June 2, 2023

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What is the Freedom Alliance | Bob Brooks 319 850 0907 Bob Brooks Online This video is what the Freedom Alliance is and what we are about SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: ➡️ http://bobschannel.com​​ Automated Marketing System ➡️https://llpgpro.com/2zn6kzgs/ LiveGood ➡️https://www.trker.com/go/171676…

What is the Freedom Alliance | Bob Brooks 319 850 0907
Bob Brooks Online

This video is what the Freedom Alliance is and what we are about

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Good morning welcome to the freedom Alliance I'm Bob Brooks and today I want To talk about the freedom Alliance I Want to talk about why I created what We're doing and how we're trying to help You but before I get started go ahead Hit that subscribe button and Notification Bell so I have been online A long time and in the beginning I made Some money and then I got into just Nothing and it was year after year about 50 years 15 years of opportunity to Opportunity to opportunity always Chasing looking for something that Worked and it became the shiny object Syndrome and I realized I was just Chasing hype I was chasing after the Hype a new opportunity would come out I'd see the hype the promises and all This and I would chase after it well After 15 years I learned it's not the Opportunity that makes the money yes you Need an opportunity to make money but That's not what drives the machine it's The marketing and promoting the better You can market and promote the more Money you're going to make so Freedom Alliance came about to help people learn How to Market and promote I have a zoom Every Saturday and tomorrow we have a Zoom at 11 A.M Central 12 p.m Eastern Anybody's welcome this is open to people That just want to get better at what They do and learn how to Market better

Than everybody else because online it's Very competitive and I don't know if You've seen live good it's everywhere You're competing with thousands of People trying to promote the same Products and goods to the same Market Because they're all in the safe list Traffic exchanges solo ads all this Stuff they're in the same Market Promoting it and you've gotten I've so Many discussions about getting outside That box because we have a great product With live good and there are other Companies that I've worked with that you Got to get outside that box because it Does get everywhere and everybody's Showing the same page and it's just over And over so Freedom allowance is created To help people one one have a brand they Can stand behind that's not an Opportunity but a group of marketers Getting together to learn how to get Their message out there my message is I Want to help you and that's the freedom Alliance messages we want to help you be A better marketer promoter so you can Actually make money from home and Actually maybe one day come home from Your job and have a full-time income That's the goal of what we're doing the Zoom on Saturday that's what we talk About there's no selling of anything we Just talk about things we're trying Things that are working aren't working

And what's best for us to move forward So if you're looking for a group of People that want to help you improve the Freedom Alliance is what we're all about My videos have transitioned from Opportunity videos I used to do reviews On opportunities because when you talk About marketing promoting one of the Free ways to do it freeway or your Highway but one of the free methods of Promoting is through social media and That's how I built a lot of people Through YouTube and making that Connection and that's a great way to go Also Facebook I see people use Facebook But they also do it wrong and that's Part of the reason we have the free Alliance to teach you how to do things Correctly my channel now is focused more On helping people learn how to do things And promoting some of the things I do And the marketing methods I use more Than the opportunity because let's face It if I could get you marketing first The opportunity can come second but you Need to know how to Market before you Have an opportunity but we always join The opportunity first then we try to Figure out how to Market it but if you Learn how to market then you can Market Any opportunity and I've done that I can Any opportunity I can Market I can use The free method and I can use some of The ways I'm using now but the zoom on

Saturday is so critical and this is Another aspect of building yourself and Branding yourself if you want people to Join you and follow you they've got to See you they got to know you you can't Hide you show up at these events they See them conference calls those sort of Things they're great but a training call Is so much better to be there because You're learning your people are going to Learn what you're learning and you're Gonna move forward together the freedom Alliance was created to help people Become better marketers and promoters And make money online there's nothing to Pay for Freedom allowance just be part Of us I have a Facebook group we have The zoom on Saturday I'm available I Talk all the time to some people on the Phone we talk regularly I mean one guy We talk every day about marketing and How better to do this and teach you how To do it so we are growing that's what The freedom Alliance is join us tomorrow The link is down below for it uh one of My systems I use for marketing is down Below too you can check that out but That's what I got for today uh we'll see You tomorrow hopefully bye

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