June 2, 2023

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Network Marketing Leaders - the next time you're talking to business owners, especially corporate types, remember this. I'm going to compare 2 scenarios for you, and ask yourself... As an entrepreneur, if you're going to start/grow a business of your…

Network Marketing Leaders – the next time you’re talking to business owners, especially corporate types, remember this. I’m going to compare 2 scenarios for you, and ask yourself… As an entrepreneur, if you’re going to start/grow a business of your own, which would you rather own?

There are some horrific upsets that occur with bad employees. It makes the owners of a company fearful of firing people, because they can guarantee a lawsuit is coming.

I was shocked to see the degradation that has occurred across the employment world in the past few years. This is yet another reason why if I’m going to own a business, I would much rather own a network marketing business.

00:00 – Insider Conversations from a Corporate Ski Trip
01:38 – The Difference between Corporate Sales and NWM sales?
05:10 – Never Before Did I Know THIS Part of the Corporate Sales World!
09:04 – Business Ownership – what kind of business would YOU want to own?
11:45 – I got sued by a former employee
13:16 – How to use this in your conversations with prospects

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Hi Tim sales here I live approximately 30 minutes from Park City Utah and it is A mountain resort where people come from All over the world to uh to ski right And so my my brother-in-law came into Town bringing his corporate sales team Uh on kind of like an incentive trip Where the the managers would all get Together all right and so they'd have Fun and they would be able to you know Like I don't know we used to call it in The military off gas so what it was Being is is that with all of the the Grind and the push and and all that Stuff it was good just to have fun all Right so that's what was going on and he Invited me down to uh to have dinner With them and uh it's one of my favorite Restaurants and so hey why not it's Called Uh Tamayo and if you ever are in Park City this is a good place to go They got awesome food all that kind of Stuff and they've got a downstairs and We were all like kind of in this cubby Hole I don't know I'd say there's Probably six of us or seven something Like that And So I'm always intrigued right doesn't Matter where I am in my Sales position if you will I always like To learn I always like to study I like To sit back and listen you'd never Believe you know how little I talk when

I sit at a table with people from Another industry and but yet they do the Same things that we do And so uh so they were all just kind of Pow-wowing about the skiing and and Various different things all right so We started down this line where I asked A couple of questions because I wanted To see what were the differences between Corporate sales and network marketing Sales that's basically after probably an Hour I finally started asking some questions And so my questions were kind of like Okay so you know like I I get the idea Of what you guys do And but I'd love to know How you do it You know and and they're like what do You mean and I'm like okay so Um what I was trying to do is to have Them communicate to me What was their pipeline And so they started out and they say Well well first of all uh my Brother-in-law Puts Downstream the sales quota okay so he's Going to say all right so in this area Of the world uh here's your quota and in This area of the world here's your quota And each one of them and so then they uh They have to make that quota Because it's uh it was a publicly traded

Company they they went private and so But there are the demands otherwise that People get fired and so the quota gets Pushed down all right and so the quota Is how many products sold of what they Sell okay so Um I was like all right so So how do you get those people to hit Those numbers And so he said um well Um I just give it to them And so you know a little bit frustrated On my side I was like how do I ask this Question And I said um Okay so Where is the point at which somebody has To pick up the phone and call somebody And uh and they say oh yeah so they're All sales managers and so they say it's Our sales people and I said okay very Good all right so how do you guys do it And of course How all customers are acquired is that They generate leads and the way that They generate leads is that they Um they go outbound having to do with This selling this printer software And so they will basically Hit Different businesses that have printers And uh with with some sort of an Advertisement okay so when somebody Fills out a form it comes in as a lead All right

How is that like network marketing Same thing Okay so somebody generates a lead on Social media somebody generates a lead Having to do with Um a product right so you can uh you can Do it that way so if you let's say that In network marketing you wanted to Target a particular group like maybe Insurance sales or real estate agents or Something like that right so you send an Email somebody fills out a form okay so They're a lead they have some kind of an Interest and now you're going to contact That lead and then set an appointment to See a presentation of some kind it could Be a video could be a zoom call whatever It is they follow up with a person you Serve the customer and you make money So next question I asked was And this is what I was really getting at In the beginning of this video when I Said yet another reason that I love Network marketing and so I said how do You guys go about getting your sales Reps and so they say well we run Advertisements and we uh you know We ask the current sales reps if they Know any people things like that and so We'll give them some kind of a bonus or Something So now you get the kind of the idea so There isn't any different that's what I Was really realizing except until this

One point and I said so So do you guys work on a salary plus a Commission and uh and they said yeah we Do And I go okay so you know like how much Is in the salary and how much is in the The actual sales so that You know you're rewarding the people who Are really getting stuff done and he Says Well that's kind of the tough part and As I dug into this thing I was Absolutely baffled never did I know this Part of the corporate side of the sales World all right so what they begin to Describe was the Horrific upsets that occur because that Somebody In another country let's say Hires a sales rep to come in And then That person Based upon the laws of that country they Can't fire them In other words they're not doing the Pipeline So they should be fired right But in in different countries France was One of them that they mentioned uh where Once you hire them like You're married You're either going to pay them or You're going to pay a high attorney Bill And probably

A long Severance to get rid of that Person And I go what Are you kidding and he said yeah and I Said well So can you vet them can you can you like Have them on a trial period or something Like that and he says you know like Some places we can in some places that We can't so all right All of you well most of you probably Know that I have come out with a number And that is one out of 40 people that I Bring into the business is going to Actually do the the pipeline in a high Quantity Okay so one out of 40 and so let's say I Don't know one out of 20 we'll do a Little bit And then but there's going to be a whole Lot that do absolutely nothing And so That's the reason that I did the Comparisons to uh real estate and Comparisons to uh actors and Entertainers and all kinds of stuff Right because I I knew this was how you Acquire how you grow any organization Whether it be a church or a religious Um or sorry a church or or if you're Working with within politics or if You're working in non-profit or whatever It is any way you want to grow a Business you're going to have to do this

Pipeline It's the it's the one thing that every Business must do and so I was very Fascinated that you can't fire them So you just kind of have to acquiesce to Whatever their demands are so they Literally can do nothing once you hire Them they can do nothing All right like now let's talk about Business ownership what kind of business Would you want to own You'd want to own a business that you're Rewarding the people who are actually Doing production Especially in the sales Arena Right well any Arena really And so You know in the military if we were not Performing At a high high standard than we were Dismissed Okay so and normally you were downgraded You were put in the worst Duty stations In the world first Uh and then you were processed out of The military And so it was very shocking to me to Find the degradation that has occurred Across the employment world and yet Another reason why if I'm going to own a Business I would much rather own a Network marketing business To where I don't have to go through that Now look at what's occurring really and

Truly is that people And a lot more and more and more I mean I know it always occurred it always Exists but Over a period of time in my lifetime I Have witnessed this um This concept to where a person feels as Though that they are entitled For whatever reason whether they got an Education Um you know college education or or some Sort of special training or something Like that and then they get hired then They are entitled And the legislation That goes into play Now is on the side of the employee not The employer And so that brings down it it ends up Creating a whole lot of Um I'm going to use the word a lot of Fat In the organization and what that means Is is that there's not a lot of Production there's a whole lot of random Motions going on and but actually not Products going out products being sold Right and so it's not an efficient Machine anymore And that is because of a culture that Has been driven in that says that we Will protect the employer Or the employee not the employer And so the employer becomes

A little bit fearful right of even Hiring somebody because I know that it Occurred to me and uh and this was some Years ago but I'd say maybe 11 years ago or something like that Somebody who we use to box products and Stuff like that and ship it out take Orders sometimes The person we did not know that the Person was pregnant And but we knew that we had customer Service complaints and so we like well You know what it's best to let her go You know we we tried to train her up Tried to do different things And then the uh this person then after We Fired her and we had set you know wrote Up all the reports and everything like That all the documentation everything And so then she ended up after we fired Her she filed a lawsuit stating that we Fired her because she was pregnant Nobody in the company had any idea that She was pregnant but she claimed that And so uh you know I was like this is Ridiculous you know this is going to be Thrown out of court My attorney said You best pay the seventy thousand Dollars I'm like the seventy thousand Dollars what for what and he said you Know like this could be a a million Dollar lawsuit and I said because she's

Pregnant And he says no it's you know and so he Kind of walked me through it and I was Like this is crazy so so now you can see Why If you go out and you talk to prospects And I'm talking about you know business Owners outside the network marketing Space these are conversations that you Now can have with them that that they Will probably agree with you having to Do with the difficulty in getting real Production I know like we had called a Meat crossing a meat processing plant And or something or other or a lumber Yard or something and they say we got Lumber but we don't have people to move The lumber Um we've got meat but we don't have People to process the meat and things Like that and so there's a lot of Employment problems and um that's going On and so these would be good people to Uh to contact so anyway I just wanted to Share that with you because I had never Looked at this this side of the Corporate world before but it's a big Deal so comment down below let me know What you think have you been in a Business that had that situation to Where that you know like the owners of The company are fearful of firing people Um and things like that and so I'm not Talking about a person who's really

Doing production but it should be to me Um an honor to get a job an honor to Serve So that I get paid right and so but that Doesn't seem like the culture the way These guys were talking anyway so anyway Comment down below let me know what you Think also we have a telegram Channel if You want to ask questions in the group And we uh I can answer those from that Direction And uh also so this thanks for watching I appreciate you watching this video [Music] Thank you

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