June 2, 2023

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➡️Join the Fastest Growing Team in the Fastest Growing Company: http://www.NewMLMParadigm.com (link goes to a team leader, not me personally) EARNINGS DISCLAIMER This video is for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money or…

➡️Join the Fastest Growing Team in the Fastest Growing Company: http://www.NewMLMParadigm.com (link goes to a team leader, not me personally)

This video is for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money or spillover using the techniques and ideas mentioned in this video. This is not financial advice. Your level of attaining the results claimed in this video will require hard consistent work and you may not make any money. We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this video is accurate, but we cannot represent that the website(s) mentioned in this video are free from errors. You expressly agree not to rely upon any information contained in this video.

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So what we have at live good is Absolutely mind-blowing and it’s Exciting and there’s a lot of potential Here but it’s quickly becoming something Where I’m I’m doing a lot of administrative Work looking for people in The Matrix Where they are you know where’s my Spillover is it going to happen soon and That’s just not what I want to do with This opportunity I want to grow the Business I want to promote the products And I want it to be exciting and fun and Not you know administrative work and so Here are the guidelines for spillover Now I’m putting all of my resources into Building a huge team you can trust that I have recruited thousands of people in Network marketing over the last nine Years you can rest assured that you’re On a great team with a lot of Hard-working leaders now if you want a Spill over quicker you can also recruit I advise that you recruit at least two People and work your way up if you read Recruit two just two people you will Then be bronze Rank and that will open Up your potential commissions to four Thousand a month if you recruit ten People it’ll be four thousand a month if You recruit 30 people and you have a Team of a hundred you’ll be gold and you Would open up a eight thousand dollar Potential Matrix but it’s not overnight

In fact when I started network marketing In 2014 I had to build the whole team it Was a binary and I had a left leg to Build and a right leg there was no Leader above me So I had to go left right left right Left right and I recruited for about two Years before someone on my team finally Took off and I didn’t have to work so Hard I didn’t have to recruit for Everyone And live good is the fastest building Business I have ever seen in the last Nine years So even if you haven’t gotten spillover For uh two weeks or a month or even Three months just know that the timeline For a traditional network marketing Business to start to have momentum and Success used to be two to three years of Pounding the pavement talking to the Three you know people everyone around You three feet around you you know the Old school you know talk to everyone Three feet around you build it you know Go to house home parties and hotel Meetings and do three-way calls I mean Network marketing used to be extremely Hard to build there was no such thing as Spillover from your sponsor or their Sponsor So if you want to build if you want Faster income start recruiting your own People and rest assured that I am

Working as hard as I can to put people Under you and I’m not going to check my I’m not going to check the matrix Anymore to see where your where you’re At in The Matrix I I’m busy building the Business and helping you build a team Under you okay so that’s that’s pretty Much it I probably won’t mention Spillover anymore because it’s Attracting people that you know Don’t have a lot of experience in Internet marketing and they want to fast Buck in fact they want they want money Like I don’t know how much they want but They want money like the first week they Sign up I had one guy that wanted money Today like he’s signed up and he’s like Where’s my spillover and that’s just not How online marketing works or any online Business and if I ever made it sound Like that in the past you know past Videos I’m I’m sorry what I meant to say Is you can earn up to two thousand Dollars a month up to but you might not Make anything for six months all right So the timeline is if you don’t recruit And you want money it’s going to be six Months to a year But bottom line just give it six months Commitment if you do the math It’s fifty dollars to join and then Nine dollars a month so what are we That’s that’s like a hundred dollars for Six months

If you spent a hundred dollars And you start making two thousand a Month in six months would it be worth it To turn a hundred dollar investment into Two thousand a month residual income Would it be worth it I think so I Haven’t seen anything like this So just stay in Stay committed and learn how to recruit Your own team and so when you put people In your Matrix I will possibly possibly Be putting people in your Matrix as well But maybe not the first week maybe not The first month but give it six months To a year And pretty much sure I’m pretty much Sure you will see spillover but you Should be building your own team and and Learning how to become a a team leader Because we’re doing this as a team guys I’m not I I can’t um just keep looking In my back office to see where you’re at And when you’re going to get spillover Give it six months to a year that’s all I’m asking and we’ll do this together We’ll build it big and six months to a Year from now you’re going to be Laughing and saying oh my gosh I’m glad I stayed in Eric because my expectations Were off I thought you made a lot of Money your first week but since watching Your video and your other trainings I Realized that it’s a six month six Months to a year build all right and in

The old days it was a three to five Month or three to five year build with a Lot of no’s a lot of hustling a lot of Cold calling and getting hung up on so The industry is definitely evolved and It’s so much easier now but you know to Get a thousand dollars in a week from Spillover or even ten dollars it’s kind Of pushing it give it six months to a Year and if you want faster money than That recruit your own team love you guys Hang in there we’re gonna do it 2023 is Going to be our year

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