume that it doesn’t work for you Or it magically works for other people Or you can just you know say you know What I’m happy with who I am where I’m At I’m gonna celebrate the journey I’m Gonna do the things that I know that I Need to do because here’s the thing You’re not gonna have victory they’re Just sitting on the couch couch thinking Happy thoughts right I’m not gonna lose My weight sit on the couch thinking Happy thoughts I’m so skinny I’m so Skinny I’m so skinny and then expected It’s gonna happen right I’ve got to do what it takes in the Natural but here’s the thing I’ve also Got to align my belief with positive Things speaking positive things and Together when you marry the mindset with The skillset man it’s incredible guys You can literally rock not only your Business but your life too you know guys I hope you can just see like I am so Passionate about seeing people changed Seeing people change in their mindset in Their skillset through this business and Literally is a joy of mine because I’ve

Watched to see my journey can you Imagine I started as a formerly shy Kindergarten teacher in network Marketing I had 19 cents in my bank account my Friends were young and broke just like Me I had absolutely no network I had no Business experience you know it took me Forever to get to really where I am you Think about my weight-loss journey was 10 years really my business journey was 10 years – I love what Biz Stone says Co-founder of Twitter timing Perseverance and 10 years of trying Eventually make you look like an Overnight success timing perseverance Ten years of trying make you look like An overnight success see the weight loss Didn’t happen overnight The business success didn’t happen Overnight it was a result of making up My mind and then making daily decisions That it takes to be successful doing the Things that I need to do but not beating Myself not condemning myself you know We’re not punishing myself with Condemning thoughts if I made a mistake Or you know the the skill didn’t reflect The result that I want or my paycheck Didn’t reflect the results instead I Celebrated the journey and I said you Know what I’m doing all the right things So I know that it is going to come with Time but I’m going to embrace the season

Of where I’m at and I’m going to Celebrate all of the ways that I’ve Grown and I’m going to constantly remind Myself of how far that I’ve come that’s The big piece of the puzzle guys I Really want to help you guys with this Skill set piece and the mindset and so There’s a couple things that I wanted to Just share with you guys and hopefully You know that they’re coming up so on August 8th I am doing a webinar it Is going to be on social media to rock Your network marketing business as I Mentioned we recruited over 300 Personally led a team of 300,000 did a Billion dollars in sales last year and That was starting from nothing Remember took me three months to recruit My first person majority of those leaves Actually came through social media for Me that’s my own personal story and it Came to me social media that sells Without selling so I have a passion now To help transfer them other people’s Lives and I want to teach you how so on August 8th I’m doing a generic training For the industry I believe it’ll be one Of the most talked-about trainings in The industry I want to invite you guys To register if you have a link you can Post it if you’re already going go ahead And shout out below you can go to Sarah Robbins comm and click on the stone guys If you go to Sarah Robbins comm and

Click on the store you can actually find Their web and our social media that Sells and register there if you want to Know all of the other ways besides Social media that I found people I do Have a recruiting webinar it’s a Recruiting masterclass that actually Gives you downloads of language scripts Ideas etc outside of social media it’s a Few hours long incredibly value packed And we sold out of that by the way so Added a few more sessions on demand Because people have been talking about How the training has been changing and Transforming their business their Mindset and their skill set so I can Help you with that piece too so you can Pick those up at Sarah Robbins com who’s Registered for the social media webinar On August 8th it’s going to be Incredible we’re gonna talk about Instagram and Instagram stories I’m Gonna have a special guest who built two Six-figure businesses online on Instagram specifically with no Advertising dollars I’m going to talk to You about how I did on Facebook that’s Where I got the majority of my leads Through Facebook put posts Facebook Stories we will touch on my video and I Don’t care how afraid you are we’re Gonna talk about how to do it afraid and How to make it easy because perfect Perfectionism equals procrastination

We’re going to talk about that virtual Events how to rock your business with Virtual events and so much more guys It’s going to teach you how to build a Team how to replicate your team how to Create team culture and so much more and I’m so excited to serve the profession That has blessed me and my family so Very much so register now at Sarah Robbins comm and guys I just wanted to Do a post of encouragement to you guys Today because I was thinking about Myself and I was thinking about my Journey and really how far I’ve come and I have made that decision that no matter What things look like on the exterior I’m gonna make the decisions it takes Every day to live a healthy life in Lifestyle but I’m also going to love Myself in the process and I am also Going to celebrate how far I’ve come All right guys what about you tell me What you took away from today if you Found it beneficial go ahead and share This with your team’s because I promise You if you’re not struggling in this Piece I always say success is it What’s In between the ears you know somebody on Your team did you know I love that Yolanda I want everybody to post this Right now I love me let’s post it Together I love that that’s awesome Um success lies between the ears right You know there’s somebody on your team

That needs to hear this today you know It because I believe the most Challenging part of this business I mean What we do is so simple we keep it so Simple an eight year old can do it right That’s how duplication happens if you’re If it’s too hard for you then you need To look and reevaluate and say why is it So hard the the process part is easy the The the skillset part that’s easy where We trip up nine times out of ten it’s What’s in between the ears it’s Rejection somebody told me no it’s being Disappointed in our journey I’m not Getting there fast enough it’s Comparison she did it oh my gosh no look At me comparison competition all of Those things remind your team how far They’ve come and instead of making all Of your promotes about the promotions They’ve made why not ask them at the end Of this month it’s the end of this month Hey guys shout out below all of the ways You’ve grown if it’s mindset if it’s Skillset and give them the ideas if it’s Mindset or if it’s skillset I want to Hear from you if you got your first Customer let’s celebrate that yeah we Want to celebrate every single one you Got a new consultant you know a new Distributor let me know if you made a Promotion we do want to know that too But we believe part of our culture is Surrounding celebrating every single

Wins all right guys I know it’s month Then for many of you so I hope you make Some magic happen celebrate your wins Tell me how you’re growing below I love You guys god bless and goodbye for now Because I will see you back tomorrow Here on this page for another Prospecting tip of the day I’m off to Celebrate we’re gonna do a little Date day with my husband for lunch for Anniversary and tonight for our Anniversary dinner we’re bringing our Son out to dinner with us So all right you can follow our journey Online but I do hope you guys have a Great day god bless goodbye for now Rock on rock stars

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