June 2, 2023

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How To Make Money Online | Freedom Alliance | Bob Brooks 319 850 0907 Bob Brooks Online In this video I cover what it takes and how to make money online. Stop struggling and find out the truth SUBSCRIBE TO…

How To Make Money Online | Freedom Alliance | Bob Brooks 319 850 0907
Bob Brooks Online

In this video I cover what it takes and how to make money online. Stop struggling and find out the truth

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Bob Brooks 319 850 0907

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Good morning welcome to the freedom Lines I'm Bob Brooks and today we are Pulling the curtain back on making money Online and we are going to talk about The truth of what it takes and how you Can do this so you don't struggle any More but before I get started go ahead Hit that subscribe button and Notification Bell so I have a lot of People that talk to me all the time and They hope this works I hope that works Because they have many money they need To make money they're desperate to make Money and I get that I get the Desperation and understand it but we got To get it right on what it takes to make Money online and that's what we're going To cover today so you know what you have To do and I'm putting something together To help everybody so let's just back up And talk about how things happen online Because right now there's another new Program out there called we got backup And I am getting hit up left and right About this thing Link Link email email Text messages I had a guy call me I mean They're coming at me out of the woodwork For this because they know I know how to Market and they want me on their team I Get that I don't want to join it I don't Want to be on any more opportunities Okay this is the truth here the Opportunity doesn't make the money it's The marketing it's the marketing it's

The marketing that's what makes the Money is knowing how to promote how to Market and how to engage people to buy Your product or service I currently have My number one product which is the Lifewave x39 stem cell patch I'm wearing One right now it's got me feeling so Much better at life I've got so much Energy I'm bouncing off the walls and I'm loving I'm sleeping better so that's My number one my number two is gonna be We've got friends but why because that Product is 100 leads a month for Everybody in my downline and I've got a Huge group in there everybody's gonna Get 100 leads they can use it for we got Friends it'll it'll double triple that Business overnight plus they can I can Use it for the x39 if someone wants to Join with that they could use it for That too but I'm also in live good I Like live good I like the products it's Not my primary because I don't know it's Just not there it's not as Stellar as The other ones that I like so it's not There but I don't need another one and This week this we got back up I don't Even know what it is and everybody's Talking about this comp plan and I Understand these comp plans are Phenomenal and they a lot of them have Great complaints but again let's get to The truth it's the marketing it's the Marketing and how does this usually

Happen for most people on these Opportunities that they just keep Spitting them out they're joining all of Them and what happens is these people Keep coming in thinking this is the one That's going to make a money so they Join up And then they just put their links out There you know the affiliate link they Get the capture page for the company or Whatever and maybe maybe they get a team Member that builds a funnel and I Provided funnels but then they they put That out on the safe list of traffic Exchanges solo ads whatever they do and They generate traffic and those people Go on hopefully on a list and we're Going to talk about that because the List is so important But what do they get for an email Follow-up All about that company all about why They should join all why should they do It and there and you wonder why your List is not responsive and this is why This marketing isn't working for most People is because they're building an Email list and they're just sell sell Sell sell and your link is just sell Sell sell you're selling the company Selling the company selling the company And I know this is what most people do Because I am on traffic traffic Exchanges and safe lists and I've been

Doing a lot of Surfing and I see that Live good page over and over again and I'm seeing the got backup page over and Over and over again so I know people are Just promoting the company You're promoting that company you're Doing a great job for the company Because the company's getting great Exposure you're not so we talk about Branding on another day but the truth is You are basically a commercial for the Company you're not building a list That's going to be worth anything Because somebody's going to get on your List they don't know you and your job is To for them to get to know you if you're Going to use this method of marketing Which I'm putting together a great Little plan for you that's going to Build your list without selling anything Just build your list that's what we want To do we want to build our list so we Want to be able to build our audience we Want to be able to engage our audience And then down the road possibly sell to Our audience or share with our audience But the beginning of this is to build Your list Step one list Builders don't like them Because they're always inherently adding Some sort of financial gain to it when We start out we just want to get people On our list so we can connect with them We want to build a list and that's what

I'm putting together is just going to be The truth a plan join my list get some Training and you know they're going to Go through a whole series all the videos Will be training and sprinkled in there As they get to know me we'll see things About what I'm doing and I'm going to Share this with everybody so they can Have the same sort of marketing plan put Into place which is building your list Because let's look at it this way You buy a solo ad what are they doing They're sending your link to their list Their list is very responsive we get Tons of clicks and opt-ins onto our list But then they they're like crickets on Our list why because all they're getting Is the opportunity and the feed and the Feed and the fee bye bye bye and we Really have to understand to build our List we have to do it right And I'm putting it together for you You're going to need one tool to do this To build your list and that's leads lead Because I'm going to use share codes to Give share codes every you'll have to Tune in Friday to get those share codes And things like that to build your list Because I still have to finish putting It together but it is going to be just a Simple little funnel to build your list And give away training not to sell Anything just to give away but you will Need lead leap there is a free account

You can have and you can build your list With a free account but you really can't Have all the training that I'm going to Give away in the email series you would Have to have the pro account to do that Uh I have my leads leap down there and I Know that's an opportunity but there is Money there is not a you're not going to Go home on leave maybe in time you would But we're building a list and we're Building a platform if you don't want Lead sleep you could use aweber get Response whatever I find them more Expensive and more difficult to use Leads leap has everything I ever wanted In it I mean it's as a pro member I can Have a whole email series I can do Broadcast I can build capture Pages Thank you pages I can build any page I Want in there any funnel I want on there And give the share codes so other people Could do it I can give the share code For the email list away so not the list But the email series that they can have I can have a welcome message I can send A broadcast I can upload images into There so I can get an image link so if I Want to make my own Banner ad I gotta I Can get my banner in there my the Picture I create in camber uh or PicMonkey I can put it in there as an Image with a link so now I want to ask For the the banner link I've got the Picture link for it so they got image

Hosting I mean there's just so much they Provide in in leads leap and tools They've got tracking I can see where People opt in what advertising is doing The best so I know where to put my ads At my ads are going to be simple giving Away this training that I'm going to be Making that will be available on Friday So you'll have to watch it but it will Build your list so what happens they're Going to get about five six seven days Worth of good information good stuff That teaches them to quit joining every Opportunity start building your list Using these tools that we're going to Give you And then from there through the emails You can start sprinkling in whatever you Want to offer them whatever you have as Your service or products so it is in the Marketing but that's what's coming on Friday I'll go over it on Friday when I Do that video but that's what I got for Today it's about the marketing not the Opportunity uh that's where the money's Made so anyway you guys have a great day We'll see you Friday bye

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