June 2, 2023

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In this video, we'll discuss how to promote your product or business if it is third in the market. We'll revisit the concept of "market sophistication" and how to choose the right content to write for your headlines and sales…

In this video, we’ll discuss how to promote your product or business if it is third in the market. We’ll revisit the concept of “market sophistication” and how to choose the right content to write for your headlines and sales copy.

The more marketing and advertising there is in your market, the more sophisticated your target customers will be. By this time the niche is saturated; prospective customers have heard all promises from competitors; they are likely too jaded and skeptical. So how do you get their trust back and back up your claims?

You’ll need to introduce a unique mechanism or feature, something unique, that delivers the benefits. Shift your messaging from WHAT it does, to HOW it does it. Don’t emphasize the accomplishment from owning the product but the performance of the product.

If you’re looking to promote your product in a competitive market, then this series is for you! We’ll discuss the different strategies you can use to get their trust back and back up your claims, so you can reach your target audience and increase your sales.

00:00 – How to Choose What You Show Your Prospect
00:36 – 3 Vital Questions to Ask Yourself First
01:17 – If You are 3rd in Your Market…
02:08 – These Desires Never Fade
04:41 – What Your Sales Copy Needs to Make Old Claims Fresh Again
07:56 – From “What” to “How” – the BIG Shift
09:24 – Ad Framework and Real World Examples
10:59 – Example of Poor Marketing
13:05 – Recap of Sophistication Level 3

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Hi, Tim Sales here. In this series of 
videos, I'm talking about how do you   Choose what content to put in front of your 
prospect? Alright, that's going to depend   Upon what is the sophistication level of your 
prospect. In other words, how much do they know   How many have they seen before that's like 
yours and that's product or business and   So in this one I'm talking about if you're 
the third person to bring them a business   Or a product what do you do that's what 
we're going to be talking about [Music]   All right we always start with the three 
vital questions and I want to just keep   On repeating this for you because it'll hit 
you one day gosh uh even if the only thing   I ever did when I got on the zoom call was 
somebody is ask them what is their desire   And then uh how much does he or she know about 
your product and products like yours and that   Is going to basically put them on a scale of 
awareness level different from what I'm going   To be talking about which is sophistication level 
but that's the similar products how many similar   Products or how many similar businesses have they 
done that determines their sophistication level Okay so if you are third in your Market and this 
if you've been watching this series this is going   To be a different one okay so you're going 
to have to do some things different this time   Prospects have now heard all the claims all the 
extremes remember that embellishment how you keep   Embellishing and embellishing uh well then your 
competitors embellish embellish okay and so now   It's starting to be extreme to people they're 
starting to doubt it things like that perhaps   They bought one or two of competing products 
they are hit with ads about it often they're   Tracked all over the Internet with ads you 
know from uh from what they've done before   How are they to distinguish one product from 
the mass how do you break through to reach them   Okay so let me talk about something and then I'll 
answer that question first the restorative power   Of the market that you're dealing with okay I'm 
not talking about the whole I'm talking about the   Market that you're dealing with restorative okay 
so weight loss supplements technology skin care   Make more money okay so you just take these 
categories and you say well does the desire   Ever fade do they desire to lose weight yeah do 
they desire the benefits of supplements well if   They're educated they do okay and all of these are 
that way all right so now the desire never Fades   From the mass okay maybe one or two people do but 
uh but I have heard this guy is falling so many   Times you can't imagine right and whether it be 
my particular business or whether it be the whole   Industry of network marketing or whatever it is 
I've heard sky falling forever but it hasn't yet   Okay so they may quit right okay so they 
let's say that uh I don't know one of my   Entire business sides end up quitting all of 
them never happen but let's say all of them did   But this faction builds up their 
dysfaction uh dissatisfaction   Case that's what's messed up right so 
they're over there saying wow you know  

Foreign I did see a lot of people coming 
across that stage making a lot of money I saw   Their lifestyle right so so that dissatisfaction 
builds up month after month they're hopeful that   Something will finally solve their problem okay so 
this has to do with on the awareness level so they   Don't have a solution for the problem they quit 
what they thought was going to be a solution they   Quit that and now they're back at the problem 
level and they don't know a solution okay They are waiting for a headline that 
speaks to their precise situation   All right so that's where they sit and they're 
waiting for you to write that headline but   It cannot be tapped by the old method any 
longer methods if your Market has heard   All the claims in all the extremes then mere 
repetition or exaggeration won't work any longer Third stage of sophistication this Market needs a   New device to make all these old claims 
become fresh and believable again okay Sales copy your sales copy is 
going to contain a new mechanism   A different process okay so what's a new mechanism 
it's a different process a new way of making the   Old promises work but is now reinforced with the 
new mechanism I'll give you examples of these   The promise itself okay so when you put a claim 
up in your ad what's it going to do for you so the   Promise itself is subordinated to the mechanism in 
other words the mechanism is going to come first Which accomplishes that promise   All right the mechanism is featured in the 
headline and so I gave an example here burning   Ketones is how to lose ugly fat do you notice 
that it is the burning ketones is the mechanism   Remember my other the example ad that I used 
lose ugly fat and so that's what subordinated   To the mechanism so ketones is senior to what 
you're promising to lose ugly fat all right so   Just kind of this catch this idea so weight 
loss industry I don't know how long it's been   Around at least a couple of centuries and so 
but still people want it right they're still   After it even though maybe those people 200 
years ago are probably uh no longer with us   Um people just keep on wanting it all right so 
they've tried this diet the cabbage soup diet and   This diet and this diet and they go ah nothing 
works and so they just decide the heck with it   All right maybe they even go join a club of people 
who like just say the hell with losing weight Still it burns still they wish still they want 
all right so that's what we're talking about here   And and there's a mechanism a new mechanism 
rekindles it it Sparks it goes oh wow yeah   Maybe this will work maybe ketones is the secret 
maybe that's what what needs to happen here when   You see advertisements such as these you know 
you're in the third stage sophistication so   Okay so when you start seeing new mechanisms 
in your market then now you know we're in the   Third stage so you can see whether it be if 
you look at network marketing or if you look   At Weight Loss or if you look at skin care 
or anything else when you start seeing these  

Mechanisms you know you're in the third 
stage okay that's another kind of a thing   The emphasis shifts from what the product 
does which is the claim to how it works All right so in the first it is now lose ugly 
fat if you're first in the market number two   I'm 61 pounds lighter never hungry okay it's a 
little more specific number three burn ketones   Melts ugly fat that's a mechanism another 
example is eat our chocolate watch Fat melt   All right so you're getting the concept 
of how it moves along especially when you   See head-to-head competitors uh going at it 
all right so but if your Market hasn't been   Through a whole lot of diets or whatever your 
product is um well then maybe it's first to them   And that's the concept that I want you to get when 
you go outbound because most people are doing Mass   Marketing most companies are doing Mass marketing 
and you can do Target marketing you can do be very   Specific in terms of who you're dealing with and 
you'll know whether or not they're on the first   Second or third right unless you want to choose 
to toss out the same tool to every single person   Which is what I was talking about in 
the beginning so here's the framework   Burning ketones melts ugly fat all right 
released for the first time the stunning   Scientific discovery that melts ugly 
fat let's dig into how it melts fat   That's the key component that you're 
looking for in the third stage okay So mechanisms I just want to show you kind of like   What's out there so brushless is written on 
that chainsaw it's a mechanism heavy duty   Okay I'm not joking I have been standing 
in a grocery store and someone choose   One and I say why you choose that one 
and the person says it says heavy duty   I'm like you believe that like what's the 
definition of heavy duty okay so uh Auto   Oiling right for continuous lubrication and 
Chainsaw okay so these are mechanisms that's   Going to basically give a differentiation 
from one product to another product But if you're in the chainsaw world then uh well 
gosh most most all chainsaws have Auto oiling you   Know what I mean so that's the that's the thing 
so you know like if you're new in the market that   Would mean something maybe okay so I'm going to 
give you an example of poor marketing a mechanism   So um and I'm not attacking this group or anything 
like that I just go out and I hunt for something   Um and I look at different marketing all the 
time and everything I do uh I'm kind of like   Almost blocked to being able to look at something 
without looking at its marketing message and so uh   True you face care system with a last Plex okay so 
new last in difference the new lasting difference   Okay so that's their mechanism and so clinically 
proven all five products concluded noticeable   Results over 12-week clinical evaluations 
that to me did not show how in my opinion   Patented technology only are groundbreaking 
elastiplex technology features patented elasto pin   Okay so they're kind of twisting the prospect 
around all of this groundbreaking stuff but  

Never guaranteed results naturally derived 
anybody in the the natural space knows that   Natural is anything it doesn't have a definition 
it's not it's not like organic or something like   That the elastin and keratin proteins are 
naturally derived and ethically sourced   So I didn't see anything about how how 
did it do that okay so this group is not   Assuming third stages basically what I'm saying 
they're assuming first stage they'd know that this   Per that their Prospect is not um sophisticated 
that's the only thing that I can guess on this one   Okay so sophistication level you've uh so we've 
talked about the first the second this is the   Third heard all the claims new mechanism is 
needed new mechanism featured in the headline   How it works all right so there's your blueprint 
of how you talk to that audience all right so   What are your thoughts about that third stage and 
that mechanism uh make sure you comment down below   And talk about that mechanism concept and you know 
it's a real good idea just to go around and look   You know you walk through any kind of grocery 
store look at all of the TMS the trademarked   Things that make their product a mechanism or make 
a mechanism within their product uh every time I   Go to Home Depot I'm looking for this stuff right 
so they even have it on wood and I'm like how what   All right so if you like this and you want me to 
do more of these please like share and subscribe   To the channel if you've got any questions having 
to do with any of this that I've ever done uh then   You can join our telegram Channel where you can 
ask questions and others will see the answers to   It and you can see answers that I do for other 
people who ask so thanks so much for watching Thank you foreign

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