June 2, 2023

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➡️Join the Fastest Growing Team in the Fastest Growing Company: http://www.NewMLMParadigm.com (link goes to a team leader, not me personally) Thanks for watching: LiveGood Update - 9000 Have Joined in 30 Days - I'm #2 in Entire Company! #livegood #livegoodreview…

➡️Join the Fastest Growing Team in the Fastest Growing Company: http://www.NewMLMParadigm.com (link goes to a team leader, not me personally)

Thanks for watching: LiveGood Update – 9000 Have Joined in 30 Days – I’m #2 in Entire Company!

#livegood #livegoodreview

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I’m so excited about this company and we Just hit 9 000 members in almost a month So I think we’re about at the month Mark And I want to talk about why the the Huge momentum and the growth this Company is very simple yet very powerful And it’s got a new business model that No one else is doing it’s called live Good and they have life-changing Products that are 80 off compared to Other MLM companies they have a Breakthrough Marketing System we get Landing pages like this with a five Minute Captivating video and an automated Follow-up email system with a fear of Loss component that gets conversions in Fact the entire overall conversion rate For the company company right now is About 20 percent now the last company I Was in the conversion rate was down to About one percent so a twenty percent Conversion is like uh having a birthday Every single day as a internet marketer Plus the compensation plan where you can Earn up to two thousand a month without Referring a single person although That’s not that’s not a guarantee and You can make more money than that if you Build a team so we’re gonna dive into This I want to show you my back office Because it’s just mind-boggling how fast This is growing okay so if I go to my Power line which is the activity of the

Entire company you can see that 40 There’s been forty six thousand seven Hundred uh leads or members that have Joined the live good opportunity So we’re at about 9 000 paid members out Of 46 000 leads which is absolutely Mind-blowing okay now a lot of people Are doing internet marketing with this And they’re generating a lot of Um you know crappy leads and clicks so Um this number was a lot tighter before Uh where it was like you know you could Really see the conversion rate was like 25 It’s a little diluted now with more Internet marketers running Silhouettes And whatnot so definitely Um if you do join make sure that you Look at my other videos to learn how to Generate quality leads okay you don’t Want to buy these five dollar Fiverr Gigs you know because those most of Those vendors just fill out the form And sell you these these fake leads okay And we don’t want to get in trouble for That so if you look at my enroller tree I have I mean the duplication is crazy because I’ve recruited 132 I’m actually number Two in the entire company but my team Right now is at 408 members So almost four times how many I’ve Recruited my team has grown into 408 and That is without any type of you know

Hand-holding or uh you know not a lot of Team training I just give them some Couple a couple simple uh duplication Tips and they are off and running They’re bringing on their their spouse Their their family members I mean They’re bringing in everyone they can uh Just to capitalize on this new Opportunity this simple landing page is Getting all of the conversion rates all Right this is the only page I share and The company has given it us given us This Marketing System as part of being An affiliate so let me just show you Really fast out of 9 000 people I am Number two in the entire company right Here Eric Johnson so if you are looking For a very fast growing team the then Click the link under this video because This will be the new MLM for 2023 that Everyone is talking about literally a Thousand to two thousand members are Joining every single week we have teams Already sprouting up in South America Asia we got a little bit of Africa Coming because it’s affordable now so International markets can join it’s only 49.95 to start and then it’s 9.95 a Month to stay active as a member Auto Ships are not required and there’s no Large buy-ins this is the new MLM model It’s a membership model It’s not hype it’s not by the big pack When you join there is no buy big pack

When you join it’s 49.95 a month for Everyone and then it’s 9.95 after that Okay love you guys we’re gonna do this 2023 is going to be our year I’m going To do everything I can to help grow your Teams and get you the spillover and to Help you finally make money online and For the international markets we want to Open it up Asia we’re looking for Asia Leaders African leaders and I work with The CEO every single day so if you have Any suggestions let me know and we’ll Get everything dialed in and streamlined And welcome to live good

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