June 2, 2023

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➡️Get 15 Sec Videos to do the Prospecting for Your MLM Business:: http://www.AttractProspects247.com

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Hey everyone welcome to the channel this Is Eric Johnson I am so excited today to Talk about my diamond earnings and live Good I hit Diamond within 89 days and I Just want to thank my awesome team and And we've been through a lot and we've Hustled a lot and and this is what uh Miracles is made of a life-changing Income is here at live good and we're Gonna dive in so before we get started Hit the Subscribe button and just keep In mind that this video is for Educational purposes only I'm not um Stating any income guarantees or any Income claims I'm just showing you what I did because I was consistent I busted My butt and now this is the reward that I get so thank you for everyone Um very super excited let's just go over The Compensation Plan really fast this Is what happens when you become a Diamond you open up some parts of the Compensation Plan Uh like with the weekly fast start Commissions you then now get paid down 10 levels on Fast starts With the Matrix commissions when you're A diamond it opens your Matrix up to a 2 By 15 with a potential monthly income of 16 383 and 50 cents Uh also your Matrix match Um opens up I now can get three percent On uh five levels of diamond five

Generations of diamonds plus all of the Other matches down back to personally Enrolled And then uh lastly the most exciting Part Is the diamond bonus pull where I we Share all the diamonds share in two Percent of the total company sells each Month so this diamond bonus is not going Away as long as I maintain Diamond rank I will be getting this type of income Every single month and it is Dramatically different than what I was Earning as a platinum so keep on Recruiting guys keep working with your Teams motivate them Inspire them share Share with them this video because Anyone can achieve this success I'm an Introvert I I'm a homebody I'm a recluse I was a the town drunk 13 years ago and I finally made it because I did my Homework I was consistent and I showed Up every single day and I I hit live Good super hard from day one so let's Talk about my breakdown Um let me just show you my stats really Fast so I hit gold and 11 days platinum And 29 days diamond in 89 days This is my Matrix down here you can see That my Matrix is filling every single Week it's growing every single week and Level 15 was just added to my Matrix Because I hit Diamond so now I have 2400 People in The Matrix which is really

Cool all right so let me uh just show You uh let me just go back here Uh I started live good December 18th Okay so this is my earnings for live Good YouTube and attraction marketing Training okay so Liv good was only a Thousand seven hundred and ninety eight Dollars Because I was I joined in the middle of The month uh I did start recruiting Right away that's why I got this much Money so the total for the month was 2632 in December the following month Live good went up to 4953 attraction marketing was still Small I wasn't promoting it yet YouTube Was higher because of all the live good Videos I was doing live good is great it Can do wonders for your YouTube channel So I did uh 1861 dollars for a total for 6826 and 35 cents for January The next month I'm starting to promote attraction Marketing more heavily made 497 dollars With it live good is up about a thousand Almost a thousand more at five thousand Six hundred and sixty four dollars YouTube was my best month two thousand Four hundred dollars for a total of Eight thousand five hundred and sixty Seven dollars for February If I multiply That by 12 to make a whole year I'd be Earning a hundred and two thousand and

Eight hundred and thirteen dollars per Year at this amount So let's look at what I made in March as A diamond All right live good I made seventeen Thousand three hundred and sixty four Dollars in the month of March that is With the diamond bonus I'll show you That in a second attraction marketing Was almost two thousand dollars and YouTube was down a thousand because they Uh I don't know they just lowered my my Cost per Milli rate for two weeks I Don't know but anyways that's on the Mend now and climbing back up my total For the month was twenty thousand seven Hundred and fifty three dollars for a Total of if I if I made this every Single month I'd be making 248 000 a year okay So let me just show you the uh live good Only income you can see how dramatic it Changed I went from a thousand seven Hundred and ninety eight dollars in December to 17 364 dollars in just four months three And a half months okay that's by Recruiting people and building teams Okay life-changing income is here with Live good I'll show you my back office And uh let me just get back to my Earnings here All right so Here's here's the pay right here April 6

Is payday so my monthly was two thousand One hundred and twenty five dollars and My weekly was 836 dollars you can click On the monthly to open it up You can see that the pay period was the Whole month of March my Matrix bonus was 425 dollars my matching bonus went up a Lot from the previous month up to uh two Thousand four hundred and fifty one Dollars this is from all the matrixes I Get paid on so that is why I tell you to Keep recruiting Because you can earn 50 Of everyone's Matrix that you recruit Okay so that can really add up because Look at last month Last month my Matrix match was only 750 Dollars So it went up significantly okay up from 700 to 2451 this I believe is going to be Bigger than the diamond bonus So keep on recruiting and then finally The diamond poll was nine thousand two Hundred and forty seven dollars for a Total of twelve thousand one hundred and Twenty five dollars So guys you can see how dramatic my Income went you know I was getting 800 To 1200 a week and then all of a sudden Now I am at this twelve thousand dollars In fact my last monthly payment was only 990 dollars now my monthly is over Twelve thousand dollars so very dramatic Get to Diamond as quick as possible you

Just need a team of twenty five hundred With no more than 500 members from One Enrollment leg AKA from one leader on your team All right so I'm very excited uh let me Just show you some of my top teams I'm Very excited about my team you guys are Kicking butt we have Mike do with over 7 200 people on his team Katina Willis is Number two with 980 200 team Bjorn Lynn Strand is from Sweden he's got a team of 633 digital boost is really claiming Fast with 372 on his team Eric chicas 357. Misha Harris my wonderful fiance With 206 and Steve mead with 196 Floyd Humphries with 124 and Mark balderrama With 97. so guys we are crushing it all Right so check out the link under this Video if you're not in live good or if You need recruiting techniques I love you guys thank you for watching God bless

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