June 2, 2023

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You're Invited! My next live training mastermind: "CONQUER THE CLOSE!" Are you ready to CRUSH YOUR CONVERSIONS, CRACK COMMON OBJECTIONS, and CONQUER THE CLOSE--to get more customers + consultants in your network marketing business?! Get ready! Learn more and register…

You’re Invited! My next live training mastermind: ”CONQUER THE CLOSE!”

Are you ready to CRUSH YOUR CONVERSIONS, CRACK COMMON OBJECTIONS, and CONQUER THE CLOSE–to get more customers + consultants in your network marketing business?! Get ready!

Learn more and register now:


Well hey they’re rock stars Sara Rock And Robin’s here coming to live for Another free prospecting tip of the day As we get started let’s go ahead and get Acquainted if you don’t mind Shout out below who you are where you’re Tuning in from and remember if it is Your first time watching whether live or Replay type in a number one so I can Warmly welcome you and don’t forget guys You can share this on your team pages You can share it in the inbox with a Friend because remember as always the More who know the greater your team will Grow so do a little virtual viewing Party with you team and when you share You do get a chance for a shout out for Me too as you’re introducing yourself I Would love to introduce myself so Who am I I am Sarah Robbins I’m a former Kindergarten teacher and I’m one of Network marketing top elite top leaders I am also the author of the best-selling Book rock your network marketing Business you can find bulk deals on my Site as gifts for your team these make Great holiday gifts by the way at Sarah Robbins dot-com the more you purchase The greater the discount by the way it’s Super cheap to some of these media males So this really would be an easy wrap Them ship them off right inside you rock Or thanks for being one of my rock stars Or thanks for a great year sign it off

To send it there you go now for your own Individual copies maybe you want a Little Kindle or audio read by me you Can get that on Amazon and when you do Email your receipt to Rock the audio at Gmail.com For three free gifts from me um also of Course be aware there’s more great Resources on my site at Sarah Robbins Com some being my rock star recruiting School my whole system for network Marketing success you can get on CD or Mp3 thanks Candice for sharing or the Master class which is my advanced Training for a leader as well and some Really cool courses as well so if you Need like specialized training and Recruiting I recruited 300 people There’s a masterclass on that on my Website you want training on how to Build your business all online Those leads came online I teach you how To do it in my social media class you Want to know how to rock yourselves We’ve bent over a billion dollars in Sales and a year as a team That’s our supersizer sales webinar you Want to know how to present this and Sure we’ve got power presenting but the One that I’m most excited about which Leads me to our training today on November 1st that’s right this Thursday We are doing our conquer the closed Webinar now by the way who is registered

It is going to totally rock this webinar We are actually going to be laying out All common objections that we hear as to Why people may not be buying your Product or joining your team and I’m Going to teach you how I’m gonna give You specific language on how to crush Common objections and how to conquer the Clothes specifically how to ask for the Order or assume the enrollment and guys Guaranteed this is going to help to rock Your network marketing business you want To finish out that you’re strong and of Course have a fresh new start in the uni New year this webinar is for you you can Register now on my site and when you Click on Sarah Robbins com go to the Store look for conquer the clothes if You can’t make it live don’t worry I’m Gonna give you an unlimited replay and All companies are welcome it is gonna be Awesome know if you guys haven’t noticed A theme over the past few days we’ve Been talking a lot about closing and During each one of these I’ve been Really inviting you all and I’ve been Saying okay what are the common Objections you’re facing and I have Promised to answer them on the November 1st class the master class conquer the Clothes and so I got a lot from you guys And I think we’re gonna be like talking About like I mean well over I mean I Mean my slide is it’s a really decent

Presentation we’re covering a lot of Content let’s just say that before I put A number on it so I want to make sure That I’m accurate but one of the most Common objections that I saw was I don’t Have the money to start the business and We’re going to talk about money to buy The product product in that webinar but Specifically I think the most common one That I saw was I don’t have the money to Start the business so again we’re gonna Be covering tons of interjections but I Just wanted to kind of hone in on the When today especially since it’s end of Month and of course end of year you have The opportunity to opportunity to really Close your business your month your year Really really strong so what do you say When you get that objection what do you Say when somebody says you know what I Want to do the business but I really Don’t have the money to get started now First and foremost I just want to kind Of kind of unravel this a little bit Okay so here’s the thing I don’t know What it costs to get started in your Company but let’s just say it’s a couple Hundred dollars the question is is does That person really not have the money Now that sometimes the answer is yes but Sometimes the answer is we haven’t built The value yet because they wanted to Find a couple hundred bucks for a plane Ticket a concert ticket whatever the

Case may be they could do it so the Question is can they or can they not Afford it right sometimes it’s no but Sometimes it’s yes and we haven’t built The value yet that’s why it’s important That I think we get good at closing we Get good at uncovering hidden objections Which we’re gonna cover in the webinar On November 1st which is Thursday but Sometimes it really is right I don’t Have the money I don’t have the money to Get started so teach you how to uncover The hidden objections on that class but Today let’s say the case the scenario Really is I don’t have the money to get Started now first and foremost the thing That I think we don’t do with a prospect Is we talk them down we make them feel Dumb by getting on the defense right we Don’t want to get on the defense with People and start defending our point and Saying well gosh you know it is the best Value and this and that and whatever and We don’t make them feel hurt it’s really Important that we validate that we’re Saying hey I hear you I get that I Understand how you feel hey I felt the Same way when I got served but here’s What I learned here’s what I found out Right and we really validate the way That they’re feeling through the feel Felt thumb I get how you feel my Business partner felt the same way but Here’s what she found out her here’s

What she Did and we totally validate the concern So you know letting them know I Appreciate that I can totally understand That but say because money is tight this Is all the more reason to join us I want To help you have a debt-free holiday I Want to help you to eliminate and Alleviate some of that stress what if I Could teach you a simple way to earn Your return on investment back and your First full month or your first 90 days I Am committed to help you get off to a Strong start that’s a minimal goal that I have with anybody that I work with so I’m going to say that again Hey I can appreciate that I get that and Because money is tight it’s all the more Reason to start knowing I want to help You to have a debt-free holiday what if I could teach you a simple way to earn The money back within your first full Month or your first full 90 days I’m Really help I’m really committed to help You get off to a strong start That’s a minimal goal return on Investment that’s a minimal goal for Anybody that I work with now that will Really separate who has the money but You haven’t painted the value yet right With the people who say no I still I Really like I don’t even know how that’s Possible I truly can’t afford it now Here’s the thing that I think is

Critical in this piece you guys you need To know you need to understand how to Actually show them how they can earn the Return on investment back if you can’t Confidently do that then how can you Make that promise right so you know you Need to understand through your bonus Programs that your company may offer Every company’s different or through you Know whether it’s a fast start whatever The case may be or through your Commissions you need to be able to say X Amount of customers helps you to earn X Amount whatever the investment is X Amount of enrollments through our Bonuses helps you to earn X Amount this is how you could do with Your customer sales this is how you Could do it through team building you Can earn blank when you blink you can Earn X amount which is the amount it Cost to to start at a minimum when you Blink when you sell this much product When these amount of people join your Team you need to be able to credibly tot Show them how to earn the return on Investments if you don’t know how to do That it’s important that you get with an Upline it’s important that you look at Your compensation plan it’s important That you print off your bonus documents Etc anything that you have for your Company that can illustrate how they can Earn that amount of money back you can

Earn blink when you blink okay so if They say yeah you know what if you teach Me away fine then I’m happy to try it I’m happy to do it show me how I can Earn it back the first month or show me How you can earn it back the first 90 Days but if they still say I just don’t Have the initial amount to front it Here’s some ideas for them I tell them No problem I would love for you to save Up so we can help you to get off to a Strong start because I think it’s Important for them to do a successful Launch event for them to have products To sample showcase share that they have The items right readily available at Their hands so where there’s a will ders Away right and I always tell people They’re willing to have to be greater Than they’re wanting to here’s what I Don’t do yeah let me buy your kit for You no because who does that serve Nobody right if somebody is that Interested it’s just like traditional Business guys if I wanted to start a Business I’d have to find a way to Crowdsource to fundraise to get a loan To earn the money myself this business Is no different if you have to drag People to get started I have news for You you’re gonna drag them through the Finish line to teach them how to be Self-sufficient teach them ways that They can earn the money back so here’s

Three ideas if they say I can’t afford It I’ll say no problem let’s partner Together here are some ways that you can Fundraise or not fundraise but really Raise the money that you need to earn You Or investment okay up front to help you To get started so the first way is have You ever thought about doing a launch Event with them or they could pre-cell Items that would come and their Distributor package so meaning they host An event they’re not yet a distributor They haven’t has yet signed up but maybe They do an event with you and they can Pre-sell sit take some kind of Pre-orders of the items that would come In their distributor package right they Save up the money they collect the money And they let people know hey once my kit Comes once my product comes I’m gonna go Ahead and I’m gonna deliver the product To you now that may or may not apply to Your business depending on what business That you’re in the second thing that They could do is they could borrow the Money from somebody right you’re not Funding it you’re not a bank right but They could borrow the money from Somebody who is trusted and then if you Show them away through the bonuses that They can earn it back that’s another way And again I would go through all of These options these three options and

Say do any of these make sense for you The third way is they could just Flat-out save up which shows that They’re ready to join you guys I’ve had People who joined me who said you know What I’m on it I’m gonna earn the money And they did odd jobs they sold items From their home on Craigslist or Ebay And they did everything that they could I had people like back in the day who Were like selling gold to visor You know when you back in the day when You were like out selling gold and all These things to buy their enrollment Kits Here’s the thing if there is that Interested if there’s that committed They’re gonna go out and they’re gonna Find a way they will make a way where There’s a will there’s a way and if They’re willing to work that hard to get Started in the business then they’re Willing to work in that hard throughout The duration of the business and that’s Somebody who I think is really worth Investing your time in so what if it Doesn’t happen the day you want them to Enroll so what if they come back 90 days Later it shows you that they are super Committed and if they’re willing to do The hard work upfront don’t you think Those are gonna be the people who are Willing to work the business and go the Distance long-term as well I always say

Again we’re there So will ders away but they’re willing to Has to be greater than you they’re Wanting to so remember validate the Concerns of your prospect hey I get how You feel here’s what I found out ask Them if I can teach you away how to earn It back during your first 30 days or During your first 90 days would that Help and if so you need to be prepared To show them back it up guys know your Information you can earn blank when you Blink you can earn X amount when you do This when you bring on this amount of Customers or this amount of distributors And then tell them I’m gonna help you to Do a launch event that’s how you’re Gonna get them I’m gonna help you to Work through your list and if they still Say no like hey it doesn’t matter if you Show me how I just don’t have the money You say let’s look at options of how we Can earn it upfront can we do an event Pre sell some things then purchase your Distributor package and get that product To people can you borrow it and then of Course pay it back if we earn it back Through the bonuses within the first 90 Days again you’re telling I would teach You how I’m not doing it for you but I’m Gonna teach you how they have to be a Cop accountable the third thing is is You don’t have money let’s say that Here’s some ideas you have some

Household items you can sell some odd Jobs that you can do like let’s talk About some different ideas brainstorm With them and let’s put you know a kind Of a gold date on the calendar for when You’re gonna get enrolled so they have a Deadline that if something that they’re Working toward and this shows that they Are ready and it really separates those Who dream of doing the business from Those who are going to actually do the Business in the long term as well guys I Can’t even tell you this is literally it Is one of your final days tomorrow is The Conqueror the closed class and if You are missing out we’re gonna go Through doodles and oodles of objections And how to conquer them and if you are In network marketing and you are serious About the business you are missing out If you don’t register for that class if You’re wondering why I’m talking to a Lot of people and nobody’s joining me I’m not having me the amount of success That I want to see in terms of people Buying the product or joining my team You need to be on that class tomorrow Now what is your why worth go to Sarah Robbins calm now click on the store Just conquer the clothes and join me Tomorrow night you can’t make it live We’re gonna do the replay we’re gonna go Through tons of common objections I’m Gonna give you incredible closing

Language that’s going to help you take Your business to the next level I truly Hope that I’m gonna see you guys there You won’t see me here tomorrow for Another tip of the day because I’m gonna Be preparing for what is going to be one Of the best master classes that we have Delivered in all time if you bet on my Classes before you know that they will Not disappoint all right guys who am I Gonna see there and tell me sure your Takeaways in the comments below what did You learn don’t forget you can share This common objection and how to crush It with your team today by clicking the Share button post it on your team pages Or an inbox as well I hope to see you Guys tonight or tomorrow night on Conquer the clothes with that I hope you Guys have a great day God bless goodbye for now and rock on Rock stars we’ll see you soon

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