June 2, 2023

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➡️BRAND NEW MLM in the World: http://www.NewMLMParadigm.com Thanks for watching: Least Expensive New MLM in the World 2023 - Nigeria, India, Indonesia #bestworlmlm #bestmlmindia #bestmlmnigeria #bestmlmindonesia EARNINGS DISCLAIMER This video is for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that…

➡️BRAND NEW MLM in the World: http://www.NewMLMParadigm.com

Thanks for watching: Least Expensive New MLM in the World 2023 – Nigeria, India, Indonesia

#bestworlmlm #bestmlmindia #bestmlmnigeria #bestmlmindonesia

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Today we’re going to talk about the most Affordable network marketing company in The world that just launched for 2023 Already 5 000 members have joined and we Are now expanding worldwide so we’re Going to go over the products and the Prices and What markets really love Network marketing so here is my landing Page to the company the company is Called live good I’ll leave a link under This video you can take a free tour Watch the video Um this is amazing so let’s look at the Actual announcement that live good made And where what countries they ship to Live good is now 100 International we Are now open worldwide we’ve tested Shipping to over 30 countries and are Ready to open to the world all products Will be shipped from our Us warehouse Shipping times will be longer for International orders shipping prices Will be slightly higher and it’s Possible some countries May charge Duties on imported products but once we See big numbers in countries or regions We will open more distribution centers Around the world so that is great news The future of network marketing has Changed this is a new business model it Makes it affordable for people that are In international markets our products Are priced at 75 percent less than many Companies because of our membership

Model what is the membership model you Sign up for 49.95 as an affiliate and a Member and then your membership price is Only 9.95 a month US dollars per month So let’s look at some of the products So they have a wide array of products And the prices are absolutely Mind-blowing if you look at something Like the CBD oil let’s go there You can see that a 750 milligrams is Only 18 Whereas other companies in the MLM space Are charging 89.79 and so forth all right I was in a Company that it was 160 dollars a month I had to buy two bottles to maintain my Commission rate not with live good okay Everyone can sign up for 49.95 and then It’s 9.95 a month after that let’s look At another product how about the organic Coffee now there’s companies out there That are charging 69 for a 30-day supply Of the coffee with the mushrooms this One Is only 17.95 okay so when you’re a member Paying your 9.95 a month you can also Then go shopping and people are actually Buying more product because of these Prices okay so let’s look at the um how Much it would cost to join live good in Your country the most popular countries For MLM I’m going to start with Nigeria so 49.95

U.S Is 22 480 Nigerian naira okay most Nigerians Can afford that and then it’s only 9.95 A month after that So you’re looking at a 44 Uh 4478. Um Nigerian naira okay let’s look at Another couple countries that are the Most popular Um Let’s go to India India is huge in the Network marketing space So if I go to the Indian rupee It would be 4109 rupee to for you to join live good And then it would be 818 rupee the following months All right let’s look at a couple more Uh let’s look at Um Let’s see here Taiwan is very big Let’s see here Thailand we could do Thailand All right Thailand it would be 49. so for Thailand It would be 1 684 Baht Thai baht okay and then after That it would only be 335 Thai baht Absolutely mind-blowing All right let’s look at a couple more

Uh Indonesia Is a big one Okay All right I think there’s a there’s over 10 million distributors in Indonesia All right so it would be 779 584 Indonesian rupiah To join And then it would be only Nine Then it’d only be a 155 292 Indonesian rupiah To join live good So at these prices guys anyone can do Network marketing and you can also earn Uh commissions without personally Referring anyone so click the link under The video and watch the three minute Video it will explain everything and we Are opening up worldwide we are the Fastest growing team so click the link Under the video take the free tour and God bless

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