June 2, 2023

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Plexus Team Zoom Crash! -- Join me as I walk through the Sister Wives Plexus Zoom. I point out problematic statements and behavior, but also lead with empathy as I can understand why someone in this situation may fall for…

Plexus Team Zoom Crash! — Join me as I walk through the Sister Wives Plexus Zoom. I point out problematic statements and behavior, but also lead with empathy as I can understand why someone in this situation may fall for an MLM. Given the media attention on this family, and the exposure that comes with it, using that reach to rope others into an MLM is unacceptable.
*CORRECTION!* Christine is apparently the one that left, not Meri.

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Thank you guys so much for listening to my truth. You have truly taken away so much of the fear I had about speaking out about this. So many of these companies scare people into silence by making threats, but knowing that I have helped so many of you already, and continue to hear more stories every day, makes it all worth it.

I make these videos for entertainment and educational purposes, but mainly to spread awareness so that other men and women don’t fall victim to these tactics. I spent 5 years being miserably tricked into believing that I had the best life ever and that everyone would be LUCKY to have my life so I needed to share it with people as much as possible, when I was actually struggling with mental illness (among many other ”limiting beliefs”) along side MANY of my peers who were in the MLM with me.

Of course, as always, everything mentioned in these videos is based on my personal opinion and experience only. My opinions do not represent the company, anyone involved, or MLM’s as a whole. They are not published as facts, though they are first hand experiences.
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Remember when we said we’d stay together Now until forever Just us just us what’s up you guys and Welcome back to the channel if you’re New here my name is Jessica Hixson and I Spent five years working my way up to The top of an MLM before realizing They’re just not all that they’re Cracked up to be my goal with this Channel is to rescue some Huns to Prevent some from becoming Huns and to Also give those a voice who have left The hunbot industry like myself [Music] Today’s small business shout out goes to Nikkyragg’s design Nikki offers Different stickers and accessories all Promoting positivity and bright colors Which you guys know I am obsessed with Bright colors I’ve tried to be a neutral Gal an aesthetically pleasing gal and It’s just not for me so I absolutely Love all the stickers and accessories That Nikki has to offer so you guys Should definitely go check her out too As always I will leave all of her links In the description below and she’s also Allowing me to give you guys a discount Code that is just 15 for 15 off that’s All the shout outs I have for you guys Today so let’s go ahead and get on with Today’s video so today’s video is Probably going to be a little bit of a Shorter video but I’m really excited

About it because one of you guys sent me A little nugget that allowed me to gain Access to one of the Sister Wives zooms If you’re not familiar with the Sister Wives first of all where have you been But they’re a polygamous family with a Husband being Cody Brown and then there Are four wives one of them just recently Left and no longer lives near them but They were Janelle Mary Christine and Robin combined they have 18 children all Together so they originally lived in Utah and then once the laws in Utah Changed or they were coming after Cody The husband they relocated to Vegas I Don’t know what happened I haven’t been Following close enough to know what Happened in Vegas but then they Relocated to Flagstaff Arizona and That’s where they pretty much all are Right now except for the one who left Which I believe is Mary so of the four Wives at least two of them are a part of An MLM they’re a part of the MLM called Plexus so thanks to one of you guys I Actually received access to one of Janelle’s zooms I thought because of Their popularity and they’re in the Public eye I figured that there would be A ton of people on this Zoom however When I got on the zoom I was one of like Six to eight people on this Zoom so I Had a lot of anxiety around being on the Zoom but I still wanted to show it to

You guys it’s a shorter Zoom I thought They were gonna go into like recruiting And the business opportunity and Whatever but they really just focused on The products so that’s what this Zoom is And I don’t know if they’ve had like Zoom Crashers on here before or Something but she has the chat disabled Not disabled but to where only she can See the questions that are being asked So she will read my question that I ask And then she will say the answer out Loud instead of anybody like typing the Answer no one has their cameras on Except for Janelle so it was a little Weird however I wanted to share it Anyway just as a little bonus video this Week for you guys there’s a lot of drama Surrounding the Sister Wives especially Right now after Mary had left the Polygamous group The Marriage there’s a Lot of drama surrounding Robin and uh Kovid because Cody obviously favors Robin there’s a lot of drama surrounding I’ve thought about doing a deep dive on Them because I personally am very Intrigued by these types of families Like the Duggars which are disgusting But I used to love them the Duggars the Sister Wives these types of families Just really intrigue me and I’m I just Love digging into them so I thought About doing a deep dive about them but I Don’t know anyways two of the Sister

Wives are part of an MLM as well as at Least one of their daughters probably More I’m not sure but we’re gonna jump Into the zoom crash that I did with Janelle from Sister Wives give it just a Couple more minutes we’re still getting Some trickle in so Um I hope everybody has fun plans for Labor Day Um okay so Emily that’s a good question Like if you’re first starting and you’re And your goal is weight loss honestly I Recommend Slim Um meta burn and then Um depending if you’re a caffeine person Active Um swim hunger control start with that One so for sure you’re going to want to Start with slim hunger control we just Recommend that for a good starting point For everybody uh metaburn for sure and Then depending On Kind of your preferences Um X Factor is great for Um it’s like a multivitamin it helps With a lot with hormones Um Balance is a carb sugar blocker so you Can take that before your biggest meal And it helps um Sort of uh Uh it blocks up to 48 of the carbs and Sugars in a meal being

Um Absorbed so I believe message us Directly because like there’s I would For sure do slim hunger control and met Okay so when she was talking about the Carb block or the sugar blocker or Whatever I remember and tell me if you Guys have seen this demonstration I Remember when we used to do the Demonstration with it works with the fat Fighters where we would pour like Vegetable oil in a cup with water and Then we would like crumble up or crunch Up what am I trying to say Smash I don’t know we would make the fat Fighters into like powder form and then We would sprinkle it in the vegetable Oil and like watch it just grab onto the Vegetable oil and like take it I don’t Know if the science makes sense there I Don’t know if that’s actually a thing But to me it doesn’t make sense that you Could eat a bunch of carbs after taking This little pill and all of a sudden None of it is stored as fat which is What we were told to say we were taught To say that fat fighters block carbs and Fat so that they can move smoothly Through your digestive system and They’re not stored as fat on your body Which I feel like that just science Ain’t science in there if you know what I’m saying but the demonstration was

Disgusting The third one because usually the combos Come with like a third option messages Because depending on what you’re got Going on with your body there might be One choice that’s more obvious Okay so the three day reset we have a Question about the reset Um Let me quickly I’m going to open up the Slides because that’s the first one Because it’s so awesome I love the Product love it love it love it Okay so let me Oh my goodness hold on you’re gonna have To bear with me let me share my screen Let me share Miss Green Um What’s so weird to me about this is that She’s clearly very nervous and very Hesitant to talk about this stuff it Doesn’t like it doesn’t flow smoothly For her which is very weird to me Because the first episode of Sister Wives aired in September of 2010 which Means that Sister Wives has been on the Air for 12 years you would think that She would be used to like being in front Of the camera talking to people in front Of the camera but she’s clearly not and The only conclusion that I can come to Of that is that basically she knows what She’s doing she’s uncomfortable talking About this stuff because she knows that

It’s not all that is crack cracked up to Be for lack of better terms like when You know in your heart that something Isn’t what it’s supposed to be or isn’t What you’re claiming that it is it’s Harder to talk about those things it Doesn’t flow as easily because you know In your heart that it’s not right in my Opinion that’s the only thing I can Think as to why she’s so nervous talking About stuff all right so I’m so glad you guys are here I’m Excited a lot of you have come in the Last couple of days and so we definitely Want are really excited that you’re here To kind of hear about all the products Um I will say that Um plexus has a lot of products and You’re gonna find the ones that work for You kind of as your core but there’s a Lot of products and that’s because Everybody’s body is different right and We all have kind of different needs Oh good okay I know you guys are all Starting to get your stuff it’s so Exciting Okay so This is the confusing part about it is That she made the chat where only she Can see the questions that are being Asked which is very convenient maybe a Little bit of like information control There but she’s just answering questions As if we can all see the questions that Are being asked or these statements that

Are being made and we can’t so it’s just I don’t know it doesn’t some of the Stuff she’s saying doesn’t make sense Because we can’t see what people are Saying in the chat uh Just some quick ads so just you guys Know please I’m you need to know I’m Obviously not a medical doctor I can’t Diagnose or treat your yours your um Any issues that you’ve got going on we Definitely want to have you still Consult with your medical professional On that and then also to supplements are Not regulated by the FDA no supplement Is whether you buy it at Whole Foods GNC Um bodybuilding.com whatever they’re not Regulated it’s just food and Prescription like drugs so Um Um Being in bed Okay so on the Um Lean and bait vegan powder so basically The lean has a whey and a vegan option The vegan option is actually really good My Savannah drinks it because the way Really bothers her and they just Underwent a reformulation a couple Months ago and it’s even better I think It’s not that it’s really not gritty has A pretty good flavor it’s got almond Protein and some pea protein Um I think it’s great and in fact I’m

Sort of addicted Christine Um adapted a recipe that she found where You take the the protein shake and you Mix it with some applesauce and some PB Fit and an egg and like and then you Cook it it’s like a mug cake oh my gosh I’m addicted to it every single night I’m I’m I’m having this so in fact I’m Gonna try it tonight because it’s my Nighttime snack and I feel really good Because it’s got 20 grams of protein or Whatever Um so now I’m gonna try it with pumpkin Instead of applesauce because you know It’s the season all right so back to What we’re here to talk about so plexus Has actually been around quite a long Time Um established in 2008 you guys their Scientists are really top-notch if you Read their resume men should be amazed So it’s here actually in Arizona Um they have non-GMO pesticides Gluten-free products their their stuff Is clinically tested and all the Products are made here in the U.S Okay so let’s talk about the reset so The reset is honestly the coolest Product for me since slim we’ll talk About the slim in just a few minutes the Slim the pink Drink Um the swim was was life-changing for me But the reset has been the most Important thing that’s happened to my

Weight loss journey in recent history so I’m 53 and I swear man I hit my late 40s And it was like I could not Butt off I’m at the gym I’m eating clean And the scale is just Whoa man it’s slow slow slow slow slow Um the reset comes the reset it let me Just make a minor note for all the diet Culture fans out there Um the scale doesn’t determine your Health like you can be overweight side Note I’m considered obese based on my BMI the scale means absolutely freaking Nothing like you can be a perfectly Healthy human being and still be Considered obese based on your BMI I Cannot stand the BMI chart like that is Just it makes no sense to me it says That I am supposed to be a 115 pounds Based on my height this is a picture of Me at 139 pounds can you imagine me Being like 25 pounds lighter than that I feel like I look like I’m skin and Bone the BMI chart is just anyways I’m Just going off on a tangent here but she Mentioned the scale and I just want to Say the scale is not indicative of how Healthy you are three days supported Fast During the time you’re going to be Having very low calorie but high quality Nutrient dense supplements everything You need is in each box so like day one Day two day three everything you need is

In the Box you don’t need any additional Food or anything to go with it it is Designed to reset your metabolism so You’re burning fat It’s designed to give you cellular you Get cellular turnovers you’ve got Rejuvenation going on it’s going to Reset your gut biome you know what will Also do that Just a normal three-day fast without all Of these expensive supplements a Three-day fast supplementing with some Electrolytes We’ll do the same exact thing Guys I’m not kidding I I can tell you because we are because of Our because we’re because of the rules From away can tell you Um you’re gonna most people lose six Pounds I lost more and I can talk to you About that individually it’s water Weight it’s clearing your gut of all the Poop for lack of better terms that is Backed up in your gut which would also Happen on a regular three-day fast I do these every month and I was just Talking to one of my really good friends She’s my age and we were just commenting To each other yesterday like this has Been the biggest thing that’s happened For us in our 50s losing weight but it’s Appropriate for all ages Um my span is 18. She did the last one with me it changed

The way her clothes fit it’s going to Get rid of it’s going to detox it’s Going to kind of clean out all the all The cobwebs right you’re gonna feel Amazing it it is work it is it’s between You and your mind but you guys Everything you need to to keep your Muscle mass And to do the all the deep cleaning is In this box and you guys when you finish You would think that you’re just gonna Starve and you’re gonna eat the planet Right no you really don’t want to it’s The most amazing thing if you have not Tried it that’s the same with a regular Fast as well you would think once you Hit a certain point you just want to go Eat everything in sight when you’re able To eat again but that’s not the case Once you’ve you know kept sugar out of Your diet for so long your body no Longer craves sugar so when you’re Fasting for three days and your body has Learned to survive on what your body has It’s not craving all of those other Foods definitely definitely try it It’s it’s crazy Um Okay Emily just for sure Um talk to us because I know like There’s some other Um leaders in the company like one’s one Lady in particular’s got a Nightshade Allergy and a gluten allergy and she

Does some things and I could probably Figure that out I could help you with That I know really uh Regina six pounds In three days and you guys you don’t get It back it’s not water weight it’s not You’re gonna regain A little bit when you start eating again Right but for what happens for me is I Regain so I’ll lose six or more pounds Um And I’ll regain a pound or two when I Start eating and then guess what the Scale just continues because then I go Back to my regimen of eating clean and Working out Okay so just to give you guys a little Bit of insight you can buy this Three-day cleanse this three day reset Three-day fast for a hundred and fifty Dollars for a one-time purchase or a Hundred and twenty nine dollars as a VIP Customer or you could just fast on your Own supplementing with electrolytes Which is a fraction of the cost faux Free Weird And Um the scale keeps moving but you guys I Cannot believe I actually am losing Weight in my upper arms and my belly all Those areas which are so hard like it’s Been scientifically proven that you Cannot target areas for fat loss thank You

Parts I don’t really test it really does That so um I do the reset once a month And I know a lot of people who are doing It that way so in fact I’m gonna do my Next one Um With um I’ll be doing my next one we have the 21 Day Um challenge starting and I’ll be doing My my next one during that so so I had Some of you guys question me on one of My zoom crashes about why I feed into The things that they’re saying and a Large part of that is one to show that They’re not in this particular case but When I’m like acting like a hun one of The reasons I do that is to show how Absolutely predictable and ridiculous That these people are that I’m able to Predict everything that they’re gonna Say and how they would respond to every Question so that’s one reason that I do It the second reason that I do it is Because I have to play the role or else They’re gonna know that something’s up You know like if I’m asking only Questions that are challenging them They’re gonna catch on to the fact that I’m not meant to be there and that I’m Only trying to like expose them so I Hacked to play the part in order for us To get the information from these zooms I hope that makes sense I had a couple

Of people question me one video that It’s like dangerous for me to be you Know acting like the hunt and I see Where you’re coming from a hundred Percent but in the particular video that Was referenced I knew that the people Asking the questions were from my Support page on Facebook and so I knew It wasn’t actual Huns that were asking Those questions and looking for Legitimate answers and then later on in That Zoom is when I asked the more Challenging questions that they ended up Just ignoring but just wanted to set the Record straight there guys and every Month it compounds like I can’t tell you So my first one my second one my third One I’ll be doing my fourth one in September or in another week and you Guys every time my body does more it’s The most amazing product in weight loss You know look I’ve been around a long Time I’ve been on a diet since I was Eight I think my mom probably started me she Was so worried about me being the fat Kid in school so she was really Concerned so that’s actually really Freaking sad And kind of explains why she’s a part of This MLM that promotes diet culture Because that’s what she knows She’s been fat shamed by her mom since She was eight

Yuck do better parents I did Weight Watchers I did everything Right I’ve been on a diet since I was Eight and in the last decade I finally Really started to kind of get myself Back to the gym Um and you know you’ve a lot of you have Followed my journey right I’m a real Person ups and downs every life and all That this is fundamentally The biggest thing that’s probably Happened in my weight loss Journey aside From an originally discovering plexus Because I no longer have the sugar Cravings I Um I I’m losing I lose fat not muscle when I work out okay good Sarah so you’re Gonna do it the first time so we’re Going to be offering some support and Then you guys can always message me Um I’m kind of the person who really Really Christine does the reset she Loves it Um I’m kind of the nerd for the reset I Love it so if you like we’re going to be Offering a lot of support in the group But if you have any questions then for Sure uh reach out to me so anyway enough Said because the reset is awesome Awesome awesome awesome I can’t say Enough and when you’re done There’s this feeling you feel Emotionally mentally physically

Spiritually balanced I can’t even Explain it it’s amazing that also Happens with a regular fast All right so slim so slim is Um Okay so we’ve talked about reset and Um I know some people just came in so if There’s a product that we’ve already Covered and you have some questions About please uh shoot me a message in The chat and I will help Um yes June for sure and if any yes for Sure you can message me So I’ll stay on a little bit afterwards And then we’ll figure out how to connect Also to you guys while we’re on this Call if you text this number with zoom You’ll get an automated message because Well I’m here with you and Maddie’s Maddie and Christine both had some Things come up but after that we Maddie Is one of their daughters and then Christine is one of The Other Sister Wives just to clear that up they’ll be Um answering you too so if if for some Reason I don’t answer all your questions You can definitely text Um and you want to order uh and kind of Figure out how to order you know text Zoom to this number and Julie for sure I Will be so glad to help you So slim Slim is the pink drink right Um there’s two kinds microbiome and I’m Actually going to skip ahead to hunger

Control because it’s my favorite Um swim hunger control has a Prebiotic Fiber in it it has Um Chromium and some other actives in it That help help your body help support Healthy blood glucose metabolism So you can tell that she’s trying to Just recite everything that she’s taught To recite and she doesn’t actually know What she’s saying when she’s saying These things it’s like very hard for her To express what she’s trying to say Because she’s trying to remember exactly What the script says Is my Cravings are extremely diminished My appetite is diminished I’ll drink one Before I go out to eat for dinner with My kids I don’t need bread I don’t need The dessert I’m just that sounds Terrible like why restrict yourself so Much But like this was the product that I Could not believe was real Maddie told Me mom I’ve been using these products With the kids met Caleb and I try them They’re awesome she said I want to send You these she sent me this and I called Her I’m like this can’t be real right This can’t be real because for the first Time in my life I was free from the Sugar monster All my clean eating everything was like This White Knuckle experience waiting

Waiting waiting just trying to fight the Cravings and yes when you go without Sugar you do lose that right Um but this is different it’s really Just No it’s not that’s what happens when you Go without sugar your body doesn’t crave It anymore Like right before lunch and then a lot Of times I take one in the afternoon or In the evening and I don’t munch my Brains out in front of the TV because You know you can eat all day and then You sit down because I love homework Movies or whatever whatever you watch And Um I can eat my whole calorie is worth Again in the in the evening so Um so Angeline okay guess Um two Slims per day So two Slims and you can mix and match So we usually have you start with Um the swim hugger control because it’s It’s got a Prebiotic fiber it’s gonna Help your gut microbiome you’re gonna Feel Fuller you’re going to start having Some help with your cholesterol you’re Gonna definitely crave sugar less I just Had one of my friends who’s been Skeptical she just signed up she has so I asked in the chat I said are you going To go over prices at the end because

Notice how none of the prices have been Discussed at all like you would think if They’re selling these things they would Have like the price at the top or Whatever no there’s a reason that they Don’t and it’s because it’s way too Expensive horrible Diet Coke addiction Um she texted me to teach like this Stuff is amazing like I’ve had two cokes Today which is amazing for her so Do what Regina uh the price will go Ahead uh we can handle that in messaging Or Zoom right Why why can’t we just talk about it Right here right now so everybody can Get their questions answered There’s a lot of specials that are going Right now right now there’s a one dollar [Music] Um sign up fee versus the 10 there’s Some other specials going on depending On the package that you order and then We have some codes we can give you to Get 20 off Some codes AKA joining as a VIP member Feed the good my gut microbes in your in Your in your gut they feed the good guys Um It helps with the blood glucose Regulation it helps with all the things That slim does the difference is this Actually has something that feeds the Microbes The other one has a fiber which helps

The microbes and then helps the appetite Um so they’re both different and Depending on what your goals are would Be how you would choose and there’s two Flavors on both of these so there’s the The primary flavor and then they both Come in a cherry lime which is really Really good so All right so active active just to give You guys a little bit of an insight into How much these products cost that Product that we just talked about the Slim uh microbiome costs 91.95 for 30 days I mean I will give That to them because it works does 15 Day supplies in all of their products so That you have to buy two of them so I Will give them that they are giving them A 30 day supply but did you also hear That she said that it’s recommended two Per day which would mean that you would Have to buy two of them which would be Close to two hundred dollars probably Over 200 with shipping yikes is Um The energy drink right it’s like my I Have boys who drink monsters and I wish They would try this of course they’re Not going to because Mom suggested This is an energy drink that’s clean has Antioxidants in it has l-theanine for Focus it’s going to help your body Produce more nitric oxide so that your Blood vessels are loose and they’re more

Dilated it’s going to help your um Uh it’s going to help your circulation It’s going to help blood flow and Honestly when you Um drink this it’s not that Mind Race Jitter like cup of coffee Um it’s just this very gentle your your Um energy goes up and it’s stable and Then you just kind of slowly come down So uh it’s a super clean Um Thought focusing energy drink I drink it I go to the gym I’m a Powerhouse I take It in in the eat in the afternoon when I Have work to get done and it doesn’t Make me jittery and you guys it gives me This mental Clarity like I’ve never seen It’s amazing and it comes in three Flavors some All right so you guys too um for those That have come in a little bit late so That one is sold in a 15-day supply for 39.95 so they’re doing the same thing That it works is doing they are giving You half of the supply so that you have To buy more I thought they were doing Good with the slim but they recommend Two a day so they’re only giving you Half of what you need this one if you’re Gonna drink it every day which most People need their energy every day then You are gonna have to pay 39.95 twice so 80 bucks so just with those two products Alone we’re at almost three hundred

Dollars you you can see this number up At the top if you text Zoom to this Number you’ll get an automated message Because I’m here with you and then and Then we can kind of chat a little bit More about what you’re specifically Looking for and your price point and all Of those things to help you so Um so the lead we were talking about the Lean earlier it’s the protein they use It you can use it as a meal replacement I love it because it actually has like a Prebiotic fiber in it and it has all These it’s very nutrient dense Um Uh like no added sugar comes in Chocolate and vanilla like it’s the First time I actually use a post-workout Because especially if I’ve had a very Strong Um strength training Um I am starving and this keeps me from Eating at all the restaurants because I Drive by I think every fast food Restaurant in my town on the way home so So I love it then I I’ve been tell I was Telling everybody earlier I make a mug Cake out of this at night and it sort of It fills me up and it gives me a lot of Protein and it makes me feel like I’m Having a treat so again this one is at 53.95 as a one-time purchase and gives You half of what you need 15 servings so What were we at with the other one like

280 bucks so far and then we have 53.95 Which is roughly like 335 dollars so far With three products and that’s not Including if you want to do one serving A day for 30 days of this protein shake If you wanted to do one serving a day We’d be at 390 dollars ish For three products for 30 days Oh um guys so it’s great like and a lot Of people use this meal replacement so Hydrate is Um It’s a healthy electrolyte drink so most Of us 20 about 75 of Americans are Dehydrated Um this is a healthy clean way no Chemicals it’s sweetened with stevia Leaf Um it’s got some antioxidants in it Magnesium Um so this is literally all you would Need in order to do your three-day fast You would need three to six servings of The electrolyte supplement and here it’s 39.95 for 20 packets so get yourself one Pet or one packet of it and one bag of It with 20 packets for 39.95 instead of Spending all of this money on this Three-day reset plus all of these other Products there you go you’re welcome see In it so what happens when you take an Electrolyte drink versus just putting a Little salt in your water

When you put the salt in the lemon which Is fantastic right you put that in your Water it’s actually putting blood it’s Helping your blood become hydrated when You use electrolytes it actually goes Into your cells your cells become Hydrated this has made has been a game Changer for me as far as my water intake Because it gives me a little bit of Flavor Um just to put this into perspective for You guys and to give you guys a little Bit of insight as to how this compares To the most popular electrolyte brand Out there which I happen to be affiliate Partner with so if you’d like to use my Code the Jessica Hixson you will receive 25 off costs 18.74 for 16 packets with my discount so Let’s do divided by 16. that’s a dollar 17 per packet plexus hydrate electrolyte Supplement comes out to be two dollars Per packet so would you rather pay a Dollar Seventeen per packet or two Dollars per packet I don’t know about You but I love a good deal also don’t Forget to use my code these Jessica for 25 off I have up to four of these per Day so You claim two Two I I like I drink this every day Hold on did she say four hydrate okay so I’m not a dietitian and I don’t know the Difference in like the sodium levels

Between the two or anything like that Between liquid IV and plexus however I Have pots so my body doesn’t retain Electrolytes as it should and my doctor Told me to not drink any more than two Packets of liquid IV a day so I feel Like four of these maybe a little bit of An Overkill and maybe just trying to Sell more product in my opinion I wake Up in the morning now and I actually Have one when I first wake up in the Morning before I even have my coffee I Don’t even hardly finish a cup of coffee Anymore but I love the ritual but I’ll Drink a hydrate and my brain wakes up And I’m realizing I think I feel like She caught herself up there like she Wasn’t gonna say that she drinks coffee She was just gonna say that this gives Her all of the you know energy that she Needs especially considering that she Obviously drinks active the energy drink Every day I feel like she didn’t mean to Say that she has coffee like I hardly Even finish a cup of coffee anymore I Just like the ritual Yeah okay girl out of us have a cup of Coffee or a soda or something first Thing in the morning because we’re Dehydrated and so we’re looking for the Caffeine hit but what we really need is The hydration Yes you know what there are Um

There are their clinicals their clinical Um trials I know so Okay so Yes oh wow okay 80 year old mom and she sees a Difference in a couple of days awesome Okay All right go so a vital biome Um Vital biome is a probiotic it’s Self-stable you don’t have to keep it in The fridge it has special strains of Psychobiotics in it which helps support Mood I feel like she just uses big words To make it sound like she knows what She’s talking about and to help stress It’s been a game changer at my house my Savannah is an overthinker high planner She used to hardly function she’d come Home from school She would Um Have to go to her room she would just be Wiped out for the rest of the night this Has been a game changer for her it’s Helped her feel less anxious it’s helped Her like be socially able to to kind of Cope it’s helped her deal with the punch Like the life the punches life throws at You you know you’re a teenager there’s All that stuff Um it’s been amazing not only that but It also is a fantastic Prebiotic or I’m Sorry probiotic so it’s going to put

Some good gut that or good vicrobiomes Into your gut Um it’s going to help your mood it’s Going to help it’s it’s a fantastic Place to start so there’s two probiotics With that plexus offers vital biome and Then probio5 probiot5 comes along with The whole system that helps address the Extra candida or yeast in your gut so we Usually have people start with vital Biome because it’s a very easy product To take you’re going to see benefits Right away and you’re going to feel Really good like when I take it I feel Like I Sparkle the next half All right She’s Sparkles when she takes it Sparkly Um whoever I said in the chat we love a sparkly Queen Yeah like sparkly Queen yeah so you know What uh message us or the for the the Stuff the claims or the studies So actually my persistent was on here And she was asking obviously we can’t See what she was asking because she has The chat limited Um but she was asking if they would Provide the clinical studies that have Been done for everyone on here tonight And obviously she doesn’t want to Provide those because likely in my Opinion she probably doesn’t have them

They may or may not even exist Okay X Factor plus Um X Factor is an award-winning vitamin Many many women including Christine have Found Um relief from menopause symptoms with This Um it’s it’s got clinically proven Ingredients that help that Um it’s methylated meaning it’s derived From Plants it’s so what I’ve found with Mlms is that they will say that their Products are clinically proven or that There’s been clinical studies on them This definitely happened within it works But the reality of it is that there are Ingredients within the product that have Had clinical studies done with them or You know could be clinically proven or Whatever but there’s no way to know how Much of that ingredient is actually in The product so they can’t claim that This product is clinically proven or That there’s been clinical studies when And it’s just a portion of the Ingredients in the product that have had Clinical studies done on them Absorbable it’s not synthetic your body Recognizes what it is and it can Actually utilize it and absorb it in Fact Um I was surprised more than half of us Half of people don’t absorb synthetic Vitamin D you can you can

Um A lot of people who do who have that Gene can absorb the vitamin B from this Product so it’s really really Um it’s a high high quality vitamin many People report that they’re like wow I Feel really good Yes you would take this in place of a Multivitamin the only thing it does not Have is iron so you would need to Probably still take iron if you need Iron so Batter burn is And I love reset but meta burn okay so I Take a matter burn in the morning with My breakfast this actually supports fat Burning it helps your metabolism it Targets that brown fat around your Middle like that stuff that’s real no it Doesn’t That’s not scientifically possible it Works tries to claim the same thing with Their slimming gummies it’s not possible It doesn’t Target abdominal fat there’s No such thing trying to get rid of it Helps support your adrenals and your Thyroid it gives you some uh it’s got Adaptogens in it so you feel better you Feel more focused the mood picks up and It has energy I like how it says it supports all of These things because they can’t claim That it actually helps any of these Things because it likely doesn’t so it

Gives you energy so it’s so between this And the slim It’s a fantastic weight loss uh Combination All right you guys so thanks for joining Us Um let’s go ahead I know somebody Julie Let’s make them figure out a way to con Connect I’ll let everybody else go if You’re interested please text if you’re If you haven’t already because I Recognize some of your names as um being New so excited you’re here so those of You that are I asked in the chat is There a business opportunity because I Thought that this was going to be like An entire Zoom about the products the Business like the complete rundown and So I didn’t know if she was going to go Into the business opportunity and Everyone who wasn’t interested in the Business opportunity could hop off or What but I was hoping she would go into The business opportunity but you know What good for her that she didn’t Because the focus wasn’t on the Recruiting it was on the products which Is how it should be so Ordering please be sure you check Zoom To this number and we will get you Started with that process And let’s look at the chat You would need to just continue to take Your

Um Iron with it with the with the X Factor Um Sarah I’m sorry it’s out of order uh Reset to use which Thanks Shannon yeah no matter Byrne Um okay so mad at burn we definitely Like we suggest that you take it with Food just because Um it’s got a a thermogenic in it it’s a Pepper so it tastes better it could take It with a little bit of food but So All right you guys Um there is a business opportunity Regina for sure for sure and I think It’s amazing can change everything for You if you want to All right guys Um Julie Um Regina if you’re interested in the Business opportunity and they’re really It’s a very good business opportunity Plexus takes very good care of the People who share their products Definitely message us we can get you Plugged in we have a whole team that Will support you including Maddie I Christine a whole bunch of people so Um Uh Regina can you how How did you find out about this did you See the did you see it on Um Instagram or something you could

Either text that number if you’re Interested in the business text that Number or message Us in the form in the Place that you first saw the in the The invitation for this message or this Message or if somebody invited you here Talk to them too Because definitely we can help you get Get you set up if that’s interesting Because it’s a fantastic business Opportunity not gonna lie not gonna lie It’s amazing it’s been life-changing Really because you are a public figure And you have a literal show made about You so people follow you I can imagine It’s not very hard to build your team When you have like most of America knows Who you are I can imagine it’s pretty Easy to build a team when most of America knows who you are but for the Average person no all right guys so That’s going to wrap up today’s Zoom Couple of closing notes I do want to Mention that I can understand why the Sister Wives feel that they need to Resort to an MLM in order to make a Living when you have a husband who has To split himself between three other Women to two other women now I can Imagine that he’s not as financially Supportive as he could be so these women Probably feel like they have to resort To an MLM in order to financially Support their family and they know that

Since they have a big following it will Be easy to build a team I also have a Theory that Sister Wives obviously crave Community with other women or else why Would they be sharing their husband with Other women so the community aspect of An MLM is probably very appealing to Them them as well as the fact that it’s Probably hard for them to be in public With a job considering they are a public Figure most people know who they are Most people don’t care for their husband So it’s probably hard to be in the Public eye and get a regular Nine-to-five job however that’s not to Discount anything that they’re doing Within the MLM that’s not to say it’s Okay for them to be a part of an MLM I Definitely don’t think it is because They’re influencing so many people Around them being public figures already However there are other ways to earn Income online using your following and Doing it ethically without taking Advantage of people in your downline you Know like there are other ways anyways I Hope you guys did enjoy this video if You did be sure to give it a big thumbs Up hit the Subscribe button and turn on The post notification Bell if you’d like To be notified every time that I post if You’d like to join my Facebook group It’s called the light at the end of the Pyramid and if you’d like to follow me

On all social media platforms you can Find me at the Jessica Hickson once Again thank you guys so much for Watching I’ll see you in my next video Bye [Music] [Music]

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