June 2, 2023

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➡️Get 15 Sec Videos to do the Prospecting for You:: http://www.AttractProspects247.com

#livegoodtraffic #livegoodleads #livegoodclicks


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Hey everyone welcome to the channel this Is Eric Johnson today we're going to Talk about how I hit Diamond rank Working only one hour a day so if you're New here hit the Subscribe button get Your notebooks out because I'm going to Talk about how to be efficient and make The most return on your investment okay So I I do live good strictly online I'm Not out there passing out business cards I'm not selling products I am just doing This all on the internet so if you want To basically work one hour a day and Create massive passive income in a year Or two then this is the way to do it so The name of the game is basically Getting enough traffic to your landing Page this is your power line landing Page you want your prospects to watch The six minute video and fill out this Form okay this that's the name of the Game I haven't done any special tricks You know people want to talk to me They're like you know let me tell talk To the diamond I want to see what he's Doing it's like I'm not doing anything Special or you know there's no secrets I Just consistently do something every Single day for live good and I treat it Like a serious Million Dollar business If you treat it like a little Hobby It will pay like a hobby if you treat it Like a million dollar business it will Eventually pay like a million dollar

Business so let's talk about Um what I do first of all here's some Proof that what I do Works Um I'm getting one to five upgrades a Day I'm getting about three 200 to 300 Hits a day Generating anywhere from 4 to 14 leads a Day and you know one to five sign ups a Day if you look at the leaderboard I am The number two recruiter out of a Hundred and forty thousand people I've Recruited 258 people Maybe even more Um but who knows so I'm I'm number two In the entire company So let's go over what I do all right so The first thing I do in the morning I wake up about 5 30 6 o'clock in the Morning I like to do the kind of like a Miracle morning and uh the first thing I Do is I grab some coffee And I go into the front office where It's dark and quiet and I read my texts And my emails I respond to people on my Team Um I read my emails Um so coffee and emails in the morning And then what I do is I start thinking About titles of uh videos I want to do Okay So the first thing I do in the morning Is I create content so I do I basically Do a YouTube Uh let me see your YouTube video YouTube

Video All right so that takes about Now if I just film it on my phone in the Office I can just say what I want to say Within 10 minutes and it takes about 10 Minutes to upload So we're gonna save 20 minutes Okay So the video is done and then the next Thing I want the next thing I do is Um I go out in the in the living room And I I watch a little Bloomberg and Drink my second cup of coffee and of Course I I put the live good coffee in It I I do uh Stevia live good coffee and A K-Cup Keurig uh dark dark magic is a Really good uh strong coffee So while I'm watching uh Bloomberg or Whatever I'm thinking about a short Version of my YouTube video that I can Do on Tick Tock okay so uh with Tick Tock I'm literally just pointing the Text and it's a 15 second Tick Tock you Can see right here Um this is my Tick Tock Channel So the the name of the game is doing 15 Second videos and having sometimes a lot Of text on it like this one Uh because you want people to stay on Your Tick Tock the longest okay if they Stay on your Tick Tock the longest and Even if they replay your Tick Tock That's a good signal The Tick Tock that You have a good you know a good tick

Tock on your hand I also use trending Sounds So I will go over to Um I copy a lot of content that Twinkie Hustle does Let me just hold on here I'm in all caps Twinkie Hustle All right So What I do is I scroll down Their uh their feed And Um I find something I find one of their Videos that has a lot of views and just A sound okay so I click on one I watch it And if I like it See like this one Just has a sound and her her writing Okay So she doesn't put um she doesn't put a Dollar sign in her text because you'll Get busted if you talk about dollar Signs on Tick Tock okay so anyways There's a there's a way that you can Copy her sound or anyone on Tick Tock Some of them they're some of them you Can't unless you have a personal account I have a business account But anyways I I basically copy her sound And then I do something close to what She wrote about but I I do it for live

Good okay that's where I get my ideas So What I do is I create my my 15 second Tick tock And then I will Um I will remove the watermark Which you can use Um App on your phone Called Snap snaptick or snap talk You remove the watermark from your 15 Second video and then you can put the Video on your YouTube short you can do a Facebook reel You can put on your Instagram as a real And even Pinterest So that right there Creating a tick tock I'm creating a tick tock and repurposing It on Four other platforms At minimum Is about 15 I'd say 20 minutes Okay So with the with the text you know Texting my leader texting my leaders Uh in responding to Responding to emails So that right there guys that's what I've done every single day since I Started live good Uh December 18th

And my YouTube took off because I was The only one who was hammering it in the Beginning doing a live good video every Single day Uh you can see here that uh if I let me See here if I go back If I go back a year So I started live good right around Uh right around December about right Here Is when I started doing live good videos Okay and look at the growth So guys consistency is key all right Leaders do this every single day all Right they don't just do YouTube for a Month and then walk away all right this Is something that you gotta do every day You gotta if you created a piece of Content every single day for a year You'd have 365 YouTube videos All right you'd have 365 YouTube videos You'd have 365 tick tocks But check this out uh let me get my Calculator One second Um If you did So if you um If you repurpose your tick tocks If you repurpose your tick tocks you're Gonna put on four other platforms so That's 365 tick tocks but you put it on Four different platforms

That's one thousand four hundred And sixty pieces of content 1460 pieces of content Can you see the power of that Every piece of content you create is a Little recruiting machine all right So if you want to learn how to do 15 Second reels then click the link under This video watch the training by a six And seven figure earners Take the course it's a small investment Okay but if you work from home it's a Tax write-off but you'll learn from six And seven figure earners how to do reels And this is probably the the last way You can go viral really fast on social Media is by creating reels So this is pretty much what I do One hour a day all right Um of course I attend the live good zoom Call or watch the replay on YouTube So that's one hour a week One or two hours a week but I I'm not Lying guys when I say I work one hour a Day I literally work one hour a day okay Oh let me um let me talk about what I Don't do okay A lot of people are Spending way too much time Answering customer support questions to Their downline if if anyone on your team Emails you a customer support question You redirect them to customer support All right you you lead them to Um support livegood.com

All right so what I don't do I don't I Don't do I don't do customer support Okay And I'm I'm not trying to sound mean But when you run a million dollar Business you don't have time to be Customer support when there's a customer Support department with live good and Yes I know it's slow right now but the They're hiring new people all the time The Kinks will get worked out I mean This is a new company it's not going to Be perfect I don't do customer support and I don't Do other languages okay So if someone's emailing me in French You know I'm not even going to respond Okay they're gonna have to they're gonna Have to email support Everything goes to support Okay unless it's a person on my team That has shown commitment they've Recruited a few people and they might Have a question about you know Craigslist ads or something of course I'll respond okay I'm gonna respond to People that are working hard I'm not Going to respond to people that are like Where's my spillover I've been in a week Okay I you can delete those it's okay All right you only respond to the Pertinent ones Let's see what else I don't do

Um I don't do Don't I don't do zooms Um all of my training is on YouTube There's nothing I can say on Zoom that I Haven't said on YouTube and if you can't Watch a 10 minute video Then why why would I You know do something for you if you Want to do something for me all right You gotta watch a 10 minute video on YouTube that's that's all I do is if if I want to find something if I want to Learn something I go to YouTube and I Search for it if it's uh technical I Google it so you have Google and you Have YouTube that's how I learned the Entire network marketing profession was I watched MLM trainers in the beginning And I don't do uh I don't do three ways That's old school Okay three-way calls I think are Annoying and I think it's unfair for the Person that the two people are calling Because it's kind of like tag teaming Against you know you're tag teaming Someone Your tag teaming and forcing them to Join because there's two people going Come on come on Eric you can join this Is the leader Bob here he's made a Million in the company come on you can Join and you know even if they do join They'll quit a month later Because they were pressured into it so

Three-way calls are dead all right I've Done one three-way call in nine years All right or two I I someone tricked me onto a three-way Call Two months ago for live good But it was it was really quick it was Only five minutes Anyways so you are not customer support And you are you are a a CEO of a million Dollar business Okay you got to think like a CEO of a Million dollar business don't take any Time off okay and this is not posting Three videos is not building a million Dollar business posting one video a day For a whole year is a million dollar Business Again thank you for thank you so much For watching this again if you want the Training click the link under this video And live good is your vehicle to Life-changing income thank you for Watching and I'll see you on the beach

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