June 2, 2023

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So I want to shoot this video really Quick just to ask you how are you doing With live good I got that question today In an email uh the person didn't sign up Yet they were asking how I was doing And uh you know I didn't respond because It really depends on the person and what They want to do with it you can make Life-changing income with it and hustle And work every day on it or you can Treat it like a hobby it's up to you so I choose to treat it like a million Dollar business and so I you know I've Done over 180 videos for live good Alone Um doing lots of tick tock Instagram and Whatnot And I treated it like my back was Against the wall I needed life-changing Income this was the last MLM I was gonna Do and I went all out I mean I was Texting people at 5am I was doing one to Two live good reviews every day on YouTube and then I started doing shorts On Tick Tock and Facebook and Facebook Reels Um so how's it going for you I mean are You how serious are you with this is Live good something that you want to go All the way with Um Would depend it depends on your actions Not your words so if if you're someone Who's saying that you know you should You should do live good more you know

You should post more for live good or Are you actually taking action and doing The things that you should do for Ultimate success because I get a lot of People that you know they they talk big When they join in fact here's the crazy Thing is the people that talk the Biggest usually do the least The people that need the most Hand-holding they do the least I mean I I've been in several companies and and These people come in and they say They're going to be number one on the Leaderboard in three months and I check Back with them two weeks later and They're gone they're they're on to Something else it's absolutely crazy What people do So as a leader in live good you have to Keep the your eye on the prize so my eye Is on my future my eye is on the the House of our dreams I want to settle I Want a house I want to not think about Bills I just paid off 90 of my credit Card debt I'm waiting to see how my Credit score reflects but you know I Don't want bank loans I want to buy a Cat a house with cash that's that's my Ultimate goal and I want to live a Minimalistic lifestyle I want to just Eat one meal a day I want to go vegan or Raw Um I want to dry fast once a week And really get close to God and have a

Simple life I don't want to hustle like This but when I saw live good I knew it Was the last MLM I knew that it was a Genius concept that no one else was Doing and I was like I'm hitting this Hard I'm doing a 90-day Blitz and I was Driven I was driven I was driven I was Driven and now that I hit diamond in 89 Days I can kind of sit here and reflect Where do I want to go next okay of Course I want to help my team succeed But I'm asking you how serious are you With live good what have you done and Live good how's it going for you are you Posting once a week on Facebook and just Hoping something will take off are you Posting randomly in MLM groups on Facebook hoping it will take off it's Not going to take off if it's easy to do Everyone's doing it okay so you have to Be unique and carve out your own path Because the riches are in the path least Taken there's going to be ups and downs There's going to be Peaks and valleys There's going to be days that you're Like I don't know what's going on you Know there's gonna be days that people Are quitting on you there's gonna be Days that you get a new leader you know There's it's a roller coaster but if you Build the foundation fast in the Beginning you could get residual income For decades okay network marketing is Notorious for paying for years I still

Get paid from a company that I stopped Promoting in 2020 MLM company it's only A few hundred dollars but You know I didn't grow it that that big Um so network marketing is a great a Great business that you can Will to your Children even so give it all you got and Treat it like a million dollar business But if you're only posting once a week And you want that to become you know You're expecting that to make you rich It's not going to happen uh maybe you Recruited five people and you stopped Recruiting maybe you think that's enough Maybe you think that recruiting three People will make you rich it's not Leaders never stop recruiting okay Because you're gonna have to make up for The people that quit there's still Attrition and live good Um sorry to say you know I can't I can't Sugarcoat things I've done this too long And I want to be real with you guys and Um I've I've had a lot of people quit But I keep going and my videos are Recruiting for me I'm not spending money On ads I'm not running Craigslist ads or YouTube ads ads or Facebook ads my Content is out there recruiting for me Around the clock so if you need help With uh if you need help with content Creation uh doing 15 second reels and Tick tocks uh click the link under this Video but also leave a comment how are

You doing and live good and what do you Expect from it uh how many people have You you recruited how big is your team Uh don't share any links because YouTube Won't even show your comment Just be real with me and how's it going If you're discouraged let me know but You have to put in the work you have to Treat this like a real business okay you Can't just it's not a lottery ticket You're not gonna just recruit two people And sit back and and become rich you Have to most leaders recruit between a Hundred to a thousand people to find Three to five liters that make them Ninety percent of their income okay Seventy percent won't do anything that's Why you got to keep recruiting you do Not know where the Pearl is you got to Keep shucking oysters until you find the Pearl all right or three to five pearls Um and yeah it's you can't judge anyone Because you the people you think are Your leaders they quit and then the People you'd think that won't do Anything they rise to the top and you're Like I had no idea that this person was Going to make it to the top of the Leaderboard and then the people that you Thought were gonna make it big they Disappeared So do not prejudge anyone that you Recruit help them out give them tools Okay give them your number one tool that

Your leader showed you because it's all About duplication and sharing systems With your team you're not going to have Time enough time in the day to talk to Each person on your team individually Your team's going to take off it's going To get big and you gotta point to Systems and tools because you're not Gonna have enough time in the day to Manually talk to everyone on the phone Okay so get it to where you are Recruiting Around the Clock without even Talking to people that's the ideal but Once they get in then you share your Your techniques and your tips and what's Working for you keep it simple all right Because simple duplicates and that's it For me uh thank you for watching leave a Comment how are you doing how are you Doing today with live good when did you Join how many people have you recruited Um what's your biggest hurdle Um just give me your thoughts leave a Comment love you guys

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