June 2, 2023

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How To Sponsor Online | Automated Marketing | Freedom Alliance | Bob Brooks 319 850 0907 Bob Brooks Online Learn to sponsor with automated marketing system SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: ➡️ http://bobschannel.com​​ Automated Marketing System ➡️https://llpgpro.com/2zn6kzgs/ LiveGood ➡️https://www.trker.com/go/171676 Guaranteed…

How To Sponsor Online | Automated Marketing | Freedom Alliance | Bob Brooks 319 850 0907
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Good morning welcome to the freedom Alliance I'm Bob Brooks and today I want To talk about sponsoring people in your Business I get a question a lot how do You sponsor people uh and is there an Easy way because a lot of people know That a lot of people come through YouTube uh and they don't want to do YouTube so is there an easy way to Sponsor people they're tired of the old Fashioned ways the email marketing build Your list keep sending emails to people That never open emails uh before I get Started go ahead hit that subscribe Button notification Bell don't want to Forget that I try to build a channel to Help as many people as possible here but Anyway email marketing when it first Came out it was great uh people like to Get emails they like to open their Emails now you send an email to people If it looks like anything they don't They don't recognize they're not opening It I've got so many emails uh different Accounts and some of them I put away Because I started getting too many Emails and we get inundated with these Emails we don't want them anymore uh we Just delete them we don't read them so That marketing Forum kind of went by the Wayside originally before the internet It was uh family and friends and on Monday I did a video about you know if You're going to have an opportunity or

Home-based business the opportunity is Great you have the best one in the world But if you don't know how to get Eyeballs on it it's not much of an Opportunity for you it might be for Somebody else who knows how to get Eyeballs so the big question is what's Missing and that's a marketing system And that's what I want to show you today Is a marketing system where anybody can Plug the people into the marketing System and again we'll stop here you Don't have to plug the people and you Don't have to find the people this is Going to get done for you because here's How the system works people call in they Call into a call center they get Screened whether or not they're Qualified for a home-based business you Know they have the time they have the Money the interest and all this once They qualify them they drop them as a Lead to you now you got a lead you can Call it the old-fashioned way and no one Likes making calls to these people so Now the new way is they automatically a Text the minute they qualify a text is Sent to them tell them to go to the Website so the text message does it People read their text like we used to Read our emails near early day people Still read their text messages they Click on your link now they've seen the Web page you get a notice that they're

Looking at your web page good time to Call them now they're interested you Still don't have to but I recommend it It really increases the conversions when You start connecting with people but They're going to go see a web page now I Set up my own web page you're free to Use it I'm going to show it to you here In a minute what they go through but you Can set Yours up it can work for any Opportunity uh you get a free account at Leads leap I have the link down there so You can make your own or you can either Share code for mine if you want you'll Just have to reach out to me and I can Get you the Share code and you'll swap Out the video use my video I'm making it Very generic so it'll work many Opportunity but so here comes the person They get they get interviewed they get Qualified they're sent a text they look At your website They clicked the link they looked at the Video they go to your opportunity they Don't join they get another series of Text messages encouraged and why they Should join because we have a marketing System to help them the whole Marketing System is designed to take people from Calling in getting interviewed and going Through your whole system so they join Let me show it to you it's easier than Trying to explain hold on here's the First page they come to this is the text

They get they call in they get Interviewed they're qualified they're Sent uh the website this is the website They come to I made it with leadsleep I Have a share code for this fully Automated home-based Business make up to 200 a day hands-free Marketing System uh People go right into this and then they Can watch my video about it you can make Your own video the link for this is down Below if you want to watch it this is The the business I'm doing it tells them In the video that once they join my Business they'll get the marketing System and boom they'll automatically Get this uh fully automated Homebase the Marketing system and then they can get The marketing system and I'll have this Link down there below for the marketing System so you can see both of these down Below and check them out but that's what They go through let me go back to the Screen So that's what they go through so if You're looking for a way to have a Marketing system that works this is it It's hands-free it's it's set up for you It just starts working you get the leads And plug them in there well you have to Purchase the leaves there's an expense For that but here's a nice here's the Nice part there's commissions through The whole Marketing System so it funds Everything for you you don't have you

Take the money you make from people Getting the marketing system and you buy Leaves they do the same thing and it Just grows from there and it's a Scalable business you can make more than You're spending for a change unlike a Lot of advertising online where you Spend more and they tell you just want To build your list I'm not telling you You want to build your list I'm telling You start making money from advertising And if you are building your list you're Building a texting list because from This platform this Marketing System you Can send out a text blast to everybody You have in there and pick the folder You want the ones already saw the video The ones that didn't see the video you Can offer a discount through texting Right now we're offering a discount Health and nutrition products join right Now and we got a 10 that you can do Whatever you want I mean it's really Neat giving away free be this whatever This is a pretty cool text blasting System after you already they put them On the list and started doing them so I Got the links down below you can check It out uh any questions leave me some Questions we can get offline talk on the Phone anyway I'm always available but That's what I got for today you need a Marketing system check it out Below have A great day bye

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