June 2, 2023

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We Got Friends Overview and Review | Bob Brooks | 319 850 0907 | Bob Brooks Online Complete overview and review of We Got Friends, plus special bonus for our free members on how to build it quickly SUBSCRIBE TO…

We Got Friends Overview and Review | Bob Brooks | 319 850 0907 |
Bob Brooks Online

Complete overview and review of We Got Friends, plus special bonus for our free members on how to build it quickly

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Good Monday morning welcome to the Freedom Alliance I'm Bob Brooks and Today I want to do a quick overview and Review of we've got friends a new Program out there uh to get leads and It's going to make a lot of money really Fast for a lot of people uh you stick With me on this I'm going to show you How to make really fast money and good Money before I get started go ahead hit That subscribe button and notification Bell so I want to share my screen to Show you what's going on it's in a free Launch right now which means you can Grab a spot for free And check this out and this is really a Great opportunity right now to take Advantage of the free launch because I'm Going to show you how you can set Yourself up to really create a lot of Cash quickly so hold on I'm gonna share My screen all right here's the capture Page down below I've got the link for This you'll land here and you'll come in There's a couple videos to watch on what Is this is a lead program they're going To give you 100 leaves a month in this Uh you could use your leads for this any Opportunity you got which is really good But I do want to show you my dashboard In my back office this is my back office Right now I have 3 37 people on my team My left leg this is a binary I'm going To show you why this strategy I'm using

Is the right one to have with the binary I've got 3 200 people basically on my Left line 128 on my right I'm building The right line which is a line that I'm Building for you but I want to show you Something because I took a screenshot Yesterday morning this 30 3 300 people Yesterday morning screenshot I had 3 000 People So I've had 300 people you see my right Line has grown from 119. let's go back To my screen to 128 uh nine people Overnight so in 24 hours nine more People overnight so what I'm doing it is A binary you have to build two legs to Make money I've already built the first Leg so it's going on its own I'm now Building the second leg so it goes on Its own let's go to my Nitro line here Because in your back office you can Decide where you're going to put your People you can put them here you go I've Got on the left 3200 on the right 20 128 But like a left line I've got right line Everybody I bring in now goes into the Right line uh that's the line the goal Is to get it building on its own anytime You see a red guy with this little gray Thing it means they're building their Other line so uh Peter here is building His right Line This Guy's building his Left Line This is good you want people To have two lines because that's how you Get paid

I'm building your first line for you I've already got one built I'm building The second line all these people um and Blue they just haven't registered yet All these people have people underneath Them I'm building straight down to get This line going on its own I will get The second line to three five thousand People and I will have a huge ten Thousand five on each side and it'll Just keep growing on its own what does That mean that means I get paid right Away because people are going to upgrade But they only upgrade if they have a Business bill so what I'm doing is I'm Building your one line I am also Teaching people how to build their Second line and that's where my strategy Comes in if you're on my team I'm going To teach you how to build your second Line so you have a business before this Thing launches this is for my people Only I have a strategy to build these Lines deep now I don't know 3 300 people So you know I have a strategy that's Working because there's 3 200 people 128 People nine overnight and this is just This one's going to pick up steam Because it takes it takes a bit to get It going but once you get it going it'll Start moving like this one is where it's Having 300 a night five hundred and nine Thousand new people a night and I'm Building it deep and I can teach you to

Do the same thing if you want to be on My team I have a link down below you can Just register for for free in here and Then I will get you a video that shows You exactly how I'm building I built This line and now I'm building this line To be on its own and I'm going to teach You and anybody who's interested on how To build their second line so they have A stable business and how to teach those People it's two steps I'm going to teach You one how to build your second line Number two how to teach your second line How to build their second line because That will solidify your business and When this thing launches let me go back Home In 18 days in 18 days my goal is to have Both these lines at about five thousand And have people I I get started here I Want their lines in the thousands also Because then you know when this thing Starts you're making a big everybody Upgrades you're making a lot of money on The day it launches in 18 days we got 18 Days to get this done I've got the the Link down below you're going to want to Go ahead and get your free spot and then You are going to want to reach out to me So I can get you that video on how to Build that other leg and we'll get you Set up so you have a business that's Ready to go let me go back to my screen Here

So the strategy I'm using works perfect With a binary it's building each leg Straight down I've got one built I'm Building the second one and I'm going to Help you build your second one and show You to do exactly what I'm doing so you Can have two strong legs but the first Step is you got to register for a free Spot I have zoomed on Saturday where I Go over some of this but I have a video That shows you exactly what to do and How to do it to get that second leg Going it's only for my team and that's Why you have to be on my team if you Come through somebody on my team I'll Get you the video we'll show you how to Build a second leg and build a strong Business so in 18 days you can have a Reward that you did not expect because This thing is the perfect thing to do This with but that's what I got for Monday get that free spot reach out to Me my emails down there too email me my Phone number's there call me text me do What you need to do but let's get this Thing done and we'll see you at the top Bye

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