June 2, 2023

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We Got Friends Review | Compensation Plan | Bob Brooks 319 850 0907 Bob Brooks online I review We Got Friends and go over the compensation plan. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: ➡️ http://bobschannel.com​​ We Got Friends - Register for…

We Got Friends Review | Compensation Plan | Bob Brooks 319 850 0907
Bob Brooks online

I review We Got Friends and go over the compensation plan.

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Bob Brooks 319 850 0907

Good morning welcome to the freedom Alliance I'm Bob Brooks and today I want To talk about we got friends I want to Go over the compensation plan and do a Quick review on it uh today this video Is going live Wednesday morning it's Actually Saturday morning it might have Launched completely by now I don't know It's any day they're going to do the Full launch right now we're in the Pre-launch stage I've been there for a While while they work out all the bugs On this awesome compensation plan but The product we got friends is leads Everybody who's becomes an active member Is going to get 100 leads a month Monday I did a marketing Pro tip on how To generate traffic to get leads leads Are the most important thing there's Different levels of leaves cold traffic What I showed on Monday you need a lot Of traffic but what we're going to get With we got friends is going to be a Much better quality lead and we're Getting 100 of them out of those hundred Leads you just plug them right back in We got friends you can build this Business with the product or you can use That product to promote other businesses And the neat part is we're going to be Able to sell leads one of the hottest Things out there look at the solo ad Vendors out there they sell traffic We're going to be able to sell leads to

People to build their business so you Just have all these different income Sources and I want to go through a quick Overview but before I get started go Ahead hit that subscribe button Notification Bell and let me share my Screen hold on So here I am in my back office for we Got friends uh right now I've got over 12 000 people and 11 000 on the right Leg 825 or on the left leg on the right Leg at 8 25. uh this leg's going by Itself now no need to worry about it This leg is the one I'm working and I'm Still working it and we're gonna build It down until it goes on its own because When you have a binary with two legs Going on their own you're making money So that's where we're going with this And I want to go through the Compensation plan but again if we're Still in pre-launch right now This is dashboard leaderboard I believe I'm on the leaderboard let's take a look Here it comes I believe I'm somewhere Down around the 130 yep 132 right there Bob B that's me uh 132 personal and I've Got what I say they're 800 and something On that leg and 12 000 on the other so You see this thing's growing pretty much On its own but let me take you to the Compensation plan because that's what's Really exciting so Go right here this is the Compensation

Plan overview there are five ways to Earn there's the lead store customer Bonuses earn commission by sharing your Lead store with new customers and earn From that billion dollar industry it is The hottest thing you can sell online to Other marketers as leads and we're gonna Be able to do that they have a Three-tier fast start uh means when you Fast start bonuses on three levels we Have a twin turbo dual team this is the Binary and then there's a matching bonus That you can earn seven percent Um on your different level matching Bonuses and then there's this Global Nitro line bonus pool which I'm going to Show you which is the first of its kind We all earn depending where you're at in There but let's talk about customer Bonuses thirty percent on all lead store Purchases so we're gonna sell leads Interviewed leads local leads premium Leads I mean they're different types of Leaves we're gonna be able to sell these And get a 30 commission I think this is Fantastic I buy these leaves and I plug Them into an automated texting platform I buy the these leads and I've actually Called them I've given my team to call These are great great leads and we'll be Able to sell them and get 30 commission Uh we'll be buying my own leaves We have fast art earned three levels of Fast start 30 on your first level five

And five that is pretty incredible that You get a fast start bonus on what you Do and other people do when this thing Kicks off right now is the time to get Yourself a lot of people going because When it kicks off it'll be a lot of Money paid out right away this is a Binary Looks like it pays 20 of the Lesser leg So the volume is calculated you get 20 You got to have two legs you got to Sponsor at least one at each leg but uh As it grows you can see where I'm at I Mean twenty percent of whatever the Volume out of that 825 leg is going to Be is going to be pretty a pretty good Start uh matching bonuses again I'm Gonna get matching bonuses uh on all my Personals and their personals so two Generations of fast start can get five Percent two percent I mean this thing's Just chock full of money uh and then Here's the global Nitro line that I Really like uh straight down from the Company down and you you earn by how Many sales you have and you can get up To up to uh two percent for each one Each one of these levels so it's really And then they have an income disclaimer Which we always have to have because It's based on your own efforts but That's the Compensation Plan uh it Seemed a lot more complicated when I First looked at it but when I go through

This it's actually quite simple I'm Gonna go back to my camera here hold on It's actually quite simple and I really Like this Compensation Plan I like the Fact that we're going to get 100 leads Every month for money the membership's Gonna be 69.95 when this kicks off and They're always going to have a week four Where you can bring people in for free Where they can look around before they Have to upgrade which is really nice but Here's the thing you're gonna get 100 Leads Everybody that's active in your downline Is going to get 100 leads so let's just Say I have a hundred people That are active let's just say let's Take 10. you have 10 people underneath You that are active and they all get 100 Leads so 10 people can handle these That's a thousand leads coming into your Business all those leads me plugged Right back into we got friends you got a Thousand leads if only 10 of those Thousand leads Go ahead and upgrade we've got friends You just had another 100 people join Your business this thing's gonna grow on Its own just because the product's gonna Feed your business it is well worth Being in here they've taken their time They're really going at this the right Way if you haven't grabbed a free spot I Do have a link down below get started

Reach out to me uh check out my Monday Video on traffic and the bonus I give Away there and a marketing tip to help You build this another way other than Just so these are going to give you but That's what I got for today we'll see You guys my next video will be Friday Talk to you then bye

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