June 2, 2023

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Wanted to give a message and point out what in my opinion is false teaching plus my testimony Bob Brooks Online Here is the message from the church I reference https://www.youtube.com/live/rwRbFsUf8sw?feature=share SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: ➡️ http://bobschannel.com​​ Stem Cell…

Wanted to give a message and point out what in my opinion is false teaching plus my testimony
Bob Brooks Online

Here is the message from the church I reference

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Good morning Bob Brooks here uh it's Good Friday it's Easter weekend uh I Want to do a message today instead of Making money I think it's more important To talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ uh before I get started go ahead Hit that subscribe button and Notification Bell and the reason I want To talk about Jesus today is I'm looking At the world and it is really really It's upside down I'm not it's it's Exactly as Revelation said it would be I Mean everything is backwards and Um Christians are going to get Persecuted very hard I'm watching a Church online and I believe I'm gonna Link to it down below so somebody can Watch our last message I believe it's a False teaching Church their last one in The hands of an Angry God they're Referencing a sermon many many years ago But they talk about how the the view of Most Christian churches is this angry God he's angry with Sinners with Sinners And he wants to kill them and we have to Get our wording right because that's It's a misrepresentation and if that's And they talk about this being a false Belief you need to unpack it and change It with healthy beliefs well if you Believe we have an Angry God that's Angry at sinners You have a false belief I will agree With that point of view but where they

Change it and they say that they start Saying this is why Christian churches Believe this and it's no it's not what Christian churches believe at least not The one I go to We believe we're in the Hands of a loving God a loving God he Doesn't hate us he loves us and I know This because I was a sinner most of my Life I lived in darkness most of my life I am a guy that was drinking the alcohol The drugs the sex all that stuff I live That life I did it in the service I Chased everything overseas I did all This horrible stuff But at the time it didn't seem horrible But I was living in darkness and it led Nowhere but when I came to the saving Faith in Jesus Christ I realized that Sin that was a first that's the first Time I realized that I knew God was real And I knew Jesus was real is when I got Convicted that that is sin without the Holy Spirit of me to convict me of my Own sin I had no clue I was living in Darkness for most my life looking back I Can see that Darkness looking forward I Can see the light I can see the Difference between light and darkness And I know when I see darkness and false Teaching is Darkness it is Darkness it's Leading people down the wrong path the Bible says the road to Salvation is Narrow the road do destruction is wide And this church when you start talking

About being at the hands of an Angry God Who wants to kill Sinners that's a false False statement because God is not angry At Sinners God loves us God loves us so Much God is love God is patient God is Kind and I know this because he's been So patient with me he's been so kind to Me he's been so loving to me he has not Walk turned his back on me through my Whole life even in the darkest days of My life he didn't turn his back on me he Was there he was love he was patient he Was just calling to me all I had to do Was turn to him all I had to do was let Myself go and say you know what I need something more than this world Because I was chasing all that Darkness Stuff trying to find pleasure trying to Please myself trying to make myself Happy and all this crap and it didn't Work until I found Jesus and then I had Peace then I had love and it didn't Start right away because up here was When I first I believed it because I can See God in the world I can see God and And somebody said well how do you know God exists I said because we have to Have a Creator we have to have a Creator And it can't be the big bang because I'm Looking at this little mouse right here This little mouse would never evolve it Was created I don't know who created it but I know It had to be created because there's no

Way something like this could evolve and Now if something is simple as a little Piece of plastic with a little light on The bottom of it could be created But can't evolve how much more great are We how much more complex are we that we Have to have a Creator so I knew there Was a God and then I had to start really Digging in and as I went through life I Realized Jesus Christ is the way because I read the Bible and the Bible And you know we have to have a source of Truth and if we don't believe the Bible Well where do we get our truth from we Get it from ourselves and I want to get It from the Bible and I've looked back And I've tried to find the earliest Bibles to see if the scripture matches Up and I believe in this I believe we Have a powerful God that kept the Meaning of his word Through The Years in His scripture so we have a way of coming To know God and again I know he's real Because I've put my saving faith in him And he's changed my life he's changed my Heart I know Darkness from light and I Know he's in my heart and I know I'm Giving this message so he's not an Angry God he's a loving God who loves us he's Patient he's waiting for us to turn to Him and say God I need you but here's a Problem we have and it's kind of like a Father with a little child if my child Does wrong am I angry at him no I'm

Upset I don't like what he did but I Still love him beyond anything because He's my child he's my son my daughter I Have two kids no matter what they did I Always loved them I get upset with what they're doing And do I need to correct it yes I have To correct them and I eventually have to Say enough's enough let's my son never Did this but let's say he was here in my House and he got into drugs and stealing And all this bad stuff and disrespecting His mother and all this stuff we were Fighting all the time I'd have to kick Him out I would have to kick him out I Would still love him I would still be Praying they would turn back to his Family and love us the way we love him But I I I don't want to kill him so I Know my God who loves me more than I Love my kids doesn't want to kill me he Loves me he wants me to turn back to him That's how I know that statement's wrong Then they got into the whole Resurrection And that They they talk about seeing the cross The two the chasms with the in between How we can't get to God unless we go Through Jesus Christ and they thought That was kind of out there but that is True because we have to think of a holy God we have to think of a God that's so Holy

And he has to be he's perfect he's Loving there's good and there's evil on The good side all over his perfect love And that's God you can't put sin with God you can't put sin in heaven and we All fall short of the glory of God how Are we going to get into heaven when we Know we might be good people we might be Trying to do the right thing but deep Down in here there are selfish thoughts We think of ourselves it happens all the Time somebody cuts me off in traffic I'm Not too happy with that guy and I Realize those thoughts aren't Godly well That can't get into heaven so I need Somebody to take the punishment for me Or I have to take the punishment just Like my son in stealing would have to Stand up for his punishment if I stole I Have to take that consequence for Stealing and a tone to it I have to but I with coming to a totally holy place I Can't atone for that and they talk about The resurrection and he makes a Statement that people believe it it's Wild to believe that God would send his Son here to kill him because we can't Make our ourselves well enough first off God did not send us son here to kill him Got it and they they try to paint God as A violent God and that's a violent Act Of a god killing his son so we could go To heaven that's not what happened what Happened is Jesus came to this earth he

Lived a perfect life and he voluntarily Gave his life to take the punishment for Us he represented me on that cross he Took my sin to the Cross voluntarily That's not an act of violence that's an Act of love that's taken a bullet for Somebody that's a true Act of Love To Die for somebody else so they don't have To die That's an act of love now I have an Access to my true God through Jesus Christ and I'm going to heaven because He took the punishment for me but I want To caution people because there are There is sin in our lives and we all Have it and some of these churches like The lgbtqt they don't want to admit I Watch a female uh I guess she was a Preach a priest she had the white collar And I watched her on Tick Tock and she Was talking about how Christians are so Far off the mark because we're not about Love because love between a woman and Woman a man a man is love and if it's True love who are we as Christians to Say that's wrong I'm not the guy saying It's wrong it's the word of God that Says it's wrong and if God says it's Wrong it's wrong and if you don't lay That sin at the cross how can God Forgive you of that sin God's going to Forgive you of all the sin all your sin Can be laid at the foot of Jesus and say Please forgive me and God is righteous

God is true God will forgive you but if You don't lay the sin at the cross will He forgive you I don't know that's God The judge not me I love all people and I'm just sitting here making this Message now saying God is love Jesus did Die for our sins you need to confess Your sin to God and lay him at the foot Of the cross and say please forgive me These sins and then you need to realize You've got to turn from the sin it might Not happen overnight you're going to Stumble you're going to fall but we have To understand some of our some of our Desires are unhealthy some of our Beliefs are unhealthy but a belief in God and Jesus not unhealthy a belief That sex between a man and a man is good Is wrong believing that watching porn is Okay believing sins that we want to do Are okay That's wrong and we need to lay that at The foot of the cross and totally admit That we are sinners and that's what we Are and I got some scripture to read Support my point of view which if you Watch a video down below this other Church they really don't reference any Scripture to their point of view but I'm Going to reference some scripture and The reason I believe the Bible is true One I say because I read it and it Struck me but it also says in the Bible Says well yeah you can write your own

Saying this is true well you have to Have something of Truth and all Scripture is God breathed and useful That's right out of second Timothy 3 16. And what I find when I read the Bible is So much truth and so much contradiction To the way of the world That I know is true for one your sensor Has moved as far as the East is from the West if you travel east you're always Going east if you're going west you're Always going west they never cross but If you were to say your sins are removed As far as the north is from the south When you go to the top of the globe You're going south again so it's just That little point there shows me how the Wording is just so spot-on but let's go To John 14 16. I am the way and the Truth and the life no one comes to the Father except through me right there Jesus says he is the truth he is away we Have to accept Jesus Christ uh Hebrews Uh strive for peace with everyone for The Holiness for the Holiness without Which no one will see the Lord so I have To love all people it's not my place to Judge I have a plank in my eye I am a Sinner I am wicked to the core every day I wake up every day I go to work I say Something stupid I think something Stupid my eyes see something stupid my Brain goes in stupid places I am a Sinner but it doesn't mean God's angry

With me just means God loves me it just Means that's all the more reason I need To love Jesus because all the more Season he did something for me that I Could do for myself and that is love When somebody does something for Somebody else because as human I have to Admit I'm weak but we don't want to Admit that sometimes but let's go on uh Romans 3 23 for all of sin and fall Short of the glory of God and we have Nobody can meet the glory of God except Jesus and that's why he can take the Sacrifice for us that's why he could Show the ultimate Act of love not God Kill you son but Jesus loving us God Loving us taking our sin for us uh John 4 24 goddess spirit and those who Worship must in spirit and truth so I Have to put truth out here when it's Wrong it's wrong Ephesians husbands love Your wives Man and a woman right there in Ephesians Hebrews if we go on sinning deliberately After receiving the knowledge of the Truth there no longer remains a Sacrifice for sins and Go on sinning deliberately and this is Where I get into the word if you don't Want to admit something sin and you hold On to it this is where I think God God's Not going to forgive you that sin and There's no sacrifice for that sin Because you won't lay it at the foot of

The cross you have to lay it at the foot Of the cross if you want to be forgiven Of a sin it has to go there if you keep On doing it now this is insane though Okay because I used to take this and it Used to get me when I when I goes into With my bad bad porn days and I would Look at pornography and I would go back To God and this was a real hard time Between here and this is where some of The bad stuff can happen I had this Feeling that oh gosh I'm not saved now Because I did this well no that wasn't True that's me stumbling and that's me Going back to God in Repentance but if I Was to deliberate doing it saying it's Okay God doesn't mind Like gay marriage it's okay God doesn't Mind it's love We're deliberately sinning and we have To be very careful of that and I'm not Judging these are God's words and I'm Going to tell you right now take it to God don't take it to me you can Blast Me Down Below I don't care but take it to God If you believe in Jesus Christ he will Convict you in your heart what sin is Because boy I get convicted all the time And have to repent but first John 1 9 we Confess our sins well this follows right In there and I did not plan the season I Wrote These down like two weeks ago if We confess our sins he is faithful and

Just to forgive us of our sins and to Cleanse us of all right unrighteousness So every day every day every hour I'm Confessing my sin uh and this is why I'm Not the judge God is Matthew 7 1-8 uh Judge not uh First Corinthians 6 9. this Is one of the ones that uh Points out what sin is or do you not Know that the unrighteousness will not Inherit the kingdom of God do not be Deceived and in the end times it says We're gonna have lots of preachers out There tickling our ears and seeing us so We can have our way but uh do not be Deceived neither the sexually immoral Nor idolatrous nor adulterers nor men Who practice homosexuality now a lot of People say Jesus didn't say Homosexuality in his time but he did say The sexual immoral and you know what Pornography wasn't even around back then They didn't have the internet that I Would say there was some sort of Pornography but they didn't have the Internet Is here today so when he says sexual Immoral he means all of it he means Everything outside of marriage between a Man and a woman and you can say marriage Can be anybody but I'm going to tell you Right now Adam and Eve Noah took one of Each animal he took a male and a female And it does say that when boys grow up The men will leave their

Home and go get a wife and the Bible Just has so many instances of man and Woman and never do they have man and man And you can go back and try to find Human standards that say it was okay but When you read God's standard and say the Bible is my source of truth because we Have to have a source of Truth and it's God and you read the Bible you take it To God you'll find out it's true when You go to that standard you'll know that It's sin and I'm not judging that's Between you and God uh the times of Ignorance got overlooked but now he Commands all people everywhere repent And I'm making this for that reason Right there the time ignorance is over Time is short uh I do believe his return Is imminent I believe we are in the Final days of this world I am watching What's happening with all the different Forum Powers I'm watching what's Happening in our own political system Collapsing I'm watching the the dollar Collapse as people get off the Petro Dollar uh we're not seeing it here but It's coming I'm watching everything Happen I'm watching vaccines I'm Watching lockdowns around the world I'm Watching riots and protests and I'm Watching all this transgender stuff and The world is in its last days and Jesus Is going to return not because he hates People but he's had enough with Satan

And sin the the deceiver of Lies I mean Boy he's a what do they call him a Master lies he uh I don't know he's he's the one alive but He he deceives us very well repent Therefore and turn back that your sins May be blotted out And then the second Peter talks about False teachers but that's what I got for Today I want this to be an uplifting Message uh but it is a desperate world It's a desperate time I would uh say you Really need to turn to Jesus ask him Into your heart to forgive you know that God loves you know that God wants to Forgive your sins and you don't have to Feel guilty you don't have to feel shame You just have to take it before the Lord And say you know I'm sorry for my sin Please forgive me my faith is in Jesus Christ I love you Lord and thank you for What you've done for me it's not an act Of violence it's an act of love because He loves us and he wants us to turn back To him this world's a mess I don't think Part of it I want the Lord anyway that's What I have for today God bless you have A great uh Easter weekend I usually have A zoom on Saturday it won't be having it I'll post that in the Facebook group no Zoom uh other than that that's all I got Have a great weekend bye

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