June 2, 2023

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Be sure to register for my NEWEST WEBINAR: Selling For Direct Selling Summit 2018 (Supersize Your Sales) here! https://sarahrobbins.com/store/supersize-your-sales-masterclass/You Well hello friends I am so happy to be Here live with you guys today and we're Gonna be getting started…

Be sure to register for my NEWEST WEBINAR: Selling For Direct Selling Summit 2018 (Supersize Your Sales) here!

You Well hello friends I am so happy to be Here live with you guys today and we’re Gonna be getting started here in just a Second If you guys wouldn’t mind sharing who You are and where you’re tuning in from And let me know if you can hear me okay I am coming to you live from another Platform so I want to make sure you guys Can see or hear so go ahead and comment Below Say hi let me know that you’re there say I can hear you or I can see you and We’re going to get started here in just A second and I’m doing a little Prospecting tip of the day live I’m Super super thrilled for you Guys go ahead and comment below tell me Who you are where you’re tuning in from And if it is your first time watching Type of number one in the comments I Would love to warmly welcome you and Don’t forget you can click the share Button for a chance for a shout remember The more who know the greater your team Will grow so you definitely guys do you Definitely want to share this training Alright so today we’re going to talk a Little bit about selling through direct Selling and my philosophy behind it Before I do I just quickly want to come In and just share some exciting news With you guys and also just say thank

You I absolutely love this community our Network marketing rockstars thanks to You guys our best-selling book rock your Network marketing business is now Available on audio as you guys know it’s On audible and it’s read by me the Author of the book rock your network Marketing business and it’s kind of like A little 2.0 version so guys it was Really exciting when I went to the Studio to record I decided that I would Just go off-script a little bit and Share some things that were new and Exciting in the business since I wrote The book and since it’s been a Best-seller over the past five years and Since we launched it literally over the Weekend it became the number one Bestseller on Amazon day one number one In MLM number one in home-based business And the number one new release so guys I Just want to say thank you and you If you’ve got a copy of it go ahead and Comment below I just want to say thank You to each and every one of you so to Celebrate we are extending our offer if You order the book over the course of The week any format of choice so you Might you know be like me you love to Highlight and star things and go over Over it again any format of choice you Might choose the hard copy you might do Kindle or you might do the audiobook Totally up to you if you email your

Order to rock the audio at gmail.com our Ock the th e audio AUD i/o rack the Audio all one word at gmail.com I will Send you three free gifts just to say Thank you and I trust trust me when I Say it will help you to rock your Network marketing business so it’ll be Pretty exciting you can leverage diet Drive time downtime make your car Rolling University and I love it Candace Said she’s loving the audio so far which Is exciting and thank you guys for Sharing it so many of you guys have Shared on social media and you’ve tagged Me in it and I’ve been able to reshare It with my community so um keep on Sharing tag me for a chance for a share Or a shout I’m so excited to see how it Helps you rock your network marketing Business alright guys today I want to Talk to you a little bit about my Philosophy for selling for direct Selling and I share a little bit more About this in my book and guys I want to First talk before I just kind of dive Into this topic I just first wanted to Share this with you guys I believe it is so incredibly important You guys to have a strong customer base Within your business number one it keeps You compliant number two it helps you Build a business that will stand the Test of time and really sustain for the Long term that’s what a healthy business

Looks like so I would say the majority Of my six figure monthly income we built A billion dollar a year sales team the Majority of it comes from customers Did you know over 60% of our customers Actually oh I should say this over 60% Of our consultants people The business started as customers first So it’s super super powerful it’s Powerful for new consultants to get Their first check right away but Powerful for a leader who’s looking to Build a business that will stand the Test of time because at the end of the Day your customers are core they are Critical for both your short term and Your long term success as well so here’s The thing customers are a great source Of right now money they give you that Immediate results the immediate residual Income that you’re looking for Especially for new consultants because Think about this when you connect with Friends to become your customer that’s Like that low hanging fruit rate it’s Easy to talk to people you know love and Trust and just develop the art of Prospecting and conversations and really Gain the confidence that you need for Recruiting and these sales help Consultants quickly qualify for volume Goals or in the first check and this was Really essential for me when I was Building my business because it built my

Belief as you guys may have heard me say Or mentioned before that it actually Took me months to recruit my first Consultant and the success that you’ve Seen that I’ve been able to build over Time keep in mind that’s been over ten Years I love what Biz Stone says Co-founder of Twitter Twitter timing Perseverance and ten years of trying Eventually makes you look like an Overnight success right it takes time to Develop the talent it takes for Recruiting but I was so thankful for my Customer base that I built in the Beginning because think about this I gave me some great supplemental income It built my confidence and it really Kept me in the game as I was waiting for My team to initially build and then of Course duplicate that takes time so in Part-time hours through customer sales Alone you guys I’m so proud to say I was Able to match my teaching income during My first year and that was a very Important for me and my family we were Facing the loss of our job so um you Know because I was a teacher Families were moving schools were Closing and you know I needed that extra Cash so if you’re in business and you Desire to work just very part-time and Network mark And build a customer base only that’s Really some you can joy flu builds a

Really nice residual side income in Part-time hours with a decent amount of Effort right it’s not get rich quick You’ve got to work really hard but you Can do it in part-time hours that’s how The majority of people do who start the Business but if you want to build a Larger Network maybe you look at my Store and you say you know what I want To do that too I’m inspired by you then That takes sales that come in through a Sales team so everybody’s selling Everybody’s got to have customers get Customers and keep them for the long Term but there is a great opportunity as You scale and as you share the Opportunity by the way thank you Paula And for everybody who’s saying that they Shared this with their teams I Appreciate it this is a good one guys For your team’s to hear now I’ll never Forget when I found my first real leader In the business Natalia she started to Build a sales team my nice side income Of $3,800 a month which by the way Part-time sales not too shabby It went up to over $11,000 a month that School year so here my thoughts I’d rather get paid a percentage on an Army full of customers on my team than Just you know a hundred percent of my Own sales any day why it’s not because I Don’t work hard I work extremely hard I’ve had to work very hard to get to

Where I am today but I just don’t know That many people to sell to so for Example I don’t know hundreds of Thousands of people to sell the products To because I’ve hundreds of thousands of Customers if not more right so think of It this way what if there was a coffee Shop in the middle of the country Selling coffee all day long they could Only grow so much no matter how good the Coffee is but think about that large Popular coffee franchise that everybody Knows and loves they have one on every Corner and regardless at the small Little coffee shop beats the quality of The bigger coffee franchise the fact That that big franchise leverages Through their sales through multiple two Points a distribution and outpaces the Overall growth of that one little coffee Shop right Owning a direct selling business is like Pseudo franchising but the beauty is we Don’t have employees we don’t have large Overhead or Brick-and-mortar shops to maintain so That’s why I love the business its Scalable and it’s just simple and it’s Simply smart business my organization When you think about it are the billions Of dollars of sales that we do the Hundreds of thousands of consultants That we have and times that by many Probably the millions of orders that

We’ve taken over time it’s all built by A lot of people each doing a little bit So how do you balance team building and Creating a customer base here’s my Mantra its lead with the business but Default on the product so what does this Mean I share the business with the Intention to make first known the Opportunity behind the products but if Somebody’s not interested in the Opportunity in becoming a consultant or A distributor I then immediately share The value of the product and the Opportunity to become my VIP customer or Client and I always ask for referrals – Who do you know the business would be Great for who do you know the products Would be great for now I do recommend if You haven’t already taken it purchase my Recruiting masterclass it’s on Sarah Robbins calm you’ll take a quick Screenshot if you wanted this slides you Can see what to look for there’s two Classes Rock you’re recruiting which is The recruiting masterclass and supersize Your sales which is the one on selling I Would just say both hand in hand are the Perfect pair to complement just Everything you need to know really on How to build a successful business Recruiting helps you to leverage to Build a team and I basically teach you How I recruited three hundred people Personally and how we went on to build a

Team of over three hundred thousand now The selling course teaches you how to Get those people selling and selling Products because at the end of the day Nobody’s selling you’re not doing Anything doesn’t matter how many people Are on your team but truly these courses Are such a great way to build a very Very balanced business now I see that my Friend is on here today but I’m super Excited to share his quote with you our Joe knack if you understood residual Income you would walk through a brick Wall to get it you know I believe Creating a sales team sets you up for Long term success so here’s Customer sales create linear income I Want you to think about just that one Coffee shop you guys if you stop selling Or your customers stop ordering you’re Out of business right therefore you’re Always selling developing a large Organization or sales team and focusing On distribution distribution versus Personal sales I’m sorry let me just say This again because I mean mixing up my Words here developing a larger Organization or sales team and focusing On distribution versus only personal Sales creates residual income and it Gives you the opportunity to experience Leverage and the potential for Exponential growth focusing on multiple Points of sales versus just your own

Personal sales is key your personal Sales guys it comes as a result of Prospecting and sharing the business so Again my advice always is you lead with The business and then share the product Now I do want to give you some Perspective on building a balanced Business some people get so focused on Team building that they make a major Mistake they forget to offer the product Right somebody says no in the business And they’re moving on to the next person By the way I don’t really like when People say you know some well some won’t So what who’s next that next mentality Just feels yucky to me because it seems Like we don’t care but the reality is we Do care and there is opportunity outside Of just the opportunity don’t get so Focused on the opportunity that you Forget to share the product with people You guys our team sells millions of Dollars of product a month imagine if Every single person on your team who Talked to somebody about the opportunity When they said no they then said no Problem I’d love to have you as my best Customer can I share with you more about The product and then if your timing Changes we can easily upgrade you to Become a consultant your sales volume Would be even greater it will be Multiplied so imagine this let’s say That you’ve got a team of let’s just

Imagine that you’ve got a sales team Okay imagine if your average personal Sales was a hundred dollars a month so Let’s say everybody’s personal Consumption is a hundred bucks a month And I want you to just pretend you have A team of a thousand people okay so That’s a hundred thousand dollars of Sales a month everybody does or hundred Dollars but now let’s say that you each Built an additional customer base of Over three hundred bucks now you’re Averaging is to estimate four hundred Thousand dollars a month you quadruple Your sales and your check your impact And your influence don’t be sure that You’re not only personally using the Product and that your team is as well But make sure that each person is Developing a strong personal – customer Base – but offering the product to Prospects who say no to the business Gaining customers gifting the products And smart sampling – but again you can Share the business first and if people Are not interested Always always always share the product Never stop it no and of course remember Ask for referrals – who do you know who Do you know the business would be great For who do you know the product would be Great for – isn’t this good stuff give Me some hearts guys if you’re loving What you’re learning so far it’ll give

Me the energy to kind of get through These next couple points there all right So there are two different ways to be Sure to sprinkle in the business upfront And circling back around when I Personally prospect I share the Opportunity first I believe it is too Hard to shift gears to business when I Approach them first first sale You know most sales people don’t even Enjoy selling so I teach you how to Recruit and lead with the business on my Recruiting masterclass but if they Aren’t interested in the business I Immediately default to the product and Say no problem I’d love to have you try The products can I tell you more about Them so if somebody approaches me for The products I also lead with the Business you’re like what okay so here’s How I do that I honor they are ask and I’ll say something like I’d love to Share more about the products and I tell Them more but I’d be doing a disservice If I didn’t tell you about the way to Get the best discount on them can I tell You more about our wholesale pricing or Can I tell you more about our Distributor program I give them a Consultation for the product I make a Recommendation and I tell them basically This there’s two ways to buy a as a Customer and I share the benefits of her Preferred client program or B as a

Consultant and I share the deep Discounts and benefits associated Basically I said you know it’s only when You joined you get this amount off Upfront this amount off ongoing and you Know being a consultant helps you to Earn your products for free a little or Maybe even a lot of extra monies you Simply share your results with others Which way would you like to start There’s two ways to order which is more Enticing selling the benefits of the Business right so many of our top Leaders inquired about the products First and ended up becoming a consultant As a result of these conversations and Guess what guys many of them went on to Build a big business so you’ve heard me Talk about two people on our team Crystal archie and debbie coder they’re Two of our top leaders and Debbie Approached Krystal first because of the Before and after picture she posted on The product and Krystal honored her Askance a Debbie let me talk to you About the products let me make a Recommendation for you and then she Shifted gears and said but I’d be doing A disservice if I didn’t share with you The best way to get a discount and she Said you know I’m here’s a little bit More about her consultant program here’s More about the savings of that would you Like to take advantage of this program

And Debbie said yes and she went on to Build one of the strongest sales teams In our company Melissa King one of their Leaders also started first for the Benefits of joining the business our Wholesale pricing or distributor Discounts She was added to a Facebook page shirt It’s seen with success stories and said Man this is you know too good not to try And she ended up joining and she’s Actually positioned by the way she’s Built an incredible team one of the top Teams guys to always share the benefits Of the business as well and again if They aren’t interested always ask ask For them to be your VIP customer now the Other way to bring the opportunity Around is on the back end so maybe You’re thinking Sarah I’ve got this Large customer base I wish I would have Known how to do this upfront sooner is It too late no you can always circle Back around and bring it the opportunity In your follow up so during your monthly Follow up ask them how they’re loving Their product And say you know I’m not sure if I Mentioned this before but as a Distributor of the product I get them at A great discount can I tell you more About this program so you can get your Best savings guys it’s such a great way To convert customers to consultants

After all they do make your best brand Ambassadors it could be your largest Producing leaders as you can see Customers guys are king so make sure That you teach your team on how to build A killer customer base it’s so very Important guys I just want to encourage You again and I wanted to share this With you guys today we finished up our Selling for direct selling master class And it was incredible it’s called Supersize your sales and the feedback With 100% positive so we actually Decided to offer a few more sessions on Demand if you want training to ours Specifically on how to build a customer Base and keep them for the long term you Can actually for the short term purchase It now on my website take a picture of This you know what to look for at Sarah Robbins comm but basically we teach you Secrets to supersize your sales and Network marketing ideas and language on How to acquire more customers strategy And how to keep your customers buying For the long term and really how to Replicate these strategies with your Team to build a superstar sales Organization and as a bonus I actually Teach you expert strategy and how to Convert your customers to become some of Your best business partners in business And so I do hope really that it helps You guys to rock your network marketing

Business so tell me guys what are your Takeaways from today and what questions Do you have as well I would love to hear And make sure that you share this with Your team remember Customers are king you treat them like Royalty they will give you loyalty they Are essential for building right now Income right seeing immediate results Immediate instant gratification for your New customers or your new consultants to Build their belief in the beginning but For a solid sustainable long term Organization leaders hear this it’s Essential that you are teaching this to Your team all right guys I want to thank You guys so much again for How all the ways that you helped me in Creating awareness around our audiobook Launch this weekend it’s absolutely Incredible Um again as a thank you you I want to Just remind you that if you purchase any Version of our book this weekend Kindle Audible or just a good old hard copy we Are going to give you three free gifts Just my way of saying thanks for helping Us rock the book launch and I do hope it Helps you rock your network marketing Business just email a copy of your Receipt or your audio or I’m sorry or Your order number to rock the audio at Gmail.com that’s Rock the audio Gmail.com all one word guys I hope this

Free training helps you rock your Network marketing business and I hope to See you get back here tomorrow for Another free prospecting tip of the day That’s all I got for now I hope you have A great day God bless goodbye for now and rock on Rock stars love you guys

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