June 2, 2023

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Feel Great System | My Results | Bob Brooks 319-850-0907 | Bob Brooks Online Wow just over a month, over 20lbs and feeling great. This video I share how am losing weight and getting healthy SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL:…

Feel Great System | My Results | Bob Brooks 319-850-0907 |
Bob Brooks Online

Wow just over a month, over 20lbs and feeling great. This video I share how am losing weight and getting healthy

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Unicity and the Feel Great System

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Good Friday morning Bob Brooks here Today I want to do an update on my Results with the feel good system from Unicity I went to the doctor last week To go ahead and have all my numbers Checked blood pressure blood sugar uh The cholesterol and have the whole what Do they call the panels done I have that Done have them draw the blood and do That I've been on with the feel good System over a month now been about a Month and a half that I've been staying On this and I want to give you my Results because I'm super excited and It's not just the weight loss it started Out I was looking for a way to drop a Few pounds I was going over the 200 Mark And I'm only 5'7 for me that was the Heaviest I'd ever been and I decided I Want to lose some weight and I had tried A lot of things in the past and they Just didn't seem to work before I get Started go ahead hit that subscribe Button notification Bell so these things In the past hadn't worked I always fell Off the diet and I saw this feel good System I looked at it I looked at it it Involved a product that they have and I'll show you the product in a minute And it involved intermittent fasting and I really did not think I could do this I Really thought this was going to be a Disaster because for me to go without Eating the guys at work know I was

Pretty much a constant eater it's I ate For anxiety I ate for everything and I Decided to give this a try well it's Been six weeks and the the results are Phenomenal uh I am down over 25 pounds Probably over 30 now I got on the scale Over there at the doctor's office and he Was impressed I was at 178 and this was Last week during the week and during the Weekday I went over there and it's Saturday morning I'm putting this up on Friday but it was 178 pounds I haven't been there in oh gosh over 20 Years since I've been there but that's Not just the only result I mean I my Pants don't fit anymore I'm back into Old pants that I put on the Shelf maybe Someday and I started thinking never but Now I realize I did get back to him but The the pounds are gone I mean we're Close to 30 pounds somewhere around There that I've lost but the results of My numbers will be more phenomenal I've Been taking off the blood pressure Medicine I was taking metoprolol I think It's called I've been taking off that I Was taking a metformin for pre-diabetic I'm off of that and then I was taking a Statin for cholesterol I'm off of that And I was taking Prilosec every night Because my stomach was just always on Fire and from overeating pretty much and What I was eating and I'm off of that so I take no medication I'm about to be 62

In December I'm on no medication at my Age I have cut so much weight off I look Better My numbers are great but I feel so much Better doing this I have Boundless Energy now I'm taking the dog out on the Weekends we're doing actually hiking now Um something that I was always too lazy To do it's like I really should do it But I still feel like doing it and I Wouldn't do it but now I'm doing it and There's pictures of my Facebook feed of Me with the dog and actually the last Week we were hiking up this big hill and He gave up he's like I'm done he sat Down and just looked at me and said I Gotta stop so we stopped for a while at The dog rest which has never happened I Have a blue healer I've never had to Wait on him but I actually started in Down one of the flat parts of the path I Started jogging a little bit I haven't Run since I was in the Navy and I was Like I just feel so much better my body Doesn't ache I'm sleeping full nights Again I'm having a great time I love Where I've gone I can't say enough about This this product The product does a lot but what really Has the impact is intermittent fasting My schedule goes uh I go to bed early Somewhere around 8 8 30 so when I go to Bed but I have my dinner at six o'clock And well I'm done with dinner by six

O'clock and I used to sit and Munch I Was a grazer to the refrigerator because I was so tired and I was just trying to Stay awake to bed I keep going the Fridge and snacking well now at six O'clock at night I'm done eating there's Nothing left to be had I don't do any More snacking no eating I'm just not Going to do that but one of the products I take allows me to steal feel full and Digest food longer so I don't feel Hungry I don't feel the need to and I Committed to it and that's the last meal The next thing in the morning comes Around around I get up you know I Usually walk the dogs home at 3 30 for Someone in there where people think I'm Crazy but that's what I do and I don't Have any breakfast I skip breakfast Because I'm intermittent fasting for at Least 16 hours usually about eight O'clock I have a unimate tea which is One of the products and I'll show you I Drink that and that keeps me full till Lunch uh sometimes at 10 o'clock I add In another a Superfood drink that I take it's all Plant-based in nutrition I might do that At 10 o'clock mixed with some oat milk Or almond milk that's an intermittent Thing I do sometimes I'll do it if I'm If I just feel I need something else but The unimate usually takes me up till 12 O'clock where I have lunch I have lunch

I really haven't changed what I eat I Have a little bit I've tried to cut out The sugars and I don't really try to Have much sugar and I'm cutting out a Lot of the carbs the Breads and the Pastas which the other night my wife and I went to an Italian restaurant I had Pasta she made potato soup the other Night so I had potatoes then we had Pizza the other night so to say I'm Cutting it out is one thing am I Actually doing it probably not as much As I think I am but I'm still eating Pretty much what I want and I'm going to Take you to the website and show you the Products I take that have helped me get Through this intermittent fasting Because that's what makes a difference Is intermittent fasting and I'll show You that but let me share my screen hold On So I did go ahead and become an Affiliate this because I love it so much And I think so many of us need it uh When you start talking not about just Losing weight but you start talking About your health uh it's important to Do it and if this what helps you get Through it that's what helped me get Through it so it's two products unamate And unity balance Unicity balance uh the Unamate is the well let's just go down Here but here's what happens I mean we Start looking at the times when you take

The balance before dinner uh then you Start fasting their hours are different Than mine I told you mine but fasting Starts somewhere in the middle night my Blood sugar starts to normalize insulin Levels drop glucagon is released Digestive system resets and then in the Morning I have my unimate after I have That uh during the intermittent fasting Fat burning begins and the HGH increases Body ramps up fast burning and then I Have this and that's what I do so let's Talk about the products you got udamate Uh get up and go unamate does highly Concentrated Urban mate drink contains Unique blend of plant compounds known to Lower it improve your mood boost your Energy height and mental Clarity and Suppress appetite and it does do it in a Sugar-free the one before your meals is A balance the balance is a solution to Balanced nutrition again the patent Blend of fibers nutritions plant Compounds are specifically designed to Slow carbohydrate absorption so you stay Full longer and I admit I don't get Hungry anymore I don't feel like Snacking I just feel comfortable it Promotes proper digestion and Cholesterol absorption and it provides Some minerals and vitamins that I need So those two products are the one I take I take two of these a day two of the Balance one before lunch one before

Dinner and I take this sometime during The morning I have this I still drink a Cup of black coffee in the morning and Then after I usually have my black Coffee about six and then I have this About eight uh but that's what I've been Doing and it works I mean it's just and There's doctors that are behind it my Doctor is really impressed more so with My numbers now that I'm off of Everything so that's the product that's What I've been doing let me go back to My video camera But that's what I've been doing uh I've Actually inspired people where I work They're saying how much I weighed I lost They've actually started a weight loss Competition they won't let me in because I've lost too much that's why I'm going To lose some more my target I want to Get down about 165 that's where I was When I retired from the military uh 23 Years ago so I'm I'm on fire and that's The neat thing about when you start Seeing the results it gets you motivated And excited to do more and I noticed That and this thing gives you results Pretty quick so you get excited about What's happening and it keeps you going And you get more and more motivated and That's when you start I mean I started Trying to change the diet I started Adding more exercise in and I'm just Living a healthier lifestyle because I

Got started and it was really cool so I'm very impressed with it if you're Looking to improve your health and drop A few pounds I recommend this product I Mean I really I'm living proof that it Works so that's what I got for Friday I'm just excited to go into the weekend Here we'll see you on Monday in my next Video you guys have a great day talk to You later bye

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