June 2, 2023

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Pro Marketing Tip | Lead Generation | List Building | Bob Brooks 319 850 0907 Bob Brooks Online I show how to generate more and more traffic giving away a free bonus SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: ➡️ http://bobschannel.com Traffic…

Pro Marketing Tip | Lead Generation | List Building | Bob Brooks 319 850 0907
Bob Brooks Online

I show how to generate more and more traffic giving away a free bonus

➡️ http://bobschannel.com

Traffic Bonus

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Bob Brooks 319 850 0907

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Good morning welcome to the freedom Alliance I'm Bob Brooks and today I'm Going to give you a pro marketing tip I'm going to show you how to increase Your traffic to build your list increase Your leads increase your conversions and I'm going to give you the bonus to do All this so it'll double your business Just wash it all the way through first Hit that subscribe button and Notification Bell so traffic is the Number one thing people need to be Successful online over and over again I've said there's different ways to have Traffic there's better leads and you Know lots of good leads the better the Lead the less traffic you need the lower The quality traffic the more traffic you Need so we're going to talk about a way Just to take the the basic traffic and Turn it into really good traffic and I'm Talking about traffic uh traffic Exchanges and safe lists and how you can Use those people burn out on on these Things because a traffic exchange means You have to Surf you have to click for Credits click for credits you got to Look at ads click it get credits and Then you get credits and you post your Own ad and they and they there's Thousands of these traffic exchanges and People get overwhelmed by it I'm going To show you how we're going to fix that Safe list same thing there there's

Thousands of these safe lists out there You have to read these emails click on The link get the credit and then post Your ad I'm going to show you how you Can build your credits without doing That I mean there is some you're going To do do a little bit of clicking but I'm going to show you how you can build Your credits and build your referrals in All those by having a bonus for your Primary opportunity one of the things I See people think the opportunity makes All the money and I've said it over and Over again it's not the opportunity it's The marketing you have to have good Promoting and marketing skills to build Any opportunity out there now I have Quite a few different opportunities I'm Building right now and I'm using this Bonus with a smaller level opportunity Because people come in I give them the Bonus so they can do the same thing but It really helps generate me more traffic It'll help them generate more traffic And I'm going to show you how this is Done so let me share my screen and show You what I use for a bonus that I'm Going to give you today the link will be Down below for that bonus and you can Use this to build your traffic base hold On so here's what I'm giving away my Exclusive traffic resources and it says Warning your website without traffic is Is like a body without Bloods don't

Close dead increase traffic the easy way And I come down here and I start showing Them what I'm using to create traffic These are traffic exchange co-ops this Means if I list my ad in these sites They get shown on all the other traffic Exchanges I just have to share the co-op Link and then other people doing the Same thing because you share your Co-op Link you get credits to have yours shown So I really only have to go into these Three traffic exchanges I have more than This but these are three primary IUS and I have upgraded because I want the Credits but my sites get shown at all The traffic exchanges without me being In them all now here's the neat part This bonus people come in they sign up What do I get when they sign up for These I get referral bonus I get more Credits so I give away a bonus where They can get good advertising good Traffic and because they do that I get More traffic so what do they do they Take the same page I'm going to share Code for it they take this page they Give it to all the people they sign up In their small business or whatever They're doing they give them this page Then they change these links to their Links so they start getting credits and This is how you start building your Credits because a lot of these offer you Know when they when they refer somebody

They'll get credits I'll get credits and We start keep getting credits I do use Leads leap you need a leadsleep account Uh you can get the share code from me For this but I share that and then what Else do I have I have traffic exchanges I use uh I'm safeless list Joe right now Is just rocking like crazy so I moved Him up to the top free advertising for You all of these have some paid Memberships that you can take one-time Offers which really help in your Advertising I am upgraded in most of These some of these are like Warrior Plus uh Submit your ad and they do it for you Type things they're listed in here state Of the art mail is one of my favorites But I have those listed I just recently Added these I love both of these well I Took this I took this one here I took both these uh upgrades on both of These liked them that much uh and then I Had this one here another one I really Liked uh tons of solo ads if you take Their offer and again all this stuff When people sign up you get credits and If they take any of the otos you make Money too so it's it's another little Cha-ching there coming in for you and Then I've got some honorable mentions Here and I'm gonna be changing this and Keep it updated here's some jazz deep I Think he has the best solo ads I have

Udemy in here I've used them wholesale Premium traffic and again right here a Man who stops advertising to save money Is a man who stops the clock to save Time doesn't work I will be upgrading This page but here's let me go back my Screen But here's the point I have a bonus to Give people most people don't know how To promote so once they get started I Give them that resource they go and they Sign up even as just a free member and All of those I'm getting credits they Now can take that same page with my Share code they can create a bonus so When their people join because they're Going to advertise those sites they're Going to get leads they're going to tell Those leads hey I got a Bonus if you Join with me they can give them their Page after they take the share code put Their links in there now they'll get Referrals to all those and they can make Some money if people upgrading those It's a way to give something away it's Packaged already for you so you don't Just sign somebody up and and they're Like now what do I do and they say well Go join and this is how I used to do it Go join safe lists and traffic exchanges With this you can modify put in the ones That you like and they'll join Underneath you in all those traffic Sources which increases your traffic

It's a smart Pro way to increase your Traffic that's what I got for Monday you Guys have a great day we'll see you Later bye

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