June 2, 2023

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X39 Stem Cell Patch | Lifewave | 1st month results | Bob Brooks 319 850 0907 Bob Brooks Online I review the X39 stem cell patch and how it works and give my 1st month results. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE…

X39 Stem Cell Patch | Lifewave | 1st month results | Bob Brooks 319 850 0907
Bob Brooks Online

I review the X39 stem cell patch and how it works and give my 1st month results.

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Bob Brooks 319 850 0907

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Good morning welcome to the freedom Lions Bob Brooks here today I want to Talk about life wave and the x-39 stem Cell regeneration patch again I want to Give you an update on what it's doing For me and just give me my own testimony On this but before I get started go Ahead hit that subscribe button and Notification Bell so what it is it is a X-39 it's the stem cell they come in This little pack right here and there's These little patches I'm gonna get one Out here should have had one out already But here it is a little tiny patch you Break the back of it and it's a little Sticker it goes on the back of your neck And you wear it for 12 hours and then You take it off for 12 hours and I'll Show you the website here in a second But I just want to tell you it Regenerates your stem cells and it's Going to take care of a lot a lot of Things and everybody I talk to is having Great results on this uh myself where I Started was I just started sleeping Better and I am now sleeping eight hours A night which is phenomenal in the in The first I haven't slept eight hours in So long and it's every night and I'm Having some really great dreams and just Sleeping so much better than I have in a Long time and today I went out and I Walked the dog every morning We get up real early we go for a walk uh

Today is Saturday I'm making this video And we went for our first walk we Actually did two loops around what we Call the RecPlex it's a mile and a Quarter so we actually did two and a Half mile walk came home I sat down I Was working for a while and it's Saturday morning it's 6 30 and I decide To take the dog for another walk I just Got I got a lot of energy so we went out To a place called Stars cave where they Have nature paths and all sorts of Trails and I actually started jogging And I was running again and we were jog We'd walk we'd jog walk but I had all This energy and I found myself actually Jogging and I haven't been any running Or anything like that because my feet Always hurt and I haven't done any of This since back in the service days Which is well over 20 years now but here I am I'm feeling so much better that I'm Actually going to start running again And I I it's got to be the stem cell Patches there's nothing else I've done To change the way I am it's just I feel Better I'm sleeping better I have more Energy and the body uh the joints they All feel good so I really feel great About this I love the product and I'm Going to show you the website I'll share My screen uh there is an affiliate Program with this it's just pretty cool You can build a business with this it's

Actually MLM I'm more excited about the Product and the opportunity I make a lot Of money online this is something I'm Adding to it because it's such a great Product but let me share my screen and Show it to you hold on So this is one of our team pages they Made for us that we can share this with People x39 activate your stem cells Stem Cell Activation patches experience the Level of health and vitality haven't Experienced since you were young well That's in youth this is a two-minute Video well worth watching I'll have the Link down below it activates your own Stem cells stem cells there's been a lot Of hype about it and there's a lot of People go out and get injections for Stem cells and things like this but this Activates your own stem cells uh it's The first we're the only ones to have it It's the only company that has this Product and and I can see right here Improving through your energy sleep Reduction in pain reduction in the Appear I don't know about the wrinkles And lines and stuff like that and I joke Every time I've done this before I joke Because they talk about hair growth and What that doesn't seem to be happening Here uh but I have noticed the Sleep the Reduction in pain and I've noticed the Energy so those three things Um all the world to me I mean it means

So much to me it goes right there on the Back of your neck you'll wear it for 12 Hours you take it off and you let it go To work for 12 hours what an easy Product you don't have to ingest it it's Not a pharmaceutical or anything like That this is just reactivating your own Stem cells uh they got patents on it They talk about the copter peptide which Is a big part of it the story of it uh Age reversal with this Um By 35 you've lost over half your stem Cells and by 60 you'll lose almost all Of it all the activity of it and here it Is uh the solution is right here and It's affordable and it is uh each patch Is a little over three dollars a patch Basically 99 a month for me to have this Uh well worth it uh considering I blow Money on other things well more than That I mean Starbucks can drive you Crazy but uh this at three bucks for my Health absolutely here's a story another Video uh from David Schmidt owner Inventor And the sun story this will take Everything through what you want to know About this there's another place you Could wear it right there I wear it Right there right between the shoulder Blades uh 12 hours on 12 off and this is What you should expect Um and I'm actually about a month into

This now so I'm one to three months and You're gonna have collagen the skin Which decreases wrinkles there's that Hair growth rest assured new stem cells Are regenerate if you don't notice Anything it is working 24 hours a lot of people know stuff Right away I noticed in in the first Week I started sleeping better but I am Actually start I'm in about the one Month and I can start I'm really Starting to know it this is in the three To six months it starts to repair and Then six to twelve you'll start seeing Reducing I'm hoping I see the hair thing That'd be just funny uh actually I like Not having hair it's so much so Convenient it's so convenient bunch of Testimonies down here uh this website Will be down below to look at it but Here's some of the benefits you get with This rapid pain relief better sleep Improved energy and vitality skin Appearance hair quality reduced Inflammation rapid wound healing Improvemental Clarity and enhance the Sports performance faster recovery from Exercise and release from other health Issues Copter peptide they call that the Holy Grail of anti-aging and this uh brings Your Hume your copter peptides back and You can read all this uh I don't get Into all that there's plenty of doctors

In here and Science and all sorts of Stuff on this page to look at and the Story behind it all right here you can Read it all uh David Schmidt up and Close and personal so With that said I love this product if You want to try the product and purchase It directly from me without having to go To the website you just got to reach out To me my phone number's down below we Can get in touch and talk about it but This is my my actual home page my Distributor page whatever you want to Call it uh I will leave the link down there for This but I will tell you if you are want To do this as a business do contact me First so I can help get started the Right way uh so you don't make any Mistakes along the way but this is again An extra sight to look at on the things That it helps you with and all Everything going with it so I'll have Both these links down below I'm gonna go Back to my camera here So both links are down below uh there's A lot of money to be made with this Especially when you're the only one to Have it I'm looking forward to Farmers Market this summer where I can put a Display out with my patches and explain To people what it's done for me and they Can I'm gonna have some trial packs Where they can take it buy it have a

Trial pack and then be able to get back In touch with me nothing is better than Having a product that works very I mean I've seen Health Products and Nutritional products but this is a Product that's so simple it's so easy And it works so that's what I got for Today my phone number's down below if You want to talk to me about this go Ahead on Wednesday I'm going to do a Video and I'm going to start talking About the truth about making money Online uh I'm sticking with this product And I have another uh we got friends I Do and some Little Nickel Dime things But I'm going to talk about the truth About making money online how that's Done so be sure to tune back in hit that Subscribe button if you haven't done a Notification so you don't miss that We're gonna pull the curtain back I'm Making money online and what it's all About but that's what I got for today You guys have a great Monday I'm going Crazy I made this on Saturday so it is Saturday today but you have a great Monday when you're watching this we'll See you then bye

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