June 2, 2023

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Check out our NEW power presenting class, here: https://sarahrobbins.com/store/power-up-your-presenting-webinar/Well hey they're rock stars Sara Rock And Robbins here coming to you live for Another prospecting tip of the day so Glad to be with you guys today As we get…

Check out our NEW power presenting class, here:

Well hey they’re rock stars Sara Rock And Robbins here coming to you live for Another prospecting tip of the day so Glad to be with you guys today As we get started let’s go ahead and get Acquainted if you don’t mind saying Hello in the comments below tell me a Little bit about who you are where You’re tuning in from and of course if It is your first time watching click Number one in the comments because I Would love to warmly welcome you and Don’t forget the more on your team who Know the greater your business will grow So be sure to click the share button you Can share this live video to your team Groups or pages to have a virtual Viewing party send it to the inbox of a Friend or tag them below and remember if You share you get a chance for a Shout-out as well I want to thank you Guys for being here today As you say hi I’d love to introduce Myself to all of our newbies here and Wait for some people to populate in so Who am i I am Sarah Robbins I’m a former Teacher turned network marketing top Leader I personally sponsored over 300 in my Business to build a sales team of over 300 thousand distributors we serve Millions of customers and in fact our Team did over a billion dollars in sales Just for a year which is super powerful

I went on to share all of my tips in my Best-selling book rock your network Marketing business who’s got it shout it Out you can get it on Kindle hard copy As welcome gifts for your team members Or now on audiobook read in my voice and When you purchase your copy of choice Just email rock the audio at gmail.com And I will send you 3 free gifts I also Have some great resources on my site at Sarah Robbins com that’s how you spell Here Sarah with an H Robbins with two V’s comm I’ve got my audio series which Is my entire system for network Marketing success and my new one for Leaders the master class you guys will Notice too that on that side is we’re Waiting for people to populate in I’ve Got some great classes two hours worth Of training I’ve got one great Um it’s called rock your recruiting it’s A two-hour masterclass on how I Recruited over 300 people into my Company ideas language so much more you Want to know how we did a billion Dollars in sales they have one that Specifically just Unseld entire sales And if you want to know how he did the Majority of it online I have a training Specifically on social media it’s called Social media that sells all of what you Can find on my site but who’s registered For October 18th that’s the big one That’s coming up it’s called power

Presenting it is going to be live but if You can’t make it live still register Because there’s going to be a great Replay on demand um and we’re gonna be Talking about presenting not in the Aspect of Toastmasters class and how to Talk and present yourself perfectly We’re gonna talk about how to present Yourself powerfully your story your Company story we’re gonna talk about Live events we’re gonna talk about Virtual events we’re gonna be talking About the three-way call which we talked About yesterday how one of my team Members was able to build a six-figure Income in an hour a day her first year Simply with three-way calls so powerful If you don’t watch yesterday’s training Make sure you do but we’re gonna be Talking about that too it is going to Totally totally Rock so who’s going I Hope you guys are gonna be there it’s Going to be an incredible time together If you’re serious about your business do It right um I always tell people when People are like I can’t afford to I’m Like you can’t afford that – what is Your why worth right we’ve got to invest In our success alright so today I’m Going to be sharing a very short talk With you this is a real simple and short Yet I believe will be one of the most Valuable tips that you get on presenting Today here’s the thing you know

Sometimes we over complicate this Business so much so much so that at the End of this you’re gonna be like that’s It like that’s why you got like that’s So simple here’s the thing you want to Know why our team has ruined big and why It’s grown really really fast it’s Because we keep things simple I never Forget my mentors back in the day saying Keep it so simple that a five-year-old Can do it because otherwise you know if You have to be perfect to do it your Team’s not gonna go anywhere there’s Very few people that are perfect oh wait There’s none oh yeah that’s right right With all different talents we all have Different skill sets you want to keep This business so simple for people that They feel empowered and Really at the end of the day right it’s All about activity okay so perfectionism Equals procrastination write that down Progress perfectionism equals Procrastination if you’re like I have to Be like Sarah Robbins to do this Business keep in mind I’ve been doing This for 11 years I’ve been talking a Lot I know my stuff I love what this Stone says co-founder of Twitter timing Perseverance and ten years of trying Eventually it makes you look like an Overnight success People are like Sarah what is your Secret I’m like man I failed forward for

About 11 years I’m starting to finally Figure some things out and once I do Then I’m like wait a minute Facebook Live all this new stuff like what’s Going on you got to be a student of the Profession guys okay so today’s tip it’s Simple it’s short but it’s super super Valuable and it’s called this take note Take note so when we make things so Difficult for our team members what do They do they freeze because of fear Right they’ll say when we say okay well You know you should do a business Presentation or a business launch to Kick your business off strong because I’m overwhelmed they’re like you know What I’m not gonna do it at all or if They do plan it then the day it gets Here they’re like just kidding I’m going To you know just totally back out of This and just tell all my friends and Family members that I was just kidding Right it’s because they don’t feel Empowered and by the way I hope you’re Not asking people like permission like Would you like to schedule a business Launch event no it’s not will you like When they joined you they joined you Because they said they wanted to be Successful so I don’t ask people do you Want to all say the next step is Scheduling your business launch we’re Not a party planning company but I Believe you need to get the word out to

Your friends and family plus imagine This success you can have in an hour’s Worth of time and talk to ten twenty Thirty people all at once but again they Don’t want to do it because they’re Overwhelmed so I’ll say pick a date Let’s get invitations out we’re gonna Worry about all the details later okay And here’s the thing this is my Philosophy with presenting I tell people I’ll do the first we’ll do the second One so maybe I’ll cover business they Cover product you do the third I do we Do you do then they’re empowered right To lead okay so here’s a tip that I Think makes virtual events easier and Live events so much easy Take note first and foremost when I do Virtual presentations when I do live Events you may never know that I always Have notes on the back of my products I Literally take a magic marker you don’t Want to do this you take a sticky note And you put it on the back of your Product I’ve been doing this 11 years I’m not an ingredients girl I don’t even Talk about ingredients anyways by the Way it just talked about I tell stories Like hey this is this and this is what It did for my cousin so-and-so and this Is what I did for my skin now if I have Live stories in the room I have people Share facts tell stories Sal as network Marketing professionals we are paid

Storytellers when I’m holding it up and I’ve got to cover the product name by The way because um you’re not all in my Company I want to respect that but also For compliance reasons for me um so I Wouldn’t hold it up like this if I was Doing an event clearly I’m just doing This out of respect for all of you right Now as I’m training you um when I hold This stop and when I’m talking to it Really be holding it down here like you Know graciously and daintily but when I’m holding it up and I’m doing a Virtual event let’s say I’m reading the Notes and I’m looking and I’m making Kind taut eye contact from time to time I could even hold it down here to next To where the camera is and I’ve got Bullet pointed I’m just some of the Features and benefits specifically some Of the places has been featured and just Some of the things that causes it to Stand out as I’m reading all of these Things you don’t even know that I’ve got Notes to support me to make me feel Empowered but also to make sure I hit All of the high points and to keep me on Track so my first tip is take notes Literally take notes on the battle take Notes on the things that you’re holding Up put it on a sticky right at a magic Marker to keep yourself on track see Simple short yeah it’s so so powerful Right guys so here’s the cool thing I’m

Sharing whether it’s a live event or Virtual I’ve got a few bullet points of Things that I want to save places it’s Been featured whatever the case may be And then I’m asking for validating Stories like on a virtual hey who’s try This go ahead and comment below what Your results are and it creates social Proof right yesterday we talked about Third-party validation and if I’m at a Live event who Customers who use this whose uses Personally what results are you guys Getting and again it provides Third-party validation and social proof So again keep it so simple that a Kindergartner kindergarten teacher can Do it okay keep it simple seems to have Worked for me okay you mean feel like This is the dumbest tip ever but guess What Did your team do a billion dollars and Sales if not take note take note Okay I’m just being funny with you guys All right the second thing is guys note Cards take note guys if you don’t think That you can’t walk up and just have an O Carter to like come on guys do you Know you actually empower more people When they Sydney audience and they say Man she’s not perfect she doesn’t have It all together I can do what she does But if you’re going and spouting off all Of the scientific information and all of

These clinical studies and this happen The other you’re gonna have a gal like Me sitting in the audience saying I Don’t even want to ask her about what She does because this is not even of Interest it’s not a value and quite Frankly it’s super overwhelming that’s Why I believe in telling a lot of Stories facts tell stories so I keep all Of the facts for when people ask me Questions like what are the ingredients You know what I’ll say to you you can Ask me this about my product I’ll say Let’s pull up the website I don’t have All the ingredients memorized let’s pull Up the website and that’s it does it Have this ingredient I don’t know are You allergic like let’s go ahead and Let’s pull it up Everything’s on our website that’s what I love about the support that the Company provides right leveraging the Tools that you have in place but here’s A thing with the note cards guys this is Why I like to have stories and if you Don’t have stories in the room have some Video clips that you can showcase of Product stories or business stories or Whatever so what I’ll do is I’ll kind of Segment it and presentation my Presentation I’ll open up I’ll welcome I’ll share my why and then I’ll Transition a little bit into the Business and and more about our company

And then I’ll have some people come up And tell stories or I’ll play some Videos right and then at that point I Can go and sit down I can look at my Note card and see what’s next That’s gonna empower me for the next Step of the presentation I could set it Down and I still go up without my notes And no okay you know what next I’m gonna Talk about products I’m gonna tell my Personal product story Then I’m gonna do an overview of all the Products and now I’m gonna have some People come up and tell their product Story right and then I’m gonna sit back Down on my chair quickly look at my note Card and say okay next up we’re gonna Conquer the clothes I’m gonna train more About that on these specifics of how to Do an actual presentation and how to Close guys the biggest mistake I see People make the biggest mistake is they Don’t know how to close events you know What happens it’s so awkward at the end Everybody’s like they came to support You so they want to order something some People who want to join your team but They’re too scared to tell you and you Guys are too scared to ask and you have Not if you ask not so you’ve got to get Your ass in gear ask I said with a K Okay so you have the opportunity to Really close out these events powerfully And increase your conversion rate we’re

Going to talk more about that on October 18th isn’t as simple guys it’s simple It’s short but it’s super super powerful I believe one of your most valuable tips I’m presenting is to keep it simple so Your team will replicate and so you Don’t get so stuck and perfectionism That you end up in a place where you’re Procrastinating doing the things that You know are going to actually build Your business leaders you need to teach This to your team don’t make them feel They have to be perfect or your team is Never gonna grow you might be like she’s Wrong but again do you have proof of That in your business what are your Numbers are you seeing growth okay Alright so with that I want to hear your Takeaways what did you learn make sure You guys share this on your team pages Or with a friend and then of course I Want to invite you personally on October 18th to power presenting you can go to My website at Sarah Robbins comm and Sign up we’re going to be teaching about How to package your personal story how To package your company’s story how to Share it over casual settings like Coffees and events how to do it more Professional settings like meetings you Know and different things that you might Do with your team virtual events guys Are huge I can’t speak of them more Enough and here’s the big thing guys how

To do three-way calls if you’re not Doing them I’m telling you what you will Never see the duplication that you are Expecting that you are hoping for guys It is something you must learn if you Want to be a network mark Professional and that really is my hope And my desire for all of you so Who am I Gonna see there I hope to see you there If not sooner Like tomorrow guys for another free Prospecting tip of the day here on Facebook all right guys go ahead and Share your takeaways I want to just Share with you my thanks thanks for Letting me share with you guys today I Hope you got some great value Take note keep it simple have a great Day guys god bless and good bye for now And rock on rock stars love you guys

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