June 2, 2023

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➡️Please Get back with the Person Who Shared This Video With You. Thank you for Watching this Training for LiveGood. Thanks for watching: Livegood: What is the Powerline? Earn without Recruiting? #livegood #livegoodtraining EARNINGS DISCLAIMER This video is for educational…

➡️Please Get back with the Person Who Shared This Video With You. Thank you for Watching this Training for LiveGood.

Thanks for watching: Livegood: What is the Powerline? Earn without Recruiting?

#livegood #livegoodtraining

This video is for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money or spillover using the techniques and ideas mentioned in this video. This is not financial advice. Your level of attaining the results claimed in this video will require hard consistent work and you may not make any money. We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this video is accurate, but we cannot represent that the website(s) mentioned in this video are free from errors. You expressly agree not to rely upon any information contained in this video.

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Hey everyone welcome to the channel this Is Eric Johnson so what exactly is the Power line in live good we’re gonna dive Into that if you’re new here hit the Subscribe button we do lots of training For live good I’m the number two leader In the entire company out of seven eight Nine thousand people I’m committed to Your success and I love the company I Love Ben glinsky and I love the prices Of the products I love the spillover I Love everything about this company so Let’s dive into the power line and show You what it’s all about so I’m going to Log into my back office And let me just get in here really fast And then we’re going to go to Genealogy up here at the top here go to Genealogy and then you’re going to go to Powerline View So right now there’s about 45 429 leads and members This is the entire company this is the Activity of the entire company okay now Some of these people might fall into Your Matrix okay but not all of them it Depends on who your upline is who your Sponsor is are they recruiting okay uh So I’m going to start drawing for you uh I’m going to show you the the system and How the power line works So Let me just get my little sketch pad out Here

And We’re going to Get this up like that all right So the here is the power line This is This is the entire company right here Okay let’s just say this is This is the entire company So everyone is going through the company Website That’s your replicated landing page the Power line landing page okay let’s just Let’s just call it what it is This is everyone prospects going through Your landing page your power line And it goes through the company and then The power line goes down like this Okay And it just it just grows It just grows and grows and grows okay This is an arrow let’s just say that’s An arrow So there are leads And there are paid members They start out as a pre-enrollee that’s A lead And they just go down the power line Now over here Are paid members So you’re a paid affiliate Then you are I already positioned In a matrix Now when does The Matrix fill That’s Thursday nights at midnight

So what happens is These leads Someone right here is going to upgrade They’re going to become a paid member So at Thursday night midnight The system is going to look for all the Paid members in the power line And the paid members are going to LeapFrog above the unpaid members So all the paid members are going to be At the top And at Thursday midnight They are going to start the paid members Are going to land in matrixes Depending on who recruited them okay so If I’m up here And I brought in a hundred people in a Week Well let’s say 10 to be realistic I brought in 10. They all came through the power line First And then Thursday at midnight All the the 10 that I recruited are Going to fall under in my Matrix Now you’re going to get people from this Power line depending on who uh who Sponsored them who recruited them So you might get some people under you Or you might not there’s no guarantee it Depends on this your sponsor who and who Is above you who is recruiting above you So every Thursday night People are placed in your Matrix

Depending on who above you is recruiting Now if you are if you’re on a team like Ours I mean I’m the number two recruiter In the company Um There’s more chance of me putting people On your teams because I’m a heavy Recruiter But if you have someone above you who’s Not recruiting that many maybe only once A week You can still get company spillover You’re just not getting a ton of help From your direct upline sponsor and That’s fine do not move You can you cannot move positions so What you can do is become a spillover Creator yourself You start building a team And you start creating spillover for Your team members Okay they’re going to love you They want to see action And in fact everyone should try to Recruit people Because then your growth is going to be 10 times faster Than just waiting for the power line And praying that people will land under You in The Matrix let’s all create Spillover So The Matrix fills Thursdays But you will not get paid on the Matrix

Until the following Months All right So if you recruit someone let’s just say You’re right here You recruit someone And they sign up as a member and Affiliate you’re going to get 50 percent Faster on that person The first week Now when that person renews their Subscription the second month You will get paid on The Matrix For anyone who’s in The Matrix 2.5 Percent And that is monthly But you have to wait a month because the First month This 50 percent is paid out to the Person who recruited them The second month everyone who has spots Under them in the Matrix gets the 2.5 So fast start is weekly And then the overall Matrix is monthly And this keeps going every Thursday Night people will come over and they’ll Land in your Matrix But what’s really exciting is the Matrix 50 percent match plan So every person you recruit Right here When they build their Matrix And they start getting income from their Matrix you get 50 from your level one

Everyone you recruit Is level one Level One You get 50 percent Of all of the matrix Pay On your level one so if you recruit Um If you recruit 10 people And they’re each getting 25 dollars a Month from their Matrix You’re going to get half of 250. Okay You’re getting 50 percent from everyone You recruit On their monthly Matrix income So 10 times 25 is 250 you get half of That so you get 125 a month Just from recruiting 10 people And they’re making just 25 dollars What if they’re what if they’re getting A what if they’re getting 250 a month From their Matrix these 10. Then you’re going to get 1250 a month from those 10 people All right I mean it can really that Match can add up so you definitely want To refer people to your opportunity so If you want to learn how to recruit more Watch my other training videos I hope This under helps you understand the Power line Um again the power line is the entire Company activity

Now when you do hit diamond You can earn From You can earn two percent from everyone In the entire company So this the power line could benefit you When you hit Diamond you’re gonna get Two percent Of the entire company’s profits every Month So you can kind of think about the power Line being something you can tap into Even more down the road When you become a diamond how do you Become a diamond You have to have a total team Of twenty five hundred That’s not people in The Matrix that’s In your enroller tree Okay so if I go back to my enroller tree Right here And I look at my entire team I have 398 this month all right so I Need 2500. From my total team plus I need three Platinums Three Platinum leaders To be a diamond then you also get two Percent share on all the diamonds Commissions not just the two percent on The company’s profits you also get two Percent of Um all the diamonds so get to Diamond Learn how to recruit don’t just wait for

A spillover Spillover is almost the least uh amount Of money And yeah that’s great spillover can help You finally make money in network Marketing but the big money is fast Starts by recruiting and then getting 50 Percent match on uh their monthly Matrix Income so build a team love you guys hit The Subscribe button and if you’re not In live good yet click the link under This video watch the five minute video And uh there’s no guarantees you’ll earn Anything this video is for educational Purposes only signing out

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