June 2, 2023

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RYNMB.com for my FREE prospecting guide and to get into on Coaching with ME this fall! :) First time ever!!!!Well hey there rockstars Sarawak and Robin C are coming to live for another Network marketing tip of the day today…

RYNMB.com for my FREE prospecting guide and to get into on Coaching with ME this fall! 🙂 First time ever!!!!

Well hey there rockstars Sarawak and Robin C are coming to live for another Network marketing tip of the day today We’re gonna be talking about what to do When something’s new convention and Momentum strategy your company doesn’t Have a convention coming up we’re gonna Be talking about how to launch new Products too so make sure that you click The share button share this on the team Page or in the inbox with a friend Remember as always the more who know the Greater your team will grow as we get Started let’s go ahead and get Acquainted if you don’t mind tell me who You are where you’re tuning in from if It’s your first time watching clicking Number one in the comments so I can Warmly welcome you and as you introduce Yourself I’ll introduce myself who Emily I’m Sarah Robbins I’m a former Kindergarten teacher turned network Marketing tap leader with the help of my Team we’ve assembled a team of over 300,000 who do over a billion dollars in Sales just in a year and I do share my Best practices in my best-selling book Rock your network marketing business you Can find on Amazon or on my site for Both discounts for your team I’m Bringing these as gifts for my leaders At Convention and Sarah Robbins dot-com And I also created the network marketing At university so you are needing a

System to build big like I have go to Sarah Robbins comm and you can check it Out and of course don’t forget to pick Up our free prospecting guy who’s got it By the way if somebody wouldn’t mind her Actually you know what I’m gonna go Ahead and type it in the comments below If you head to our yn and b.com which is The initials of my book record network Marketing business are right mm-hm you Can pick it up there and giving away a Free prospecting guide full of language And ideas to help you to rock your Network marketing business all right On today is free training we’re gonna be Talking about if you have a company Convention coming up or products that You’re going to be launching soon this Is a must share with your team on your Team pages to we’re going to be talking About pre-convention momentum what to do At Convention itself and post convention Moment Well believe it or not there is a lot of Strategy that’s tucked in so make sure You stay tuned until the very end All right first of all let’s talk a Little bit about pre-convention momentum Because the days leading up to Convention literally there stays for us They truly do matter so if your company Has it and it’s open to you if you don’t Have a ticket to go live the next best Thing is making sure that you are

Registered to attend virtually here’s The thing guys I believe that leaders never miss an Event convention is like schools for Network marketers right if you go to School to become a doctor their school Leading up to it right it’s same to Become a teacher whatever your Profession is there’s a little learning Time in network marketing to build a Successful business it is no different In my 12 years of being in this Profession I have never missed an event And I thought hard things going out in My life when I couldn’t afford it I Borrowed the money this year I tore a Ligament guys I can barely walk so if You see me in the hall was just Graciously get give me away if I’m going To be slow going to where I’m going so I Gotta get teeth on I’m a little nervous On the long walk in truck and making to The places where I need to be but here’s The thing Leaders show up you show up to go up and Leader show up in every single season Why really convention is where belief is Built It’s where new friendships are formed It’s where you learn about your Company’s new products promotions and Incentives and I tell you what there is Nothing like being there live or Watching live virtually as well so make

Sure you get registered I believe outside of your enrollment Kits and and I would argue and say may Be even more important than your Enrollment kit is going to this event Once a year or however often your Company offers up their conventions the Next thing you want to do is get into Momentum now so start writing down your List of people that you’re going to want To revisit after you leave convention Maybe even while you’re at Convention People who you think would be great at The business or might be interested in The products as well or maybe you just Haven’t reached out to yet and also make Sure that before your feet get on that Plane or before you hit go live Your virtual button that you have some Events scheduled as well to be able to Launch what’s new and exciting to your Network okay that was pre Convention now Let’s talk about what to do at Convention to make it a great experience And then post momentum this is a Strategy why you stay tuned import the Very end because this is going to be how You launch new product strong okay During convention there’s a lot of fun Things that you can do to create awesome Team spirit I always say culture is the Glue that holds teams together so Whenever you’ve got events whether it’s Convention whatever do things to bring

Your team together so I always do and Hopefully if you’re on my team you’ll be Doing this a little annual team Tradition and I say we’re an orange Ribbon on your name tag tie it on pin it On any orange ribbon will – the reason Being is we can find each other Handshake high-five and hug a leader on My team Bobby she does purple boas with Their team so they’re a part of my team Too they’ve got the purple bows they’re Orange ribbon through decked out but It’s a great way to create culture on a Team if you thinking about times that You can get your team together as well Whether it’s a team toast or a leader Party that people can earn going in Toward or make a whole team if you have A smaller team and you have on Opportunities for team dinners – it’s a Great time to get together with your Team all right Next be sure to attend every event There’s special things that are Announced launched and taught at every Scheduled session you’re there you Invested in your future so don’t miss One be fully present don’t be on your Phone okay dress dress you know business Casual or in comfortable shoes you’re Going to be trotting everywhere so the Years where I could wear high heels Unfortunately this is not the year that It can because of my injury you would

Always see me carrying at my heels in my Hand but I was had my walking shoes on To get from session to session Listen don’t have a lot of pride keep Comfortable because if you’re in pain And all she can think about is your feet That’s no fun okay you can’t really pay Attention breathe protein bars water and Milk pads and pens space in your Suitcase to bring home new products and Your smartphone too because here’s the Thing there is nothing like if you Follow me on my personal page on social Media you’ll see what I do at my Convention I’m always taking picture To kind of caption what launched what’s New and exciting like videos – it’s a Great way to document what’s new and Exciting but also to show how much fun You’re having – some people join your Business just for the fun and then last During the convention and then I’m gonna Give you post convention strategies how We launch new product strong remember The five a day rule okay so five Prospects a day keeps the leads coming Your way or five conversations today When you’re there think about the people At the hotels at the convention center Your uber driver okay they’re gonna be Exposed to your team all week long it’s Your opportunity to say hey you know why We’re all here you know why we’re taking Over the city and tell them a little bit

About what you do and say have you heard Of our company before and see what they Say and give him a card and say I want To be one of the first to tell you a Little bit more about it and tell them About it And ask them especially the ruber Drivers right they’re always looking for Ways to bring an extra income so ask Them you know if they have been keeping Their options open let them know they’re Gonna be hearing about it all weekend Long so remember you’re their go-to guy Or gal for the business or for the Products as well also to make sure that You’re making keeping in contact with Five new people as well as you’re there And talking to fellow team members People in your business developing Accountability relationships friendships People in your area and so much more Okay so here for the strategy part how To launch new things strong this is the Post-convention momentum or when your Company launches something new and Exciting what do you do because there is Strategy to it okay First and foremost fill your calendar Full and you should have these set up Now if you haven’t already so love live And virtual events to launch okay so Little cocktails and conversations Coffee and conversations product and Possibility if you’re in skincare into

Agent leave the aging to wine and cheese Whatever the case may be I want you to think of some fun tag Lines some great ways to get people Involved because here’s the thing even If you’ve been in the business for a While you are going to want to launch But is new and exciting from products to Programs to potential customers and Consultants as well Next revisit everybody on your prospect List maybe it was people who said no not Now but I always say no doesn’t mean no Forever it might mean no not our I don’t Know enough revisit these people if they Express interested in the product or the Business and say hey earlier you express Interest if ever there’s a time to take Another look at the product or the Business the time is now here’s why And tell them what just launched which New and exciting and say would you like To sit down and take some time that I Can share some more with you alright Then of course be sure to share what’s New with all of your friends your family Your current customers as well and then Think about two things kind of creating Campaigns do a newsletter to everybody In your database from customers to Prospective customers to prospects for The business both current and past Friends and family anybody who’s ever Uttered a word about what you do email

Them out the new products the new Programs and of course follow up then Make sure that you’re leveraging social Media – you’ve got free real estate Facebook and Facebook stories Instagram Instagram stories be talking about what Is new and exciting both in the business Side of things but also in the product Side of things as well here’s my kind of Chain of command whenever I launch Something new I’d email it out I post it Up but I personally follow up so here’s A quick tip freeze this is a Million-dollar tip the average open rate On a good email I’m talking abyss and All companies individuals – the average Email open rate on a good email you know How to write copy do you know how to do The headliner 20% do you know the chance Of being seen nowadays in the newsfeed With new algorithms it’s even smaller so Don’t assume somebody saw your email or Saw your posts you this is an excuse to Personally follow up here’s language for You write this down and again I hope You’re sharing this on your team pages Your company has a convention coming up Or in the inbox with a friend because You need this strategy post it out email It out then personally call and follow Up and say hey I wanted to be sure that You saw my email or that you saw my post Or You mention interest in the products or

In the business well if ever there’s the Time to take another look at the time is Now let me tell you what we just Launched and then share it with them and Then say would you like to take Advantage of this offer would you like To learn more I’d love to meet you and Treat you for coffee okay so email it Out post it out and follow up and the Last thing and I cannot recommend this Enough first and foremost get an Accountability partner somebody to run With during these next 90 days these the Last 90 days right of the year but also Get a mentor as you get into the Business – now’s the time to get serious About your business I would say you Don’t need a new opportunity this new School year you just need a new Commitment to the opportunity you’ve Been given if you want to get on the List the wait list for my coaching Program for the first time in 12 years I’m offering coaching outside of my Personally sponsored team so meeting the People that are firstly brought into Business weekly coaching accountability Prizes and so much fun go to our ynb Dot-com the link is in the comments Below and what that is going to do you Guys that is actually going to give you My free prospecting guide so if anything Else you’re gonna get my free language And ideas and tips but the other thing

To exempt which on the wait list is it’s Going to be a very small limited Opportunity I’m sure as you know it’s Gonna be launching next week it will get You on the list if you’re interested as Well if you’re not no worries just get The free stuff but here’s what you have To do there’s quick instruction notes so Don’t tune out because this is important I protect my email list to something Called a double opt-in because I never Saw my list and I do not want to spam You and I want to make sure you really Want to get that information and the Freebies from me so check her email After you fill out your name and email So you have to put in the correct email You won’t get it you don’t get the Freebies unless your email okay it says It’s emailed to you check for an email From me that just says one more step Okay if you don’t get in your inbox it’s In your spin so check there and then Open it up and it just says hey I want To make sure you want to get this for me Click get the goods click it and then it Will be emailed back to you okay that’s How you’re going to be prospecting guide But also you The wait list for free coaching from me Again the first time I’ve ever offered It we’ve built a team of over 300,000 Doing over a billion dollars in sales Became the number-one earner in my

Company but arguably one of the top Female earners industry-wide globally so I’m excited to be sharing all of my best Practices and strategies with you and a Wigley program that is going to be Launching next week it’s gonna come at Your best inferior so make sure you get Registered for the info now that’s our Ynm v.com And guys I am so excited for the season That we’re in right convention season The kids are back to school it’s time to Get back to building your business Bigger than ever before and I do hope That this tip will help you and help you To wrap your network marketing business If you got some value shout out below Share your takeaways and don’t forget While you’re there click the share Button right now and share this link on A team page you can do a little watch Party or in the inbox of the front as Always the more you know the greater Your team will grow with that I want to Wish you guys a great day and say god Bless and good bye for now and rock on Rock stars we’ll talk to you real soon

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