June 2, 2023

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➡️Get 15 Sec Videos to do the Prospecting for Your MLM Business:: http://www.AttractProspects247.com

➡️Live Good MLM: Best Residual Income in Network Marketing in 2023. Join LiveGood NOW: http://www.JoinErik.com

#livegood #livegoodreview #livegoodmlm


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Why Live good will be the best residual Income opportunity ever the reason why I Live good is such a great option to Create residual income is because Network marketing is something that can Pay for many many years once you build a Team so it's important to build your Team fast and in the beginning because Then they will start duplicating and Growing and it could last many many Years in fact I'm still getting a Residual income from a MLM company that I stopped promoting in 2020. a better Example is Dexter Yeager he was the Grandfather of network marketing and he Was one of the top leaders in Amway and His family are still getting 600 000 per month for what he did in Amway Years ago he built a huge organization In Amway and now he willed his his Business to his family and they're Getting six hundred thousand dollars a Month with what he did so the trick with Live good is to grow a big team fast in The beginning and teach them how to Duplicate what you did as well so what's Even better about live good why it beats Traditional network marketing companies Is there are no expensive auto ships Live good is doing MLM completely Different so it's a membership model You're paying 9.95 a month to become a Member and receive discounted prices on Products it's kind of like Costco

It's kind of like the Sam's Club okay so This is something that's brand new in MLM no one else is doing it if they are They're They're copying live good and That is why Liv good already has over a Hundred and eighty thousand members in About 110 days so that is why Olivia is So exciting but the thing is people Don't understand the earning potential The residuals of network marketing like I said the company I promoted two years Three years ago I'm still getting a Monthly check it's it's probably only Like three to five hundred dollars but For something that I stopped promoting Three years ago that's pretty good if I Kept building that company back then if I you know the company three years ago If I kept promoting it now I'd I'd be Making maybe 2 000 a month so with live Good I'm already making about ten Thousand dollars a month with just the Diamond bonus I hit that by recruiting Over 200 people and probably the top 10 Percent of those people have built large Teams so if you can like recruit 30 to 100 people and then work with three to Five leaders and help them get grow Their big teams then you are solid You're gonna be a diamond for many many Years but you need to have at least five Legs going you need to have Um 2500 total on your team with no more Than 500 people coming from one team one

Leader okay so it's good to have several Different leaders so I have at least Four leaders right now that have teams Over 500 so I'm helping the leaders Under those four gets their 500 you want To just stack those 500s all the way Down as many as many teams as you can And then you will never You will never lose your diamond bonus Because of attrition Attrition is where you lose team members And that is normal in every MLM company In fact statistically they say that over 50 percent of your team will quit after A year but that's traditional MLM that's Traditional mlms that have overpriced Products that you have to buy every Single month you have to have an auto Ship okay the last company I was in I Spent 160 dollars a month on my products Just to maintain my commission my Commission rate with live good everyone Pays 9.95 a month it doesn't mess with Your commissions There's No Business Volume requirements there's no auto-ship Requirements and the products are eighty Percent off compared to other companies So you could buy 1500 milligram of CBD Oil and live good for twenty two dollars The last company I was in it was over a Hundred dollars so the attrition is Going to be a lot less in live good Because you only have to pay that Monthly membership that's it buying

Products is optional and of course you Should buy the products but you might Not need to buy so much products like You did in previous mlms because so many People had to buy a ton of products to Maintain their their commission rate That they had garage fulls of products There's horror stories out there of People in Old School MLM companies that Had to buy five thousand dollars worth Of products in the beginning to lock in A certain commission structure or or a Certain rank in the company we don't Have that in fact that's illegal now It's called front loading and the FTC Says you cannot front load anymore but There's still companies out there that Are urging you sponsors will urge you to Buy the big pack when you join and That's the biggest flaw in network Marketing because then you're stuck with A ton of product you will never use and You spent thousands of dollars in the Beginning and you're not even in profit Yet that is the biggest flaw on network Marketing and Liv good has answered all Of those problems and that's why we do Not have business volume requirements we Do not have overpriced products or Auto Ships and you can earn residual income For years so if you're already in live Good click the link under this video Learn how to prospect Around the Clock Without breaking the bank if you're not

In live good yet then click the link Under here as well and join our fastest Growing team in the company and let's Rock

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