June 2, 2023

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https://sarahrobbins.com/store/supersize-your-sales-masterclass/Well hey they're rock stars Sara Rock and Robin's here coming to you Live for another prospecting tip of the Day I'm not at my beautiful home office Today but I am in the beautiful city of New Orleans where…


Well hey they’re rock stars Sara Rock and Robin’s here coming to you Live for another prospecting tip of the Day I’m not at my beautiful home office Today but I am in the beautiful city of New Orleans where a company is hosting Our annual convention and I’m about to Welcome 20,000 of my BFFs and the biz And we’re about to have a really great Time of celebration together as we’re Waiting to tune in I would love to hear Who you are and where you’re tuning in From today go ahead and post in the Comments below if it’s your first time Watching live or buy replay go ahead and Type in number one I would love to Warmly welcome you and don’t forget guys To share this right now click this your A button on your team pages or tag your Team below you’re gonna want to share This why not only for a chance first Show but also the more on your team who Know the greater your team will grow and I tell you this is going to be a hot Topic today I really believe it’s going To help you to build your belief and Rock your network marketing business I See so many of you guys new and tuning In so as you introduce yourself I Quickly will share Who I am I’m Sarah Robbins I’m former kindergarten teacher Turned network marketing top leader it’s A joy and a privilege to come to live Every day weekdays to share with you

Free training I am also the author of The best-selling book rock your network Marketing business thank you for sharing Kim you can find it on my site at Sarah Robbins com I do sell them in bulk if You like to gift them to to new team Members or for promotions you can open Up inside right you rock Either you’re gonna find some great Resources to like our audio series the Rocks are recruiting school which is my Whole system for network marketing Success my new one for leaders the Master class Edition and some really Great webinars that are ours full of Contact content scripts etc designed to Help you rock your recruiting supersized Or sales build your business online and So much more so check it out There Robin second all right guys today We are going to be talking about Something super important and it’s What’s in beach The ears I believe more influential than Even skillset in this business as a Relates to our success is our mindset It’s what we believe how we believe About the products that we’re selling The opportunity that we’re offering the Industry that we’re in it’s really Interesting because I don’t get a lot of A jet objections when I talk to people Specific certainly not about the network Marketing profession notice I say

Profession not industry or opportunity And that’s because I believe the reason The reason why is because I believe so Strongly in the products that I’m Offering the opportunity that I’m Presenting and really the network Marketing profession as a whole even Long before it ever changed my life I Really took the time to build my belief In these areas therefore people respond Accordingly right when our belief is Rock-solid people respond the same way That we present it to them so today We’re going to just kind of ask you this Question and you might know somebody on Your team who can benefit from this so Be sure to share it Are you apologetic about selling are you Apologetic about selling today we’re Going to talk about how to really change The narrative and rewrite that story the Story that you’re telling in your mind My husband Phil and I we always say it’s A fake fight right Well like think in our mind oh so one so It’s gonna think this they’re gonna say That and then I’m gonna say this and I Should have said that and we go round And round in her mind with these crazy Narratives and in reality it never Happened and 99% of the time we’re Worrying about things that are never Going to happen that they’re never going To think we’re making all these crazy

Assumptions that’s why we call it a fake Fight so today we’re gonna talk about How to rewrite the story story on how to Change the narrative to because it’s my Hope that this training will really Bless you and bless your business and You’ll start to see different results You’ll start to get maybe a better Response I mean you’re not even getting A negative response at all but you’re Envisioning it right so we’re going to Talk a little bit about mindset today And then we’re gonna talk about skill Set and thank you Diana for everybody Who’s sharing this with your team so There’s some things I’m going to ask you As it relates to the mindset piece for You to stop doing and then things for You to start doing so Talk a little bit about that today first And foremost mindset the first thing That I want you to stop doing is Thinking about this as selling I want You to start thinking about this as Sharing you know here’s the thing you Can be a solution to somebody’s Resolution right not only during the New Year’s but really when kids are back in School it creates a shift in mindset of People that they’re going okay now I Want to do something for myself now I’ve Got the time to invest they want to look Better they want to live better and we Can provide the solutions to people’s

Resolutions we can be the answer to Their problems and it’s no different you Guys then you think about if somebody Wanted to know where should I go to Dinner today or when I posted hey I’m go To New Orleans you know where should I Go and most importantly what places Should I eat right um when people come Literally in droves than they chime in And they make their recommendation this Is no different you’re finding something That people haven’t need for and you’re Providing them the answer whether it’s Through your opportunity which could be You know people are looking for more Time freedom or financial freedom or Whether it’s a solution for your Products as well I want you to stop Thinking this of thinking about this as Selling and start thinking about this as Sharing when people come into the Business it’s interesting they’re like I Was a superstar seller and you know this Industry and I was in sales for years And I know that I’m gonna rock this I Thought usually it’s interesting many Times they actually get off to a slower Start because they’re all about the Latest sales techniques and this Business really is about connecting on a Human nature cultivating people’s Y and Their passion and simply finding Something that they have a need for and Helping to fill that gap with you know

The solutions that we provide number two I want you to stop thinking that you’re A burden to people and I want you to Start thinking that you’re a blessing I’m gonna say that again you get where We need to rewrite this story the second We get a thought in our mind we Literally have to do a 180 and we’ve got To turn it around the moment you start Thinking oh my gosh I’m I am To this person I’m so scared to reach Out to them I want you to stop literally Take that thought captive in your mind And say I’m not a burden to people I’m Truly going to be a blessing I want you To think of what you have to offer Literally as a gift to people and some Of you guys if you’re praying people Maybe it’s an answer to people’s prayers It could be the very thing that they’ve Been praying for and you know what what Many of you don’t know is about my story When before I found my business I was Actually praying I was praying for an Answer Schools were closing down due to the Automotive industry it lived in Detroit Motown Motor City so schools were Clipped closing as families were moving I was facing the loss of my job every Single day I was making twenty two Hundred dollars a month As a teacher and spending most of it on School supplies and literally money was

Getting low we were paying bills out of A quarter jar I was literally praying For an opportunity this opportunity the Network marketing profession is the one That absolutely transformed my family’s Life and I am literally every single day Forever grateful because where else Could a teacher in her 20s at the time With no money very little influence Start a business become profitable right Away and build a legacy not only for my Family but for so many others that we Touch around the globe as we build Orphanages and provide um you know Funding for children’s education and Nutrition programs abroad and here in The US as well stop thinking that you’re Going to be a burden to people and start Thinking about being a blessing Sara Reineke a great leader on her team just Did a training for our group on Sunday And she said change the narrative in Your mind I want you to start thinking About the day that that person instead Of thinking going into it thinking They’re gonna say no or I’m gonna be a Burden to them start thinking about you Know I could be the answer to their Prayer today this you know the network Marketing provides such an incredible Vehicle for time freedom financial Freedom right it’s not about is a Network marketing or what you’re selling It really is about is this the vehicle

And she said start thinking go into that College you’re making that call think You know what this person’s gonna be Excited for to hear from me and then Start Imagining what their life will look like When they’re successful in the business Imagine them at their car presentation Imagine them walking the stage at Convention imagine them thanking you for Asking them and of course how that yes Absolutely I want you to stop thinking That you’re going to be a burden to People and I want you to start thinking About how you’re going to bless them It’s gonna change the way guys that you Share this with people but therefore it Is also going to change the way that People receive it as well I promise you When you change your mindset it changes A skill set piece to number three stop Thinking you’re bugging people and start Thinking you’re providing excellent Customer service to them above and Beyond I always tell people you’re not Bugging people Unless you’re bugging people and trust Me when I say you will know if you’re Bugging people I don’t blog bug people Guys that is not what I do I don’t need People bug people when they joined my Team I am there for support but I don’t Force anybody to do anything I don’t Chase people to do their business its

Independence ownership it’s up to them I Don’t bug people I’ll tell people I’ll follow up with you Until you tell me otherwise because I Know sometimes you know timing people’s Timing change I just want to keep you Informed I want to provide you an Exceptional level of customer service Guys I want you to think about this when People join network marketing companies Not only do they research different Companies and what products to purchase But they also research who’s team to Join okay so they’re reaching they’re Thinking who’s gonna provide me the best Customer service who’s gonna be the best Sponsor in my business – you want to Stand out above the crowd now here’s how You differentiate the to him to give you A real-life example in my life there’s a Gal who I don’t even know who she is to Be honest with you I shopped at a store Apparently one day I must have given her My information and I don’t even remember To be honest with you who she is or when We first had her interaction and here’s Why she never took time to build a Personal connection with me but what she Does from time to time once a month or Every few months she texts me when she Wants me to buy something it’s never hey Sarah how are you it’s Never you know hey I’m just checking in I hope you have a great week it’s never

Hey how are you loving your purchase but It’s always hate do you want to buy Something I eventually got to a point Where thinking gosh this just feels Awfully spammy and in a nice way just Simply said would you mind removing me From your text list because this is a Business phone you know I’m using this For business on the other hand now for Those of you were like well that wasn’t Very nice on the other hand I’ve got a Guy actually had a big package here We’ve got a bunch of Louis Vuitton Sitting on the floor I’m doing a little Gifting session for some of my top Leaders as they come in for convention I Shop with this guy his name is Travis And I’m telling you he can text me Things he wants to sell me to the moon And he does every now and then but Here’s what makes it different the Majority of his text 90% of his texts Are just how are you doing today you Know I want to wish you a happy Saturday How how did your team love those Purchases I went on a retreat with my Team guys and when you’re a these Flowers come in I was thinking well that Was really nice available hahaha don’t Worry Phil does give me flowers I open It up the flowers we’re from Travis just To wish us a really great event he’ll Tell me when something is new and Launching but it’s not in a way in terms

Of do you want to buy it it’s just hey I Thought this might be of interest to you You see he’s earned the right to send me Those type of messages and I never think Of it as he’s bugging me because he Really focuses on building relationship And providing me excellent customer Service you know I won’t even shop with Anybody else that the story specifically Will ask for him by name if he’s not There I’ll wait and I’ll go back because That is how much effort he has put forth Into building a customer service a Customer relationship but also a great Personal relationship as well so instead Of thinking about you know I’m bugging People I want you to start thinking About I’m providing excellent customer Service that’s why I say beginning of Every month guys you want your customers Ordering from you long term not joining A different I’m a different product or Finding a different person to purchase From then you reach out to them on a Regular basis just you know some of it Just because thank you card reach out to Them and Say hey I’m just you know checking in on You checking to see how you’re loving Your purchase do you have any questions About anything and every month I read Every month I reach background and say How are you loving your products what Are you low on that I can help you to

Replenish I recommend a new favorite for You something that would complement your Regimen your routine really well not Sure if I mentioned this as a Distributor of the products I get them At a great discount can I tell you about That program and last but not least you Know anybody that the business or the Products would be great for I would love Your referrals so instead of thinking About guys that you’re bugging people Start thinking I’m providing exceptional Customer service above and beyond I’m Gonna be Travis just like you know Travis’s to Sarah I’m gonna provide that Level of customer service not just a Mighty not just to my customers but also To my team too I love what our Jonas say Or joy neck says you build a business on Those who stay but you build your Reputation on those who go what would People say about their experience with You so that’s a mindset guys and I just Want to say there’s a really great book I want to recommend she’s actually Speaking at our convention as one of our Keynote speakers it’s by Mel Robbins can You believe it another rockin Robbins She’s a little more rockin than I am She’s a best-selling author Mel and the Elle Robbins same way I spell my last Name no we’re not related but she writes A book the five-second rule and it talks About how to stroke out to destroy doubt

In just 5 seconds going to Amazon pick Up my book pick up hers and it’s a it’s Like a match made in heaven right hers Is gonna work on the mindset piece how To rewrite your narrative in your story In five seconds that’s what it’s all About and this will be the Scout skill Set piece too Now guys I want to encourage you I’m Going to be doing a training that’s Going to be specifically on skill set It’s going to be on September 19th I Just would love your permission to Quickly share it with you who’s going to Attend if you’ve purchased the ticket Let me know below or if you plan on it Let me know below it is available right Now at our introductory price at Sarah Robbins Come and you can go ahead and you can Pick that up September 19th it’s called Supersize your sales it’s my selling for Direct selling webinar we’re gonna be Touching we’re on the mindset piece but Most importantly it’s going to be full Of great content on the skill set piece Specifically on how to supersize your Sales all companies are welcome guys and If you can’t make it live then I want to Encourage you to purchase it anyways Because you’ll get an on-demand replay But here’s the thing I’m going to talk To you about how I created with my team A billion dollar sales team how we get

Customers tons of ideas scripts wording Language advice how we get them but also How we keep them happy for the long term You know it’s one thing to get a Customer it’s another thing to keep them And to get that ongoing residual income And build that ongoing relationship but Then most importantly how we convert Them from being a customer to then being A consultant cuz I believe they’re your Best brand ambassadors you know over 60% Of our team they started as a customer First the majority of my multiple Six-figure monthly income actually comes The majority from customer sales so if You’re brand new and you’re wanting to Know how to make right now money and to Build a nice check up front you got to Be on this webinar guys that’s how I was Able to not only supplement but then Replace but then surpass my teaching Income before I knew how to recruit it First started with selling selling alone Ok but if you’re a leader then and You’re looking to build a legacy walk Away income where I am today you have to Know these skills that you have to know This for you but also for your team too Because that’s how you build a healthy Sustaining long term organization a Legacy organization for your children And your children’s children it’s gonna Be on September 19th it’s called selling For direct selling but you’ll see it on

My website it’s actually called Supersize your sales I want to be sure Guys that you get registered right away At that introductory price I know it’s Gonna help you to rock your business I Was working on it basically over the Past few months but a lot on the plane It is so good I learned a lot for myself Haha I went back in ten years of our Kinds of training this is all new never Been seen before so make sure you guys Get registered right away Guys most importantly today I want you To stop being apologetic do you notice I’m not apologetic when I when I’m you Know selling you my training cuz I know It’s gonna bless your business I know It’s gonna take you to new heights I Know it could be the answer to prayers I Know it could be the one thing that turn Things around free I’m not apologetic I Share with you confidently stop being Sorry stop being sorry change the Narrative work on the mindsets get that Book by Mel Robbins start rewriting the Story on September 19th we’re gonna work Together on the skill set who’s gonna be There I hope to see each and every one Of you there you can find it at Sarah Robbins calm and I’ll see you there but Also here sooner like tomorrow for Another free prospecting tip of the day Well they did this guys help you guys Today if so go ahead and comment below

Share your takeaways and make sure to Click the share button share this on Your team pages via inbox or type in the Comments below their name and we will See you guys very very soon All right guys I gotta go um explore a New city which I’m super excited about Meet some of our team so with that I’m Gonna tune out I want to wish you guys a Great day god bless and goodbye for now Rock on rock stars

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