June 2, 2023

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”LIKE” today’s training?
Then you’ll LOVE my CONQUER THE CLOSE MASTERCLASS, available at an introductory price, for a limited time: https://sarahrobbins.com/store/conquer-the-close-webinar/

Are you ready to CONQUER THE CLOSE, CRACK OBJECTIONS, and CRUSH YOUR CONVERSION of new customers + consultants? Get ready!

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Well hey they’re rock stars Sara Rock and Robin’s here coming to Live for another prospecting tip of chin Challenge of the day as we get started Let’s go ahead and get acquainted if you Don’t mind give me a quick shout out Below tell me who you are and where You’re tuning in from and if it is your First time watching please click at Number one in the comment because I Would love to warmly welcome you and Don’t forget guys you can share this Right now by clicking the share button And share it on a team page for a Virtual viewing party or in the inbox of A friend remember this guy’s as always The more who know the greater your team Will grow and as you’re introducing Yourself I’m gonna quickly introduce Myself for first-time viewers today Who Am I I am Sarah Robbins a former kindergarten Teacher turned one of network marketing Is very top leaders I personally sponsored over 300 people Into my company built a team of over Three hundred thousand we did over a Billion dollars in sales just in a year And I do share all of my best practices Here as well as in my best-selling book You can find that Amazon Rock your Network marketing business you can get Hard copy Kindle or audio read by me Make your car a rolling university and

By the way shout out to Ricky Ricky um I Reposted he gave me a shout-out on Instagram I reposted it out to my Community has been gifting these for his Rock stars writing inside you rock Giving him is welcome gifts or gifts for Promotion I think it’s a super awesome Idea who’s got some great resources on There as well when you click on the Store at Sarah Robbins comm our audio Series my system for network marketing Success the rocks are recruiting school And a master class addition which is Advanced training CD mp3 tons of master Questions to one that I’m going to be Talking today is conquering the clothes Fact if you go to Sarah Robbins calm now Click on the store somebody post a link For it I did a two hour master class on How to conquer the clothes and crush Common objections you name the objection I teach you how to crush it and to bring On board new customers and business Partners with ease it is They’re being offered right now two Introductory prices scoop it up it’s a Really good one but today I’m going to Talk to you about how to conquer the Clothes and make the most of month and Magic month and momentum in your Business or whether you’re closing out The month or the week depending on how You get paid or you just really want to Know how to create a sense of urgency to

Get people off the fence and into your Network marketing business this training Is for you today Thank You Candace for Sharing and for everybody else who’s Sharing on their team pages right now as Well you guys Rock So how many of you struggle with Conquering the clothes assuming the sale I always tell people you have not if you Ask not so get your ass in here but Today I really want to focus in on the Follow up if you’ve watched me for any Length of time you’ve heard me say time And time over again that the fortune Truly is in the follow up its sales Training 101 guys that as you know it Takes most people many exposures before They say yes to your product or your Opportunity no matter how good you are And no matter how good the opportunity Or the product is that’s just human Nature right you know you can write this Down your business is your priority it’s Not there so if you don’t hear back from People right when you’re thinking oh my Gosh is something wrong with me and it’s Not personal rejection it’s personal Preference a lot of times two people are Just busy they get sidetracked whatever The case may be it’s not priority right Their priority until you get a yes so The 21st is a big day for us and our Company because that’s when all of our Autoships process we kind of start to

See where it volume and titles are so we Start thinking about gosh there’s you Know a good week left a good quarter of The month or left or more in every Amount of doctor the 21st where we can Really kind of lock down and look at our Goals and start reaching back out to People so it is a really good time Regardless of if you have auto ships are Not depending any company it is a good Time to really teach your team when They’ve got that final week to finish Strong so month much can happen in a Short period of time when you’re focused On results right versus leading tell Them Very last minute okay hold on here okay So it’s a good kind of thing – it’s a Good best practice to really teach your Team as well to be spending that less Part of the month to finish the month Strong so today we’re gonna be talking About the fortune is in the follow up And really how to comfort the clothes as Well sometimes it takes people multiple Exposures that again the new year is Actually a really perfect time to Revisit everybody on your list people Are still in resolution mode and keep in Mind they look younger they want to live Better in network marketing we provide The solution to many common resolutions Plus your commitment level it’s changed Right you are like game on ready to 10x

Your business you’ve got the excitement Momentum a lot of exciting things happen In the company as well so today’s Challenge it’s to actually reach out to People that maybe you haven’t heard back From yet people you spoke with recently Or in the past maybe even people who Said no before because no doesn’t mean No forever guys it might mean I don’t Know enough or no just not now That’s best tonight I’m doing the Virtual event with my mom and my sister Both are highly successful in network Marketing my youngest sister story is Quite unique if she told me no for 10 Years she saw my mom’s success a Seven-figure earner network marketing She saw mine as well and said no for the Longest time but you know people’s Y’s Evolve with time are why it involves With time so you know what changed Things for her was when she got pregnant With her son and she was like me and I Want to do for my own son Sarah what You’ve done for yours or what I’ve done For so many other children as a teacher And her timing changed therefore she Ended up joining so keep in mind the Fortune is in the follow up not just With people who haven’t responded yet or For people who have said you know give Me some time to think but also for People who said no to it the past that’s Why you never take people off of my list

So today I want you to reach out to as Many people as you can but with a Minimum of three people who’s gonna take The challenge I’m going to tell you what To say but basically say something you Know get youth the New Year’s a good Excuse to revisit Hey there I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year or see you know how the Year is treating you so far if you’ve Gotten off to a great start you know I’m Not sure if you’ve been thinking about The business at all lately but I sure Have been thinking about you guys people Want to be wanted that’s human nature And this is where you can personalize a Conversation and tell them why why do You think they would be great at the Business why do you think that the Products would be an awesome fit and Then say you know it’s a perfect time of Year to take another look at the Products or a perfect time to take Another look at the opportunity because So many exciting things are happening This year and this is your chance to Personalize a conversation and talk About what’s new and excited what has Recently launched from a business Perspective or from a product Perspective or what has changed since You last spoke and then ask ask for Their time could I grab a few minutes of Your time between now and the weekend to

Bring you up to speed I love to meet you And treat you for coffee and you can Meet them in coffee for a person or Virtual coffee send them a little Starbucks card or start through some Bucks through a virtual face-to-face at FaceTime Skype assume whatever the case May be and just say you know I’d love to Tell you why I’m excited and if it’s not For you right now I totally understand you love to just Tell you more pick your brain a bit and Just get ideas of how to grow this this Year because I’m so committed to 10x my Business it’s why I’m contacting you and Then just say you know with nothing else Let’s just catch up what does your Schedule look like this week now you can Listen to this language again and again And listen to the video listen to the Audio replay but basically you know find A connection and you know reconnect a Happy new year let’s catch up I’m not Sure if you’ve been thinking at all About the business or products lately But I sure have been thinking about you There’s never been a better time to take Another look here’s why here’s what’s New and exciting could I grab a few Minutes of your time this week could I Treat you to some coffee or a little Coffee ecard in exchange for your time Cuz hey if you’re not interested I would Still love to pick your brain because

I’m more committed To my business than ever before and I Value I would value your opinion and Here’s a cool thing guys if they say yes You now have a captive audience right You have somebody that you can sit down With and share your wife why you joined Your what what you’re doing and your who Who you’re looking for people to try the Products and get great results in people To join your fun and facts growing team To get them at the best discount and Maybe earn them for free or a little or A lot of extra money as they share their Results with other people right I say For our company right you wash your face You tell other people about it you come Up with the tagline for yours but my Challenge for you today is to reach out That was three people with this language People who said you know in the past or People who are just you know not right Now I’ll think about it I’ll get back to You and keep going until you get at Least one response now who’s committed To doing that I do have a bonus tip for You so I’m gonna give you the bonus tip Okay that I really believe is going to Be helpful Thank You Lorena for sharing On your team page and thank you Everybody else who’s sharing that I Might have missed as well make sure that I get Thank you for all the great comments by

The way so if you’re committed to taking The challenge of reaching up to 3 by Following up comment below I’m in and I Want you to keep going until you get a Response now here’s a bonus tip you know On big brands offer things like if it Purchased if within Rome or giveth her Just you know from time to time again Big beauty brands laughs Lauder Lancome honey right and they’re doing This strategically it’s part of their Marketing dollars or marketing budget if Big brands do it look you’re the CEO of Your own pseudo franchise right you’re The CEO of your own company is an Independent contractor so we want you to Be thinking about if they’re reinvesting In their brand why should you not Reinvest in yours sometimes it helps to Come up with your own gift with purchase Or clicks with enrollment end-of-month Right it’s a good time to just kind of Create that urgency and conquer the Clothes to crush the clothes and teach Your team to do the same – sometimes I’ll do enrollment offers for my team And a month as well so sometimes it Helps to offer a get the purchase or Gift with enrollment and it could be you Know a product that you have running Around it could be some sort of like Cashback is like a rebate it could be an Amazon gift card right or a Starbucks Gift card just something that you can

Throw in as a thank-you and here’s what I like to do I like to do three things Number one I email it out I always email it out to my prospects Current and previous again I never take Anybody off my list I’ve ever spoken to Them about my business they’re still on My list I send it to my customers Because you know their timing might Change they want to be you know joining The business or purchase more product Whatever I email it out to my friends And my family the first thing I do is That you mail it out to my lips the Second thing no email open rates on Average or 20% on a good email most in The amount 10% okay so not everybody’s Gonna open your email so don’t rely on Emails the second gonna do is I post it Out and hope they didn’t see the email Hopefully they’ll see the post I’ll do It on Instagram an Instagram story is Facebook and Facebook stories by the way My social media summit of 2018 you can Find on my site at Sarah rom-com Is my most watched training of the Entire year last year due to hours of Coaching and how to build a big business Online but I I post it okay and then the Last thing that I do now gay again Facebook all algorithms have changed It’s a small percentage of people who Actually see it interact Especially with a promotional host in

Your newsfeed that’s why you need to Take that class to understand how to Make it a non-promotional post to still Get engagement but the third thing that I do and this is the most effective Thing guys the most effective so tune in Right now whatever you’re doing tune it It’s following up the fortune is in the Follow up your email in your posts is an Excuse to pick up the phone and say it I’m giving you language right now so Write it down hey so-and-so is a Courtesy to you I wanted to be sure that You’ve got my email today or I wanted to Be sure that you saw my post there’s Never been a better time to purchase the Product here’s why share the awesome and Then you can say you know earlier you Mentioned interest in the product so That’s why thought of you would you like To take advantage of the offer today Guys you have to assume the sale you Have to ask you haven’t not if you ask Not to get your ass in here okay if it’s Enrollment hey it’s a courtesy to in Reaching out earlier you express Interest in the business there’s never Been a better time to join here’s why I’ve got special offer always create Urgency goes from now till the end of The month or till the end of the week or Through the weekend only make a time Bomb so creates urgency and say you know I wanted to share it with you tell them

What it is and say would you like to Take advantage of this offer and get Enrolled by the end of the weekend ask Right people want to be wanted so email It out post that out personally follow Up with anybody who’s ever expressed Interest as a courtesy to you I wanted To be sure you saw our author that goes From now till the end of the month it’s A perfect time to join the perfect time To buy here’s what it is would you like To take advantage of it Guys these Tips will help you to crush your month And clothes Conquer the clothes and new business Partners and new customers to your Business as well did you guys enjoy it Here’s what I wanted us to do I want you To share your takeaways what did you Learn below because it helps me to plan For future trainings click the share Button share this on team pages and then Back to the front and don’t forget guys If you have two hours worth of a really Excellent training I’m conquering the Clothes and how to crush every common Objection you’ll get about your products Or the opportunity purchase my Masterclass conquer the clothes I’m Gonna drop a link below in just a minute But here’s the thing it’s gonna help you With every objection it’s gonna help you Confidently close people you know the

Biggest mistake that I see people make They know how to start the conversation But they don’t know how to ask they Don’t need to know how to get people out Of the Sun or off of the fence and into Their business so that’s what this Training will teach you I’ll post the Link below that an introductory price For a very limited time so scoop it up Now but did today’s tip help I hope so Make sure you sure you share it with a Friend and I want to thank you guys so Much for tuning in see you again real Soon I hope you guys have a great day God bless and good bye for now rock out Rock stars – talk to you soon

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